Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Today, I Am 60

Today I'm officially 60, have been for the last 2 days. I turned the big 6-0 Feb. 1st. I was born at 11:55 pm. and I will say, I'm grateful my mother made that extra little effort so as I wouldn't have to deal with all the "ground hog" jokes. So how do I feel being a 60 year old lady, well, don't feel much different as when I was 59 on Tues.

I asked myself this morning, "What have you learned in your 60 years of life, you bonehead?" Well, then I was hit with some Zen kind of feelings, it's not what I've learned, but how much more stuff will I learn??? Well, that's easy, I want to learn as much stuff as I can. Many years ago, in my senior year of high school, I read "The Once & Future King," by T.H. White. I recall a particular conversation Merlin (the magician) was having with his young student, Aurthur and the quote just stuck with me, well, ok, I had to look it up in my book of "quotes," a hobby of mine. So here it is:

"You may grow old and treading in your anatomies, you may lie awake at night listening to the disorder of your veins, you may see the world about you devastated by evil lunatics, or know your honour trampled in the sewers of baser minds. There is only one thing for them--to learn. Learn why the world wags and what wags it. That is the only thing which the mind can never exhaust, never alienate, never be tortured by, never fear or distrust, and never dream of regretting."

So I took that as a sign, eventually, to begin my journey to learn "how the world wags." I've hit many walls in this life's venture, but who hasn't. I've been disappointed by many, but also loved by many and I have to say, it's been a great ride. Like Merlin said, can't regret it.

Another thing I've learned is that the older I get, the baser my sense of humour has become, or is it due to four grandsons??? There all about boogers, farts, and all that is just plain disgusting about human bodily functions, but I find it hilarious!! Although, I come from a family who used to discuss their morning constitutions. I recall my now ex was visiting me, was during our courtship days, and my maternal grandparents, aunt, uncle, and my parents were discussing "poop." I had to translate and I didn't think anything about it...hey, I grew up with this, so I felt no shame or embarrassment. Later on he told me he had never known such a "shit conscious" family!! LOL However, I didn't carry this into my own family but my kids grew up hearing their grandparents talk about it, so again, the legacy continues.

Another thing that I like about getting older is that you just don't give a flip about what people think, at least I don't. I see these young women trying so hard and I feel like shaking them and telling them to stop it!! But like I told my mother, once, "Mom, give me the chance to grow and get to where you are, but for now, I'm doing it my way!" She would tell me how I shouldn't fret about certain things and I was a young woman, with little ones. Not that I was one who ever needed to compete with the "Jones', " hardly! But I had to go through the regular stuff and since I was married to a dentist, well, there were certain social hoops I had to jump...and hated every second of it. I didn't attend many of their luncheons. As a mutual friend of mine who was in the same situation said, she had better things to do than show off the newest fashions and listen to speakers tell us on how to care for our diamonds...what diamonds!!?? LOL Not all of them were snobs, but a good proportion of them were. I didn't have hot and cold running grandparents who readily took care of my children at a minutes notice or even a months notice, so I had a very good excuse not attending. I was asked once by the newly elected president of the local dental assoc. wives club to sponser a luncheon and I groaned and she knew it, but she said she depended on me to come up with something fabulous and I did. Back then, my dear friend was a local fashion designer and model, so I got her to do a fashion show for me, using some of the members, which I personally liked, to be models, another friend who designed jewelry to accessorize the clothes and the lunch was catered by a very trendy eatery which was partly owned by another high school buddy. I had it at the presidents new house; she wanted to show it off without having an open-house!! LOL They talked about that luncheon way after I stopped attending, after Ian's birth.

This weekend we'll be celebrating the 60th b-day since my hubby is currently in Albuquerque, NM taking a continuing ed. course to keep up with his aborist certification...he returns tonight. Then there's Super Bowel (yes, I spelled it that way on purpose) Sunday. Personally, I don't watch football and the Super Bowl is no exception. I do like the commercials...miss those really funny Bud commercials...the parrots, frogs, iguanas, etc. I love the E-Trade babies....so funny. Well, this year, I don't think I'll be attending any party. My hubby wants to see it over at a our friends house, but there will be to many smokers, don't think I'll be able to handle that...been there, done that. Traditionally, we've always gone to my friends house where I catch up with other friends...only time I see them, but the hubby wants to do something different, so I've decided, I will too. I will take Ian back to his father's at 3, swing over to my friend's house for a bite and some visiting, then come home and maybe do a Red Box movie. Now that's my kind of Super Bowl Sunday!! LOL

Before I depart, I wanted to show you a couple of things I've done. I made this doll for the Mixed Media Artists exchange, but I haven't heard from my partner yet and if not, it's going up on the selling block. The Virgen de Guadalupe is for the Blue Heart Campaign, an organization sponsored by the UN which is against human trafficking. The wonderful ladies that I sell my work in Ruidoso, NM are sponsoring an auction and I volunteered to send them one of my paintings.

This little guy is called, "Corazon Espinado," or thorned heart, but since I have no thorns growing anywhere in my neighborhood, I used nails!

My auction offering.

I also made a clock similar to the larger one I made for another auction for Xico, Inc. She's smaller than the original one and had lots of fun making her.

For those of you who have been asking about my little Zoe (umlaut on the e), she's doing great. She's been home for a while now, is getting used to the sounds and smells of 4 brothers, a dog and a nasty cat, and of course, two very doting parents and come May 2nd, a very doting Meema. Here she is, sent to me on my birthday. My little girl all in pink!!

Well, folks, hope you all have a wonderful weekend, have fun, relax, chill out, tune out and whatever else the late Timothy Leary said!! Peace out.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Ok, so now that I have your attention, I'm telling you, I'm not feeling very funny today. My newest grandchild and only granddaughter has pneumonia. Yea, that's a real bummer to say the least. Apparently, it's common among babies born to mother's with gestational diabetes. So my Zoe (add umlaut on the e) is in that "common" quota ...sometimes I hate the word, "common." She'll be hospitalized for the next 7 days and treated with antibiotics. My daughter decided to stay at the hospital while her hubby, Michael, holds down the fort with the Penis Posse.

So why am I thinking of "God?" Well, I hear people giving Him either far too much credit or bashing Him because "shit happened." This is my take on the guy, it's a mixture of Catachism, religious studies in college and a little awareness thanks to Zen. When I was a child, I attended St. Patrick Parochial school and that was our parish anyway. I was there from kindergarten to 7th grade. My parents decided that since my 7th grade teacher wasn't certified yet, hell, she hadn't even gotten her B.A. yet, for the $$, I was getting a shoddy education. I'm a parent, I suppose I would probably have handled it the same way. When I was a teacher's assistant at a local Catholic school, after the ex and I split up, I realized things hadn't improved on the "certification" thing. While I was there, the diocese decided that it's educators should have at least 12 hours of education courses under the belt. One teacher who had been there for 15 years quit instead of working on his 12 hours....come on, it's only 4 courses!!

So I digress, as usual. I was one of the last of our generation to be taught by nuns. Yep, it was the ol' penguins back in the day and of course, we always wondered if they were really bald underneath their habit until one day, Sister Rebecca Marie was showing a tiny bit of hair line, hence the mystery was solved. From first grade and onward we were taught to learn and repeat, ad nauseum, all these little phrases, such as, "Who made you?" "God made me." "Who is God?" "God is the Supreme Being who made all things." etc., etc., etc., blah, blah, blah. The first of the sacraments was Confession and the First Holy Communion...they went hand in hand. I still somewhat remember my first confession with Fr. Alderete:

Fr.: Yada, yada, yada (in Latin)
Me: Bless me father, for I have sinned (was 7 years old, of course I had a few sins under the belt). This is my first confession.
Fr.: Yes, Georgina, continue (back then they knew who we were!).
Me: I have used the name of God in vain (called my little brother a GD dummy...my pops was a class one profaner so I had lots of vocab under the belt...in two languages to boot), spit in my sister's milk because she was mean to me, got mad at my mother because she got mad at me for spitting in my sister's milk. That's it, father.
Fr.: (Trying not to laugh) For your penance, Georgina, you will say 10 Hail Mary's and 10 Our Father's)...Go in peace. (then he blesses me in Latin and shuts that little window).

So I knelt at the alter rail, said my penance, more or less, and was on my way to my first Communion...and got to wear a preeety white dress with a veil, white silk purse, brand new rosary and a Mother of Pearl cover missal (prayer book). So all that kept me going till the next sacrament, Confirmation. Got another swell party and white dress for that one too, plus a Godmother, who's still very special to me these days.

When entering a Catholic high school, I had one year of Public Ed. under the belt....sure had a lot under the belt!! Most of my old friends from St. Patrick never knew anything about public schools, so I was special!! LOL Anyway, we had this wonderful religion teacher, Mrs. Dusbabek. We would get her off the subject of religion and talk about other things, like the occult...even took my Quija board once...that was entertaining!! We one time questioned her about what's this with Lot and his daughters living in a cave after the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah...if ya don't know the story, look it up...in the Old Testament. Anyway, what I'm saying here, is that this layman or layperson to be P.C., but when have you ever known me to be pc, began making us think beyond Catholic doctrine and catechism...it created a dialogue..a no-no in the Church, or at least it used to be...been a while for me...been away a long time. Then I entered college, but I was too busy rebelling and flunking out, then getting back in, then bailing again because I fell in love and got married.

My ex is a Baptist. I defiling my faith by being with a "protestant!" Not really, luckily, I was educated by the Nuns of Loretto and Jesuit priests...very open about lots of stuff. However, he also opened my eyes to other ideas....I discovered I was a bit more "Calvinist" than Catholic....it happens. I recall once going to his church and the preacher was what I always imagined, "FAR N' BRIMSTONE" kind of guy. It was Mother's Day and the preacher asked "Will all you Mothers please stand." My f-i-l began to rise...I almost lost it right there, in front of God and his congregation! A memory I shan't ever forget.

After my ex and I separated, I began a journey of self (that's the Zen part). My older two accused me of becoming selfish, and I guess I was...still am to a certain extent, but hell, I'm looking at turning 60 in two weeks, you betcha I'm a bit selfish!! Anyway, I really got back to attending Mass and of course, working in a Catholic school reaffirmed my faith. We split up in the early summer of '96, and I went out to look for work, and within 2 weeks, I was employed....hadn't had a job since '76 when my ex graduated from dental school and we took off to Germany for 3 years while he was in the Army.

I realized while at that school two things: my mind hadn't changed since I was 15, I didn't want to be a teacher (or a nurse) and I couldn't make a living working part-time at minimum wage if there was an impending divorce ( we still talked about a reconciliation in the future). So I gave my notice the following Spring and that Fall I entered college...hadn't been a "coed" since '72. So I took all these courses and some of them were a waste of time, but others were a source of enlightenment. I balked because I had to take 9 hours of humanities....really????? I could have minored in it since all I would have needed was 9 more hours. Well, they turned out to be pretty interesting, plus, since I was an art major, I had to take some hours of art history...really interesting. My art hist. prof was a real tool, but he was a damn good teacher...learned quite a bit, not just about art, but about lots more. So began my re-thinking on the Divine.

This is the way I look at it, God is so far above our understanding, that to say things like, "He works in mysterious ways," which he does, or when someone dies, like a young person, "Well, it was God's will." I personally hate that one. I don't think God wills suffering, death, hardship, etc., etc., etc. I doubt the greatest minds in the subject of theologies can really understand Him/Her/It/Force/Light/Whatever, so they try to explain it to us as simplified as possible because we're all just too lame to understand it, it's too much...our brains just don't have that capacity. It reminds me of when I was a kid and I saw an artist's rendering of the Earth compared to the Sun. I'm not saying we're dismissed, hell no, He's listening...wow, talking about hearing voices....constantly!! I'm amazed at how many times He's come through for me and mine. He's doing it right now...my little Zoe is much improved and things are looking up. My wonderful and dear friend, Anne, who was diagnosed with Stage 3 Ovarian Cancer, is becoming one of Peru, IN's miracles and it has to do with praying.

So there you have it, my take on the Big Guy/Girl...whatever. He's all about life, not death or suffering. But I firmly believe in an afterlife, and He's there too. When you hear about a vengeful, selfish God, don't know who that dude is, but he's not mine....I like mine lots better.

I thought I'd show you a pic of Andria and me right after she was born. The "artsy" pic was taken when Andria was 5 days old by my cousin, Julie. She and my aunt and uncle were visiting relatives in Germany and came by our place for a couple of days before they headed back to Paris where my other cousin was living. The one below that one was taken when she was about 2 weeks.

Now here's a pic of my Zoe taken within an hour after her birth this past Sunday.

See a resemblance??? She also thought her hair was wavy, but in fact, straight up and fly-away, just like hers when she was a baby...called it "birdie hair." Once I tried to train it by applying baby oil on it...she ended up having spikes....she was right in fashion, though since it was the beginning of Punk Rock in Europe. Well, it's time for me to get back into the studio and do something constructive, maybe make a doll or paint a saint...?quien sabe? But I'm off. Peace out.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Goings-On and Random Stuff

Wrote this earlier today, but for some reason, Blogger has some issue with me...maybe it's my colourful wording??? Anyway, I'm going to try to hit the good ol' "publish" key and see if my ranting will be visible on Dashboard....pinchi Blogger!!

Good afternoon, my bloggy buddies. Wow, it's been a while since I've written here, but the last two months have been hectic for many of us, moi included. Christmas is now officially over, yay-yay and more yay and the remnants of my labours are dwindling to about half a bag full. As usual, I baked my leetle heart away, making family favorites, chocolate chip cookies, Mexican Wedding cookies, or as my grandsons call them, "Liar" cookies, chocolate biscotti, a recipe I borrowed from Mario Bateli over at Foodnetwork, Biscochos, or as my friend, Linda over in NM calls them, "Lard cookies." In NM they add anise seed to them, giving them a wonderful, aromatic scent and flavour, but I grew up here on the border and that's how we make them in these parts, but I just might try my hand at the NM version for next year. I also made some delish Lemon Pound Cake, a recipe I found over at Pinterest, which I'm so hooked on, and my usual Chocolate Pie, a recipe I've had for years after having some at my aunt's one Christmas Eve night many years ago. It's so simple, a none-foody can make it!! I also made a huge Rigatoni casserole for my cousin and his family. My cousin's wife is over-whelmed by his illness plus she's a full-time teacher, the poor woman needs a little help, so this was my contribution to give her a bit of respite. I know I made more stuff, but right now, I just can't remember...call it a senior moment, a brain fart, whatever, I've cleared my brain of Christmas past.

I've signed up for a couple of trades and auctions. Over at Mixed Media, I'm making an exchange due Feb. 1. I just couldn't wrap my brain around what I wanted to do, but then I signed up back in Nov. since Feb. seemed distant...how quickly time flies when your constantly busy...Feb. is far from distant. I was finally hit with that creative lightening bolt and am almost finished with the piece, which I will post as soon as I'm done and my "exchangie" has seen it first. I also volunteered to make something for Xico, Inc.'s annual dinner and art auction. This year, we're making clocks, so they sent me this wooden disc with a hole in the centre. Again, the ol' creative juices were still trying to get over the Christmas "sugar-shock," making it impossible to come up with anything. So last week, I took out some of my favorite children's books, written and illustrated by some local authors, and again, lightening! Here's my contribution to the art auction. It's called, "Mi tiempo con Diego," or translated, "My time with Diego."

I just love her and wish I could keep her around a bit longer, but she's packed and will be shipped off Monday to Phoenix, AZ. I mentioned in an earlier blog post about prostituting oneself for the sake of earning a bit of cash, well, I'm really getting into this prostituting stuff!! I took my Virgen de Guadalupe to our Dec. book club, which we had a blast. There was a large gathering in the salon next to ours, had it at Great American, which are famous for meat, lots of delicious "meat!!" I'm no vegetarian, but I rarely eat the stuff due to cost and cholesterol!! Anyway, the group next to us were singing religious Christmas songs, no big deal for a bunch of ex-Catholic school girls. I decided to take a look and peeked over the wooden slated shades and saw an ocean of white hair. We asked our waitress who was next to us and she said it was a group of Gideons. One of the crazies in our group said she was familiar with their book!! LOL Then one of the other crazy said, "Well, I guess they won't be singing Jingle Bells," and at that moment, they burst out into song with, you know what!!!?? LOL We then joined in the singing, they probably thinking we were a group of Sodomites, making fun of them, but we were actually in a very festive mood....hell, it was Christmas!! LOL

So back to my virgen, we exchanged gifts, actually, we played that stupid game of taking away someone elses' gift, but giving the item a "2 exchange only." So my ol' buddy, Barbara, took my package and fell in love with her. I was so happy she got it but then one of the other crazies decided she wanted it, so she took it, giving Barbara another chance to pick something else, she then picked a silver chain necklace and matching bracelet...I really loved the little silk bag it came in more than the jewelry. Well, someone else took that from her, giving Barbara another chance to pick something else, she then took back the virgin and now she resides with Barbara. I've already made this story too long, but I got some special orders that night from some of the crazies and this past Thurs., I took them to book club and came out of there with some $$$. I then got another order for next month. Well, here are the offerings I made:

San Pasqual, the patron saint of the kitchen. I don't guarantee your cooking will improve, but he sure looks preeety on the wall. Those are miniature clay pots from Mexico.

This is El Santo Nino or El Nino de Atocha. Not sure what he's a patron saint to, maybe prisoners since his story is about that. His story began in Spain, back during the Moorish occupation....talkin' waaaay back. So these Moors take over this area, imprisoning all the Spanish soldiers who participated in this battle, not providing any food or water in the prison, so against the Geneva Convention...oh wait, there was no Geneva Convention...maybe a Geneva, but no convention. So the story goes, this little kid, about 6ish, walks up to the big, bad Moorish guards and asks if he can feed and give water and aid to the prisoners. These cats laughed and decided to let the kid in, since all he was holding was a small basket of bread and fruit and a flagon, or gourd, of water. So the story goes, he was able to feed all the hundreds of soldiers, giving them strength to fight another day and eventually ousting those damn Moors from Spain. It's kinda like a biblical "fishes, bread and wine," kinda story. Well, he was so revered in Spain, his story followed the big, bad Spaniards when they came to this continent.

And that leaves La Virgen de Guadalupe, a personal fav of mine. Being a major beaner, she's one great lady to me and I never have stopped loving painting her. I have another order for her and she will be in colours that are not traditional...hey, my other crazy wants her to match her living room, so I will comply.

Another saint I would like to paint is San Martin de Porres, who my maternal grandfather worshiped. I don't know much about him, other than he had been a slave living in Peru, but my grandfather, who grew up in Northern Mexico and educated by Methodists, loved this guy. He's next on my list of saints to paint and get a bit more background.

So some random stuff:

  • Why are people so rude,especially during the holidays?? That's the time to be extra patient because of all the rude people!! Just be nice, people, is that so hard??
  • Why are people still harping about that damn Mayan calendar? If the end comes, well, it comes, can't do a thing about it other than vote out some of the bastards in Congress right now and God help us with a president, Demo or Republican...gawd, I hate politicians!! Anyway, the experts are saying it's the end of an era, whatever that means...hey, change is good.
  • Was listening to a CD the other day in my studio, "The Best of the Birds." Loved them when I was in high school back in the 60's, but I heard this one song about a horse sung by Roger McGuin...he's talking about capturing this horse and putting his brand and making it his wife!!!!!!!! HUH!!!!!!!!!!???????????? Now that's just wrong!!!!!!!!!!
I know there are more things that have popped in and out of my gray cells, but I can't think of anymore right now. I probably need to write them down and keep records of them, like my "dichos," or "sayings." Like many of you, I grew up with all kinds of sayings, both in English and Spanish, but the ones I usually find myself saying, are the ones in Spanish. It's hard to translate many of them for any kind of effectivness in English and visa versa, but one of my favs is, "El Diablo no se huele su cola," or, "The Devil doesn't smell his own ass." I think that one is just as effective in both languages!! LOL

Well, my friends, it's time for me to "pack it in," as a dear friend of mine from Manchester, England used to say as we were saying our goodbyes. Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and I also hope you aren't one of those people who still lights up the Christmas tree and exterior lights still on the 14th. Around here, many people leave everything up till the 6th, Dia de los Tres Reyes, or the "Day of the Three Kings," or better known as the Epiphany. Many folks enjoy a cup of coffee, milk with their "Rosca," a special pastery for that day. I'm going to do some experimenting and try to come up with a better recipe because as lovely as Rosca, with it's hidden hard plastic baby Jesus that has been the cause of some major dental problems, is, it tastes like cardboard. Once I figure that out, then it's on to a "kinder and gentler" substitute for the plastic baby Jesus. Peace out.