Thursday, October 28, 2010

Back Home

Well, Folks, I'm home! Ten days is an awful long time to be away from my little casa and I'm so glad to be back. My daughter is recovering fine and has been cleared to return to work Monday. I'm sure everyone is happy to get their lives back on a normal, or somewhat normal, level. She had a "strumo ovaris" tumor...pretty rare and the thing even has it's own thyroid...just waiting for her to have one with it's own brain and mouth, then it can argue back! Her GYN was so excited since it was a first for him...a strumo ovaris virgin no more!! LOL Anyway, thankfully it wasn't malignant as was previously feared.

As for me, well, I'm "zausted" as my youngest used to say after a long day. My little guys were so precious and so energetic...oey vey!! The Sam Man, the 14 month old, didn't quite cotton up to me...he always gave me this , "Oh it's you again" look when I went every morning to retrieve him from his crib. Don't get me wrong, he was just adorable, but didn't get that needful vibe like my other 3. My oldest, Sean and Ryan, wanted me to move in and live with them "forever," Oh, hell no!! Everytime I visit with them, I realized God knew what he was doing when he decided women shouldn't procreate into those middle years and gave us menopause! Don't get me wrong, the Big Guy could have made it a bit more easy for us since we have to experience menses, then hit us with peri-menopause plus the menses then hot flashes with menses, then hot flashes and weight gain...just lovely. But I won't complain much now, can leave or mute when those pesky commercials for flying Kotex or paper thin pads ( oh yea, like that's going to work), and those "insertions" that can stop up a friggin' damn!! Oh pleeeezzz!!

What would my posting be without a rant or two. On Tuesday, my dearest friend, Irene, picked me up and we spent the day together. Her husband is recovering from tongue cancer (beware you smokers) so we pretty much hung out at the house for the rest of the evening. During one of her home purges, she found old letters I had written her between '95-'98 during my separation and divorce. My God, I had forgotten what a dumb-sh-t I was!! We roared through the earlier dated ones, around the time I began suspecting he was up to no good. I believed everything that toad told me...someone should have hit me with a 2"x4"...right between the eyes!! LOL Of course, I got a kick out of the ones that I wrote during our almost year of divorce proceedings...I was developing into the woman I am now. I had forgotten so much of that part of my life and some said it was best to leave it forgotten, but quite frankly, I can't remember the last time I laughed that hard!! LOL As a friend said about the ex and all the other ex's, "!Todos, pinchi cabrones!" Difficult translation, but believe me, it's not nice, but then they aren't either!!! hahahahaha

This is going to be a short one. Just wanted to let you lovely buddies that I'm home, tired, worn out, and intend to just finish reading my book club book, "The Lacuna" can't recall the author at this moment, but it's a damn good read. Take care and God bless. Have a wonderful Halloween weekend. SM and I will be doing the usual on Halloween night, going to the State Line, just over the railroad tracks down the road, into NM...great ribs and meat! Peace out.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Off to Austin and Other Observations

Well, I'm off to Austin again. I was planning on going for just a weekend, leaving this Thursday evening and returning next Monday. Well, lots has happened since I made those reservations, so now I'll be leaving tomorrow and returning Wed., the 27th of Oct.

Let me explain. My daughter has had problems with ovarian cysts since they were first discovered when she was 18 years old. I recall the day she complained about severe cramps, her father came over to see what he could do, we were either separated or already in the process of divorce...don't recall now, but she was in her bedroom when he came over with a heating replace the one she had already burned out. I had made an appointment with my gynecologist for the next day, but noooo, I'm stupid and I don't know what specialist to call, so in walks Dr. Blah Blah (dentist) and tells me he has made an appointment with one of his golf buddies, a gynecologist!! So he goes back to her bedroom and I suddenly remember her butterfly tattoo she did out of resentment for something or other towards her father...can't recall why either, since she had so many towards him. Anyway, he told her if she ever got a tattoo he'd take away her brand new red Mustang!!! I'm not saying I approved of her doing this, but I know her better and to tell her no is like saying yes...some of you might know what I'm talking about. She showed it to me after if was done and told me why she did it...told her I didn't like her doing that to her body, but it was on her right hip, viewable to only her and whomever later on in her life!! So back to the story, I ran back there and signaled to her, pointing to the right hip! Her eyes grew wide, her father thinking she was in lots more pain, I'm trying not to spew with laughter and she's doing the same. Well, he never discovered it or about it, so the butterfly stayed put. After 4 children, however, the poor butterfly is encased in a web of stretch marks, so it's escape is impossible!! LOL

A few weeks ago, it was discovered that nasty ol' cyst had enlarged with a vengeance. During the time she went off her birth control hormones and little Sammy began weaning himself from his mommy, there was nothing to prevent it from growing and it made up for lost time. What alarmed her and all of us, was that it looked very suspicious...ya know, that "C" word was bandied about. She's not in the age group that is susceptible to those problems, but hey, there are exceptions to the rules, always. Anyway, the oncologist doesn't seem to feel it's anything other than a cyst, but of course, he wants some pathology done on it. So she goes in Tuesday, the 19th, and has it and her ovary and tube either surgically removed, cutting her open or the less invasive method of removing it through her belly button...let's hope for the latter method. Regardless, it will be considered an "out-patient" procedure! Insurance companies suck!! Now if she's in a lot of pain, they will keep her overnight, if not, it's home bound, where Mommy (Meema) will be waiting..oey vey! My daughter is meaner than a wounded badger when she's sick...I told her if she yelled at me or was ugly, someone will die!! LOL I'll also be there for my 4 grandsons. The older 3 will be in school, so I will acquaint myself with the 14 month old, Sammy. He's not too keen on strangers, so I've been told, so this is going to be fun!! I haven't seen him since he was 8 months old and I doubt he remembers! So my friends, I'll be in Austin for a grand total of 10 days. I will have the opportunity of meeting with one of my best buddies for the day, the 22nd, and I told Andria that no matter what, I was going to be ready to spend time with Reenie!!!

Here's an observation or just my rant. El Paso, TX is really the red hair, freckle faced stepchild of TX! This city is predominantly Democratland. Most people just pull on that donkey tail without knowing the political issues. I have nothing against Demos or Republicans, for that matter, as far as I'm concerned, the two parties are "same donkey, different saddles!" I'm quoting a local gentleman who was at some political rally the other night. Or to get a bit more crass, one of my favorite comedians, Lewis Black, put it, "It's like one bowl of sh-t, staring at it's reflection in the mirror!" So as for politics and politicians, they blow!!! When I was in Chicago a few weeks ago, the political advertisements on the telie were amazing....the caca that was being launched by these people was hilarious. No one in IL, it seems, is free of any kind of scam, criminal negligence, fraud, etc. Very entertaining. However, here we El Pasoans are treated to the same outrageousness going on in NM politics...Denish or Martinez for Gov. Personally, I like Martinez cuz' she's a local girl, but has lived and practiced law in NM for many years...El Paso can no longer claim her. Then there are the other constituents...NM is apparently a hot bed of political goings-on!! The reason we get all the political stuff from NM is our proximaty to the NM state's just down the street from me...the small town of Anthony is in both states, TX and NM, hence the political advertisements about NM politicos. Here in El Paso, it's only about the Gov...White and Perry. The TX gov has no real power in this state, but if he's good, he can yuck it up with the Lt. Gov and the Legislators, hence, getting his way. Perry, the Hair God, has been in too long, so it's time for a change, kind of like with Obama, but won't get into that, so let's give it a try. Then there are the U.S. Congressmen. We've had Sylvestre Reyes in there for 14 years and the only thing he has done in 14 years is take advantage of every photo op out there. He did a great job when he was in the Border Patrol; he was the guy who designed and instituted "Hold the Line." Had Border Patrol agents all up and down the Rio Grande and surrounding desert areas, popular with illegal entry. I heard his campain caca the other day on tv and he was going on how he was going to strengthen the education system and the usual blah, blah,'ve been in office for 14 years, Sylvestre, whatcha been doin'????? He's a straight party guy and has never met a tax increase he's never liked or raises for himself and cronies. He's also the "Nepotism King!" Ok, he's a typical politician, what can I say. So when people go on the campaign trail, they don't come to El Paso because if they're Democrats, they know they'll get the vote here and if they're Republicans, they won't bother! So you see how we are left out of the TX poli game? Hey, they don't call it El Piso for nuthin'! So when in Austin, I'll get to hear all the wonderful political stuff that's being flung out there...can't wait. I wonder if it will be as entertaining as IL...or better yet, that some great political that gumbo and LA politics...whatcha think, Anne??? LOL

Well, before I close, I want to show you the remainder of my dolls I have already sent off to Xico, Inc. in Chandler, AZ. I received 2 emails pertaining to my last shipment from the Outreach coordinator and the Exec. Director of the gallery...they think my work is to my ears!! Now let's hope the nice people of the Chandler/Phoenix area and all those wonderful Snow Birds and other tourists think so too!! LOL Their big Dia de los Muertos show will be on Oct. 30th in Old Town Chandler. If any of you live in the vicinity, please don't miss it....have heard it's a great time for all!!

The red "King Calaca" is going to Austin with me. I've heard that the grandsons have quite a nice Halloween display in the living room, so the Meema is taking her contribution. Well, my friends, I will update you later on my daughters surgical outcome, pray it's just a nasty cyst and that the only thing she'll lose is her ovary and tube, plus the cyst, of course. I will have access to a computer at their home, will have to get my s-i-l to show me how to "crack the code" to enter...sheesh!! Have a great week, take care and if anyone is interested in any of these dolls, I do special orders!! Peace out.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Chicago and Can-Do Dolls

We returned from Chicago last Saturday after a 4 day whirl-wind visit with my stepdaughter and her family. Our 2 year old Aiden is absolutely adorable...very talkative and a little man who knows what he wants. He's really into Guitar Hero and watching him focus on the songs and attempt to keep up with the lyrics is hilarious. As we were coming out of the underground parking lot at Millennium Park, he joyfully exclaimed "What a beautiful day!" You just don't expect something like that coming out of a 2 year old. We went to see "The Bean," a large metal structure/sculpture (it's all yard art) showing downtown Chicago from different angles. That was fun, especially looking at ourselves and saying, "No deep-dish pizza for us!!" Actually, I don't like deep-dish pizza or sausage, so I didn't partake, but my step s-in-l's mother ordered this great thin crust pizza the other night while visiting them at their home...OMG, thought I had died and gone to pizza heaven!!! Funny, many of my memories to Chicago will be about the food we ate...typical!!

Well, we did more than just eat, I had on my "to do list" was to go the Art Institute of Chicago. Since my art history days, we studied many paintings that are on display there. I just love George Surrat's "La Grande Jatte," and of course, the American classic, "American Gothic." I was there for 5 hours, the first accompanied by SM, Jessi, his daughter and Aiden. Now Aiden did well for about the first 45 mins., after I showed him the cool ceramic bowls in the Greek and Roman areas, telling him Meema used to make big ceramic bowls, so he just had to point out all the bowls he saw, with great 2 year old enthusiasm. Well, after a while, a two year old's fancy turns to shear boredom, as it should, so at my urging, I suggested they go do some other sight-seeing and would call them when I was finished at the museum. So I spent the rest of my time, just gawking with amazement at the paintings and sculptures from all those people I read about, studied and probably missed a few questions about them during my testing on the material. As I was in the American section, I spotted a painting that looked so familiar, well, a lot of them were, but this one isn't all that well-known. Let me give you a little background. One evening my honey and I were talking and we got on the subject of Oscar Wilde's book, "The Picture of Dorian Grey." We normally don't have such literary infused conversations, but that evening we were actually talking about movies. We both recall a movie we saw as children on the boob tube based on that book. I had told him I did a book report on it in my senior year of high school and the teacher gave me a C because I mentioned the fact that Oscar Wilde was gay, YA THINK???!!?!?!!? She said it merited an A+, but I didn't have to mention that little tid-bit about ol' Oscar...hell, the guy went to prison because of it...well, there's more to the story, but won't go into it now. Anywhoo, (saw that little blond sassy witch teacher some years later and she didn't age well!! LOLOLOL) he mentioned that he flipped out when he saw the end of that movie, when Dorian put a knife through the self-portraits heart, hence, killing himself. I too remember the portrait, but even then, this little artist saw it as bloody neat-o!!

Well, as I was walking about that salon, there on the wall...THE PORTRAIT!!! AAHHHH!! I said to myself. However, since it had been several years since I saw that flick, I had to get closer to read the little info card next to the painting, however, there was a group of French tourists trying out their English by attempting to read the info card too. I patiently waited till they gave up and moved to the next piece of art work and I was right, it was THE PORTRAIT. The painting was by an American painter who was known for his macabre artistic sensibility...yea, my kind of artist!! His name was Ivan Le Lorraine and was hired to paint it at the request of Albert Lewin, the director of the movie, during it's making between 1943-44 and released in 1945 (yes, I Googled it). Well, slap me silly and call me Shirley...I just had to let SM know it was here at the Art Institute. I sent him a text with a photo of the painting and said, "Here's that portrait from that movie...hehehehehehe" He wrote back, "Are you trying to make fun of me?" Well, YEA, mwaha-hahahahaha!!! Anyway, if you can Netflix it, rent the's all done in black and white except for the end of the movie, there it is, it all it's bloody, splattered beauty!! And my children wonder why they're the way they are???

Since my return, I have been working diligently in getting my contract work out to the gallery in Phoenix. I felt so overwhelmed at the beginning of the week, but I can now take a sigh of relief and say it's all done. I shipped off two boxes on Thurs. for their opening next Thurs., even though I'm not one of the featured art-eests...I'm the contract one. I completed the rest yesterday and here is a sample of what I've made thus far.

There are more dolls, but I still haven't downloaded them from my camera. Thankfully, one of the guards at the Art Institute showed me how to turn off my flash in order for me to take pictures in the great in my very well lighted studio. The majority are my Can-Do dolls, made with ordinary cans, and paper clay heads. Going to buy more popcorn from my grandson's boy scout troop to get those cool larger cans...and the popcorn isn't that bad anymore either.

Well, my friends, time to move on. I'll write more next week and hopefully, well have retrieved those photos of my remaining work and more that I'm doing now. Peace out.