Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Obeservations and Art

I took my mother to Mass on Ash Wednesday. I was hoping it wasn't one of those "high" masses where you stand for most of the pomp and ceremony...OY. So I asked my mother how long a Mass goes for these days...she wasn't amused. She told me they can go sometimes over an hour, then asked me why. I told her I had a very low tolerance to boredom...again, not amused. She then went on about wasting all this money on our Catholic education, however, I reminded her I was a product of "dual" education, private and public, whereas my sister went through the whole shebang...elementary, high school and 2 years at USF, University of San Francisco, a Jesuit college, so please practice a bit of levity when it comes to Church and Georgina!

I told her I wanted to go early in order to beat all those "holiday" Catholics, you know the ones, they show up for Easter and midnight Mass at Christmas...another OY! I'm a "no holiday or any day if I can get away with it," kind of Catholic! We got there and the main parking lot was filling up. We spotted a handicap space but the SUV in front of us got there first, however, my mother was a bad sport about it and glared at the poor gentleman as he was vacating his much for a holy heart!! LOL We entered the cathedral and she then "darned" the people sitting in "her" pew. My mother became quite ill last year and hasn't attended the physical Mass in about a year. She got the ok from her priest, who we ran into last summer at World Market, to watch the Mass on what I call, the Catholic channel. Now where can you participate in a Mass said by the Pope on Christmas Day while relaxing in the comfort of your den, wearing your warm robe and fuzzy slippers??

After much anticipation (sputter, sputter, cough, cough), the priest came out with his "entourage" consisting of two alter "persons," a man and woman and the deacon, I think...never figured out what his purpose was, but there he was anyway. The "orator" begins the Mass in English, then the priest said his stuff in Spanish...this is where I knew I was in for a long haul. The acoustics at St. Patrick's are's like talking in a large cavern. So add the Spanish thing, the bad acoustics and all the new changes, thanks Pope, and it's a maelstrom of disaster for many "Ash Wed." Catholics, I included, but only by default!! You kneel now when you used to stand, stand when you used to kneel....WTF!!!!??? Then when it came to the germaphobic part of the Mass, the giving of peace. It used to be, you'd take the person's hand, usually a stranger sitting next to you or behind you, the one that's been coughing their organs out all through the Mass, and say, "Peace be with you," and they answer back, " And with you also." But oh no, it's changed, now you answer back, "Peace be in your spirit," or something like that. What amazed me is that they not only offered the host, but for those who really wanted to live on the edge, you could take a swig of wine from the "public" chalice!!!! If memory serves me right, during the time of the Communion, you could sit if you didn't participate or sit after you do your prayer of thanks after receiving the host. BTW, when I hear them talk about the "host," all I can think is some alien invading it's "host," and later, eating them from within. Ok, my bad, but during this time, I sat while others stood. The only people that sat were those who were confined to wheel chairs or hove-a-rounds, and Georgina. Talking about, "AWKWARD!" would be an understatement. Of course, I could have stood, but then I'd feel stupid, like I didn't know what was going on, which I didn't, but they didn't know that!!! The one thing I always loved about the "new" Mass, the Latin-less one, was that at the end of the Mass, the priest says, "The Mass has ended, go in peace," and we reply, "Thanks be to God." Hell yea...I'm so out of here!!! Thankfully, that wasn't changed and I felt the same sentiment as I always did after the Mass...some things just don't change. Then there was the that was fun!! I noticed people already lining up on the side of the church during the C0mmunion....had no idea why they were standing there...figured we had a full-house. I realized they were lining up for the ashes, so I wasn't going to let some little snot-nose kids try to weasel their way in a line while so many of us were still participating in the closing ceremonies. After it was over, I got up, stood at the outside of my pew, allowed the other lady who was sitting next to me and my 89 year old mother to get in line...I just dared anyone who tried to complain by my butting into the already established line....others began to do the same thing...I'm a trail blazer!!! We got our ashes and left through the side door instead of taking the great walk to the main doors. Reminded me of that Beatle's song, "She came out through the bathroom window..."

So that was my experience attending the Mass. I'm not sacrilegious, I just call it like I see it. I have the utmost respect for those who enjoy attending services...I'm being serious here, folks. I believe I posted my views on God..I think it was two posts ago. Anyway, my mother loves church and she loves her Saturday anticipated Mass via the tellie on the Catholic channel. Like I said, who can attend services at the Vatican?? Personally, I like the ones with the cloistered nuns...didn't know they still existed, but apparently some orders have survived. They remind me of an early Christian group of ascetic women who had themselves bricked up in a church, with only a small area to receive food offerings and prayers from the outside world, People considered them holy and gateways to spirituality and the Divine and came to pray with them. The cloistered ladies must be a branch off that tree.

Alright, enough of my observations and musing about my religion, which I'm thankful for because Catholicism is part of who I am and how I see the world and the Divine. Let's talk art. I wrote a post about being a prostitute, that is, I was going to make things I normally wouldn't for retail purposes. I made these little necklaces for the shop that's renting my Pop's old office space. She specializes in girly stuff and has some great, inexpensive's a fun little shop. I got this idea from some lady on Pinterest, I heart Pinterest! So I decided to try it and for the most part, they came out really cute, yes, I said, cute, of course, there's always room for improvement. So here they are:

I'll be delivering them to Desi today. For those on FB, you can "like" her page, under, "Royally Sweet." She's a great young lady, as is her Mom...two lovely ladies and Desi will be making my little Zoe's tutu for my visit in May. I already have the blingy skull and cross bones decal for her onesie and she'll make the tutu around that theme...can't wait.

Here's a sample of my real art work. I won't tell you what I intend to do with them,but I will tell you I was inspired by Mexican folk art...oh really, Georgina!!!! Duh!! Anyway, I love the Coco Heads and own a couple of them, so this is my rendition of those little figures.

Well, it's time for me to take it to the couch and get some work done, however, after lunch. The hubby and I are going to "Roscoe's" for a generous serving of grease. They serve the best old fashion hamburger and fries. I know I'm going to suffer tonight as Roscoe enters my nightmares and wakes me with a case of heartburn, but it's so worth it!!! I'll just have to work that much harder on the treadmill come Monday!! Have a great day and peace out.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Adios, ADO

Sadly, the wonderful art doll organization, ADO (Art Dolls Only), will be shutting it's doors. Thank you for your hard work and dedication for providing so many of us a place to be at home and meet other wonderful doll artists.

Adios, ADO, y muchas gracias. Peace out.