Sunday, July 19, 2009

New Work Part II

Here is my skelly family, The Bones. Starting from the left, Bart Bones, Brenda Bones, Billy Bones and Bernice Bones...all from the famous Bones of Cemetery, TX. They've just arrived from their European trip, visiting friends and the family plots. As you can see, Bart couldn't help his purchase when visiting Paris and Brenda is wearing the latest huate couture from Transylvania, where they dined with the Dracula's and lunched with the famous Lycoan family. Billy loves his new shirt he found in a clothes bin on Carnaby Street in London, and sweet Bernice just had to have a new dolly for her collection. The Bones will be available for you further viewing pleasure on my Etsy site, unless you just have to have them now!!!! Just let me know and I'll give them a holler...they don't hear very well.

New Work

The pin cushion is my donation to the Pink Artists for breast cancer. I have friends who have suffered from this terrible disease and luckily still here to talk about it. I call it "Boobie Pins."

One in particular, my ol' friend from our kid's grammar school days, Sharon, was the toughest crossing guard in the world. She was a royal bitch with a heart, though!! Loved her southern ways. Anyway, our two kids were in the same class and since I was the room mother (yes, I was a room mother for many years, so don't act all surprised) we got to know each other. She came to me one day and told me she had discovered a lump, so the nightmare began for her. She had her breast removed and talked about how lopsided she felt! She talked a lot about how she felt and it made most people uncomfortable, but not me, I just let her talk away....was her only source of therapy!!! The crown and glory of this story was one day we were hosting a bookfaire for our school and Sharon and I had volunteered to help out. As we were switching the books for the next classification, she yelled out to me and told me to think fast...she threw her prostheses at me!!!!!!!!! Before I could throw it back at her, the next group, 3rd graders, came in to shop, so what did I do, I stuck the damn thing in my bra and there I was, talking to some very curious 3rd graders looking at my uniboobs!! Needless to say, Sharon and I never laughed so hard after that class left, leaving a group of very shocked volunteers!!!!

So I honour you, Sharon, Sylvia, Elizabeth, Constance, Clara, Sophie, Brenda, Janice and Carol for your bravery, which you didn't ask for, and candor about your on sistas!! Peace out.

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Yesterday as I was attempting to cool off from being out in this triple digit weather earlier in the day, I was sitting on the couch with the air conditioner running full blast, my ceiling fan doing the same and my floor fan also at high speed, holding and using my spray bottle full of ice water, I was surfing the cable channel, we're po folk...can't afford the fi-ancy stuff, I came across the Turner Channel, you know the one with all the really cool old movies. I was caught by the beauty of Rita Hayworth, the uber pin up girl of the 40's. It was the story of "Salome: the Dance of the Seven Veils," and I just sat back and enjoyed. Ok, it was a little corney, but still was fun to watch.

Hayworth, Salmome and Stewart Granger, Commander Claudius, became disciples of John the Baptist played by Alan Badel. So for those who know some of these stories either thru Sunday school or in my case, Catholic school, ya kind of know what happened to poor old John. I'm actually digressing, what I observed through this movie is that the actors don't friggin' blink!!!! How in the world could they have these long soliloquy's without ne'er a blink!!!!!????? My eyes began to burn and water up just watching this film. There's a scene where Claudius is talking about Jesus inside John's jail cell with Salome present. Granger goes through this long drivel and Badel, that would be John, is looking up at the ceiling, I took it as the heavens, as Granger spoke. The guy never blinked!!! I'm sitting there yelling out, "Blink you bastard, blink....I'm hurtin' here!!!" After the rather long speech, John turns away, rubbing his face, huh hah...we know why... betcha his eyes were burnin' too!!! So then Hayworth goes into her speech...there goes John again, gazing at the bright studio lights in the heavens. Now neither of them blink....aaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!

Well, that's my observation for today or rather yesterday, but I couldn't write anything because my eyes were in cinema hell!!! Peace out.

Thursday, July 9, 2009


This is a sh0rt post, but wanted to introduce you to my son-in-law, Michael. Here he's playing "Protonman!" Michael is a wonderful member of our family and from the pic, you can tell he's going to fit right in! Poor guy, but he's getting used to our crazy Mexican ways!! As my dear friend, says, "Ay la Raza!" And he's getting top grades for his Latino experiences with us!

Chrildren of the Corn

Are you going "Awwww?" Betch you are. Pictured are my 2 youngest grandsons, fishy face Zach, the big Mac, and the other one is Aiden. As you can see even a 4 year difference doesn't seem to matter...they're both partners in crime. I have a large plastic box of puzzles my sister lent me (till her daughter makes her a grandmother, but hope that's many years from now and the puzzles go the way of kindling) and they both decided to take everyone out and play with the parts, well, Aiden at least liked playing with the parts. Zach thought that was fun, so he decided to play along!

Later, my anal 7 year old grandson, Ryan, decided he NEEDED to put them all back together and the kid did, but I'm sure I don't have to tell you what happened next...yep, the 2 Children of the Corn thought Ryan needed to remain busy!! My poor little Ry, he was such a good sport till the 3rd round!!!

Madam Clarie from the House of Darkness

Well in spite of the fact my house is a little Easy Bake Oven, swamp coolers suck in 3 digit weather, I was still inspired to complete this bust. I made her face last year where I put it on a "steek" actually, a dowel, and stuck her in my Styrofoam block where she has since been given me dirty looks and complaining on how I've started and completed other dolls, (I swear, she's menopausal) but there she sits. Well, I was tired of her complaining, so I decided to begin her. She originally was going to be a doll, but I had this half bust from a failed experiment, so I inserted her head and it was a great match. I painted the body, but I hated the way it looked. I was ready to toss in the towel and the dowel and just throw away the whole thing when I was inspired! I was taking a short break, just to get away from her for a while, and as I stroked my two little Chihuahuas, I saw the light! FABRIC...why paint when I can cover her ugly painted bod up with fabric, and I have a lot of fabric!!

So Madam Clarie from the House of Darkness is born. I hope she seizes her complaining but now she'll want to live somewhere else and leave my hot little studio...bitch! Peace out.

Friday, July 3, 2009


Hey All,

My guru of inspiration is having a giveaway on her blog. She's racked up 200 posts now and is giving away a great little framed, neat-o collage. Just go to her blog and follow her instructions and you're's her link:

Here's hoping you all have a wonderful holiday weekend and enjoy family, friends, strangers and whoever crosses your path to make this memorable. Please, don't try to burn down a tree, house, cars, etc. in the that would be memorable!!! Peace out.