Sunday, May 31, 2009

Artful Days

No pic of anything today...just haven't downloaded them from my camera, but to be sure, I have pictures!! Last week was pretty exhausting for this fluffy, out of shape grandma. I had to vacate my father's old office which was filled with all sorts of treasures and crap! We've decided to bring the building up to specs and then rent out the space for storage. It was a unanimous vote among my sibs and my mother, with me holding out since I was the one that would have to do all the work, but alas, I succombed!

My daughter had stuf stored in there, so I purged many of her things...figured she probably didn't even know half that stuff was among her treasures. As for me, I couldn't believe how much I had accumulated throughout the much CACA!!! Well, not literally, but OMG, where did this all come from??? It's almost like this stuff was giving birth to more caca. Well, I did manage to get rid of lots of stuff and kept all the really important stuff, which I'm sure I'll return to my storage space rental in a few and wonder what the hell I was thinking...more caca!!

The only things that I really hated to part with were a series of plaster molds I made while I was still in school. My ceramic prof had purchased these plastic forms for making large containers in square and oblong shapes...there were different sizes, but I did all of them. You might say I was the one who deblossomed there such a word. I was the first to experiment with the forms and after some failures, plaster disasters, I had a complete set of those wonderful molds. I kept the smaller ones here in my studio, but stored the larger. While I was waiting form my stepson to help with the transportation of the stuff, I threw the molds away in the trash bin next to the office....they made this huge booming sound and I said I was sorry the whole time...I know, I'm weird, but then you all know that!

Had a nice conversation with my ex-mother-in-law last night. My son wanted to contact her to let her know he was spending a couple of months with me...he mows her lawn. Long story short, we talked for about an hour. She hasn't changed and she and I just chatted and laughed away. It seems there was some type of problem with her son, my ex, and this has created a serious schism in the family, so my son doesn't get to see her as often as he'd like....very sad. Well, I let her know if she ever wanted to chat or needed anything just call me. We've never stopped having affectionate feelings for each other, after knowing someone for 30+ years, and told each other so.

Well, I'm looking forward to having a creative summer and will start today, from my lips to God's ears! Hope all of you have a great Sunday and coming week. Peace out.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I'm Back

Well, here they are, The Penis Posse in all their glory! This was taken Friday night while they're parents were out for dinner..."when the cat's away, the mice will play!" We were having silly time. Found Ryan's, the blondie, Build-A-Bear outfit for his panda and we got seriously down with it.

I went to help out my daughter during her severe pregger period and didn't do much. I don't have any really nice pics of us since we were in grunges most of the time...why dress up for Target or the H.E.B.

Anyway, I can't say it was really fact I can say it was far from restful, but still it was good seeing my kiddos again. I'll return to Austin in September, a few weeks after our Sammy is born. I doubt I'll make it for a weekend...leaving alllll that time for them!!!

Today I'll have time to do a little art work, but not much. The rest of the week is dedicated to moving my stuff out of my Pop's old office space. My brother decided he wanted to bring it up to specs and turn it into a rental place for either 2 restaurants on the property...oh bother!! So I'll be busy with that the rest of the week. Then on Friday, I pick up my Ian for about a month and a half. Need to run...peace out.

I'm Back

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Going To Austin

<span class= I'm taking a short break for the Memorial Day weekend and visiting my daughter and the Penis Posse. For those who aren't too familiar with Austin, it's the capitol of Texas. This is where our leg and reps hang out and do nuthin' and where our gov, Perry (a.k.a. hair god) runs our state...actually, the lt. gov and cronies run the state...not going to get into TX history, but that's how it's worked since after the Civil War.

I've been working on a few things in my and started making doll heads. I won't be able to get back in there for another 2 weeks since I have prior commitments that require me to move heavy objects and sweat!!! A dear friend of mine is closing down her shop and it's a bit sad. Those of us who helped put it up 11 years ago, will be packing it up next week. The economy and personal issues have forced her to make this difficult decision, but in the long run, I think it's best for her. She told me she was planning on spending some time with me in my studio so I can help her find her artistic voice...probably with a few bottles of wine...who can't find their voices that way!!

Well, need to get to my mother's and take her out shopping. She just came back from a wonderful trip in Dallas where she and her "conmadre" were wined and dined by their other "conpadres." She went to Shreveport, LA for some fun gambling and actually won!!! So she needs to get back into the swing of her life and buy some food for the week...I think she's taking this widow thing really well, but my pop said she would!!! Love ya, Pop!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Face Book

As you can tell from my badge, I am now on FB. So for you members, please stop by and take a peak at all my rantings and work. I have 3 albums, one of my fam (peeps), the other 2 are about my "stuff."

This evening we're going to a silent auction and 2 of my babies will be auctioned off. I also got bidness cards, finally, so they'll be attached to my dollies. These are the 2 that will be on the auction block. I'm going to miss them since they're in my know how attached we get to our work, that's because we always put a bit of our souls into every piece...thank goodness we all have big souls!

Thursday, May 14, 2009


I'm such a procrastinator sometimes...not always, just some times. I've been meaning to thank Patte at for this wonderful little pin. It's got all these little watch parts and fresh water pearls embedded in the heart. Pattee, I plan on wearing it Saturday at a silent auction I'll be participating...if anyone asks who made it, I'll tell!!!

My mother left for Dallas today, so I've got a little extra time to spend in the studio. She was so cute...all excited. She's traveling with a childhood friend, her conmadre, and going to visit another conmadre in Dallas. They're planning on going to Shreveport, LA and do some gambling on the boat/boats. I'm so glad to see my mother getting on with her life. She misses my Pop a lot and a little upset that he left alone, but she's doing great!

Well, need to get myself back into that studio and finish/start some new work. Making this wonderful bust for my sister. Will post a pic when she' I'm done. Hope you all have a great weekend and stay safe....naughty, but safe!! Peace out.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Tag, I'm it.

This has been a really great few days for me. I got my first blog award, a great little gift for just commenting on someones wonderful blog and now I've been tagged!!! Yea!!! Of course you know what that means for some of you readers....I'm going to tag you!!! First of all, I was tagged by Crazy Caroline from
Go to her blog and check out her wonderful work and her 6 favs.

This is how the Tag works:
A. Name & link back to the person who tagged you.
B. List six (un)important things that make you happy.
C. Tag six bloggers & let them know they're it by leaving them a comment.

So who are my six??? Well, here they are:

Anne Huskley-Lockard-
Bernadette Ostrozovich of

Ok ladies, tag, you're it!! Now for the important things in my life....yikes, just six, huh?

  1. My fluffy guy (hubby)
  2. Coffee (cause if I stop drinking it, I'll get these horrible headaches, gotta have it!!)
  3. My studio
  4. Great blog friends and other friends (ok, so I fudged it by adding "others")
  5. Family
  6. Wild Turkey
Well, there they be, important stuff in my life. Have a great creative and productive Tuesday. Peace out.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Maya a.k.a. Lemur Girl

Cover story image

Isn't she adorable. It's my Maya girl in her inner tube...just kidding!! However, this could be a kin to my little girl. Too bad her ears aren't straight up. She has all kind of names, as above, Lemur Girl, Jackal Girl, and just plain Dee-Tee-Ree Girl. She's a funny little thing and just a loves to be loved, but she's selective. She only loves a few of us...I'm her mommy since she was my B-day gift a few years from my daughter, then daddy, hubby, Ian, my son, Andria, daughter, and Jessi, my stepdaughter. Those are her favs, everyone else gets the cold shoulder or she hides and barks at them from behind the couch!!! Great watch dog....NOT!!! Ok, I think that's all for today. Peace out.

[Award.jpg] Wow, my first award!!! Thank you America Alcala (Meri) for this wonderful honour. I'm truly grateful for having a blog buddy like you. I also love what she wrote about me...blushing!!! If you want to see some really great paintings, please visit Meri's blog, Hope everyone has a wonderful Mother's Day or just hope all have a great Sunday. Peace out.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Steampunk Doll Tutorial

Here she is, my steampunk baby. I gave her a name, but right now it just escapes me. Well, here's the official announcement, Chaska Peacock and I are teaching this tutorial starting June 5-28. The cost of the class is $30, payable to Chaska Peacock thru PayPal or other means. I'm also including a clay head tutorial for those who haven't found their wings yet in the wonderful world of clay. If you are not a member of Creative Sparks, Chaska's group, new students will be asked to pay before she will send you the supply list. If for any reason you decide last minute, you will be able to access the list and directions in her group file.

You don't have to be proficient in clay or fabric...I learned how to sew in my Junior year of high school when I took Home Ec. (do they even teach that anymore?) and I'll tell you a little secret, I was much better during the cooking semester! So come on out, sign up and between Chaska and myself, we'll learn how to STeampunk our lives!!!

Chaska's site is: and of course you know where to find me for any question. Have a great day and peace out.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

It's here, it's here!!

Yep, we finally have several confirmed cases of piggie flu in El Paso...big surprise!! However, these people, majority are kids, are doing well and over it. Had a crappy day yesterday, so I'm going to just finish here. Have much to do in my studio if I ever get there. Peace out.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Sad Woman's Face Photographic PrintThis is how I feel!! bleh, bleh, bleh. There's no reason, no crisis, no sadness, just bleh! Went out a while ago to buy some spaghetti sauce for my pizza tonight and the place is usually full on Saturday afternoon. Nope, you could hear a pin sad. This guy I usually buy tamales and asadero cheese from the back of his van recognized me as one of his customers, but I had to turn him down...the stuff is made in Ciudad Juarez, just across the river. I hate this damn pig thing going on and how people, like myself, are having to do a little changing. My daughter, who lives in Austin, was furious because some school carnival cancelled their outdoor little penis' were very upset!

Are we overreacting, as usual, or is this a real potential pandemic. Who the hell knows, I'm just upset I was cautious and didn't buy my tamales and asadero cheese. Heard a good conspiracy theory on the radio the other day. There are many concerning the outbreak of swine flu, but the best one I heard was that the Mexican cartels had some people stir some up and spread it in the small town in Mexico where it started. This would take the heat off of the crap their doing right now, and again, just right across the river. Sounds pretty good to me, "fargin' icehole bastages" (if you ever saw the movie, "Johnny Dangerously" you'll understand!!LOL).

OK, off the soup box and into the studio to create more weird stuff. Peace out.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Video Bar

I'm letting you know if you haven't gone to my video bar, please take a look. I love the Craft Whore and her work...she's hilarious! I visit her when I need a good "wee-wee in your drawers" humour. She can also be found on YouTube...just search for The Craft Whore. Peace out

Remember my toilet seat project (posted last week) well, mission accomplished! As you can see I turned a simple, but elegant, toilet seat to a butterfly/fish fiasco!!! LOL I asked my mother why she chose me to put the fish on the inside of the toilet seat instead of the outside...the butterflies are cuter (making a squeamish face). She's decided to keep the toilet seat down from now on...oiy vey. And for this I returned to school do get my degree in art!!! I think my profs would faint if they saw this!! I'm trying not to!!! LOL Well, as I said, my mother is "Super Beaner" and just loves embellishing....and I mean A LOT!!!

Well, need to a pot of pintos cooking in the kitchen....making my chicken rolled tacos tonight with guacamole and pico de gallo....dinner is at 7!!! Peace out.