Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I'm Back

Good morning, my bloggy buds. I have finally returned from Sin City and glad to be home. What can I say about cheerleading competitions that already haven't' been said...plenty!!! Now I don't want to step on anyone's tootsies if you have a child, niece/nephew, grandchild, friend of a friend's child, niece/nephew, grandchild, etc. in said sport. If you have attended these events, then you're way ahead of me.

First of all, I've never seen so many blonds and fake mammories congregated in one place in my entire life!! And I'm not talking about the participants, but their mothers, grandmothers, aunts, friends, etc. According to my little brother, who's daughter is one of the few brunettes in her team, this is nothing compared to the competions in the OC (Orange County, a section of the Los Angeles, CA area made popular by Bravo channel's "The Housewives of ..."series). I was amazed at all the glitter, glam, and small amount of material used on some of the costumes and we're talking about youngsters here. Also, after 2 hours of sitting at the convention centre, my ear drums sent me a text, putting me on notice! The volume in that arena was beyond human tolerance and the bass was up so high, that my butt jiggled like jello and I was sitting plus, I'm buttless!!

Coming from El Paso, TX, I've always considered this place to be the "Muffin Top" capital of the world, but not till I ventured to the competing world of cheerleading, El Paso lost that honour! I felt so sorry for those girls who are rather rotund that their team just happen to have chosen those midriff showing, tiny uniforms. They tried to suck it in, but alas, the impossible just happened! It reminded me when I was a child and took ballet. When I was a kid, I dreamed of wearing a pink tutu and toe shoes....NOPE, DIDN'T HAPPEN!! I was one of those chubby little girls who never got to be in the recitals, swaying to the piano players song, flying in the air like a delicate bird, softly dancing on the stage with the other skinny girls!! I was the designated lipstick holder, compact, eyeliner and other toiletries needed for our tiny dancers. Hey, I wasn't the only chubby kid in the troupe, but I was the one who was trusted with what was important!! Did it embitter me, hell no!! At the ripe ol' age of 9 years, I knew 2 things, I was never going to be a dancer or pianist, like my older sister and I was content with that notion. Even at such a young age, I knew what God had given me and it wasn't twinkle toes or fingers, but the ability to laugh, make others laugh (and not at my expense either), and the best artist in my class! So the chubby kid didn't do the cart wheels, the tumbles and rolls, topped the human pyramids, but was the strength that held it up.

Now for something completely different! I completed my guitar for Xico, Inc., shipped it off and from what I have been told, arrived safely. I was a bit worried since it was a mixed media piece and could have been damaged in route, but being the bubble wrap "Queen," it arrived in one piece, thankfully.

I call it, "Muerto Loretia." I also am including the first of my box series of dolls.

I don't have a name for her yet, but I'll come up with something...I'm waiting for my muses to wake up from their long weekend and inspire me!! I still have a couple of more to finish. One of them will be submitted to "Doll Quarterly" for the Fall issue. If they like it, that's great, if not, well, better luck next time. I'm planning on creating another blog exclusively for my work, so when it's up, I'll send you all an invitation, via your blogs. Well, the ol' clock on my screen tells me it's time to wrap it up and say adieu to all of you for now. Everyone have a great week and as I tell one of my cutie blogger pals, "do a bit of misbehavin'!" Peace out.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

And the Weeners Are....

Hola all! I did my drawing and have 2 winners! As you read, I'm leaving for Vegas tomorrow, so I had to have an early drawing....still have to do some last minute laundry and then the packing...oey vey!! On top of that, my honey is home with a respiratory infection. He never gets sick except for these lung things. He normally gets this around Oct.or Nov, when we start getting those awful inversion layers. Since we had a warm early winter, then hammered with the freeze a couple of weeks ago, now it's in the upper 70's lower 80's, the old allergies are running amok!! So need to attend to Mr. Sicky and dote on him...he's such a trooper!! LOL

Ok, for the moment you all (ya'll in TX), the weeners are...drum roll...the lovely and wonderful, Marfi of Incipient Wings, http://marfibradford.blogspot.com.
Marfi is the winner of the Hungarian dolly. I told her that she will be rooming with Lady Val, her pal from "the wall." Marfi and I were involved in Zan Asha's wonderful doll exchange back in Dec. If you want to refresh your memory, go back to my Dec. posts and find the adorable little skelly ballerina doll....Marfi's wonderful offering. She also sent me this fantabulous purse and other little goodies...she's just a doll and I strongly suggest you go over to her blog and read her posts...she's just an angel!!

Ok, the next weener is the adorable, Jingle from http://justjingle.blogspot.com
This young woman is absolutely just too cute!! Again, I urge you to run over there and take a look at her blog...she's a pistol and what a talent!!

Congratulations to my weeners and thank you all for coming over and reading about what goes on here in Looney Bin, TX!! Before you go, though, please read my last posting, the one after this one, about the wonderful auction I'm involved in (never end a sentence with a preposition...oh well!) Please read and if you feel you would like to participate, please make sure you send off an email to the incredible, Rebecca. Peace out.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Oaxaca Street Children Grassroots Auction

Good afternoon all. I've got something really exciting to share with you. The other day I was visiting some of my favorite bloggers and I came across Abi Monroe's blog. I found she is participating in this wonderful fund raising event. I've been a voyeur in the past few years during this auction and I have always been blown away by all the talented folks that have given their time and artistic heart and soul for this event. So I emailed the fabulous "Rebecca" that I wanted in...so I'm now "In!" LOL

The post below is the information she sent me for this auction and I ask you to please read it and if your interested, please email her and sign up. She's such a wonderful spirit and that's just my take after a few emails we've shared. So read below and sign up or just make sure you go over to view the offerings for the auction at the dates she's mentioned. Also, if you sign up, don't forget to add the badge to your sidebar...muchas gras!

Have a great week and good luck to the winners for tomorrows OWOH giveaway. Peace out.

dear georgina,

here we are, hovering on the pure slate of a new year, fresh starts, new beginnings. a perfect time to consider a long term art project where the work of hands becomes an extension of hearts.

welcome to the third annual shrine auction!
many of our past contributing artists have deep roots to mexico through ancestry, travel, or personal affinity... and consider the rich influence of mexico to have influenced their own artistic expression. this is a heart warming chance to give back in deeply significant ways to a culture we have been touched by.

monies raised will go 100% to support Oaxacan Streetchildren Grassroots,


i hope you will take a moment to visit this grassroots organization that supports by offering a hand up, encourages positive change through education, and "pay it forward" ideals. supporting the lives of countless indigenous children who otherwise would never have the opportunity to go to school.

i realize there are countless needs in our world, both locally and abroad. i know we cannot engage in every opportunity to make a difference in this world we share. i encourage everyone to find their perfect place to join a cause. if this is one that you feel a strong connection to, i welcome you with great enthusiasm to this years project.

we are looking for artists willing to create a strong, compelling piece of work, in any media. we hope the artwork will have personal significance and evoke a strong response from the viewers. please take a moment and visit the shrine auction from last year to get an idea of the diversity and wealth of offerings.


if you feel this is something you would love to be apart of here is how it works:

first send a quick reply to this email and i will reserve your place in the auction!

please note the auction is held online and is open to all. it is possible that someone may bid on your work from outside the country. do consider SIZE and WEIGHT of your piece before beginning. all artists will be mailing their art piece to the winning bidder at the end of the auction. this responsibility of each artist supports the shrine auction in donating 100% of the funds directly to the cause.

participating artists will upload their own photographs of the piece to be auctioned and are welcome to write an artists statement, bio, and include links to their websites, blogs, galleries etc.

here's the time line...
we have from now until april to create a from the heart art offering.

april 1-24
website "gallery of hope" closed to public. all participating artists will have this three week window to upload their information and enjoy a preview of your fellow participants!

april 25

i will announce
the opening of the week preview and website. when that posting goes up officially, i welcome everyone to HELP GET the WORD OUT!

may 1-7

the actual bidding week of this years auction.

may 8- 16
the week for artists to mail out their art work to the winning bidder.

last years auction brought in just under $4,000.00.
thank you for your part in this!!!!
we pitched in the difference and were able to send a check for $4,000.00.
last years contribution allowed the oaxacan streetchildren grassroots to re roof the school, that otherwise would have been unusable.

the shrine auction is under the umbrella of Soroptimist international, a worldwide nonprofit organization of women helping women and children. because of this each participating artist will receive a letter for tax purposes to claim their contribution for the makers estimated value of auctioned piece.

i realize that every ones time is precious! thank you for taking the time to read this email. i hope to hear from you all and look forward to working together, supporting each other all the way.

many friendships have been formed and strengthened through this project. i look forward to the same depth of enrichment again infusing our lives.

please email with any questions.
as you know i am here for you all the way.

with great appreciation,

please visit me at

Friday, February 11, 2011


Good morning, my my bloggy buddies. I decided to postpone my giveaway till the 17th just like everyone else. I will be picking the winners sometime during the 17th, probably in the a.m MST (Mountain Standard Time, USA) and announce the winners that day.

For those of you who have read my "Welcome" OWOH blog already, know I will be leaving for Las Vegas, NV on the 18th and returning the 20th. During my absence, I ask the winners to send me their addresses so I can readily ship them off their prize the following week. Remember, if you don't get an email back during that time, I'm out of town and don't know if I'll have Internet access, unless my little bro lends me his laptop, which is connected to his hip!! LOL You will get an email from me acknowledging your contact, so please don't think I've skipped out on you.

Otherwise, hope everyone has had a great week and are slowly digging out from last weeks arctic freeze. Some of you know that my hometown made the national news....we're the 3rd World City!! LOL The electric company and water utility dropped the ball during this time, causing rolling blackouts and water shortages...some of the more rural areas in our neighboring state, New Mexico, are still without water! Luckily, we were not affected by either, but we still conserved regardless, since we didn't know if we were next. This is a good time to be a plumber...with so many busted pipes (couldn't believe that spell check allowed the word "busted," and considered "burst" as a misspelling) , there is a waiting list, as long as 90 days!

Well, time for me to get into my studio and start working on completing my newest dolls. Will post pics of both the dolls and my guitar I made as a donation for Xico, Inc.'s founders dinner in Phoenix, AZ at the end of this month. Peace out.