Friday, January 23, 2009

Getting it Back

Well, it's been a while since I last posted anything. After my father's death, I had so much to do, not that I already wasn't on my last thread. Christmas Eve was strange and even stranger at my home. I never had time to decorate my home for the holidays, except a huge red bow on the front door that my wreath usually was placed. This whole ordeal was almost too surreal. I still can't believe my Pop is gone, but I'm sure that idea will dissipate soon.

Yesterday, we went to the cemetery to view the stone and there it was, my father's grave was like being hit on the head with a sledge hammer....reality is a bitch! My mother and I both cried and cried...a very cathartic moment.

As for my work, today will be the first time I go into the studio in a very long time. I have plenty of heads needing bodies and additional components to their personalities. Additionally, I still have a Christmas gift to complete and my sister's birthday gift to begin. I'm quite happy I have a full plate in the studio.

Well, time to stop typing and start working. Peace out!