Thursday, October 28, 2010

Back Home

Well, Folks, I'm home! Ten days is an awful long time to be away from my little casa and I'm so glad to be back. My daughter is recovering fine and has been cleared to return to work Monday. I'm sure everyone is happy to get their lives back on a normal, or somewhat normal, level. She had a "strumo ovaris" tumor...pretty rare and the thing even has it's own thyroid...just waiting for her to have one with it's own brain and mouth, then it can argue back! Her GYN was so excited since it was a first for him...a strumo ovaris virgin no more!! LOL Anyway, thankfully it wasn't malignant as was previously feared.

As for me, well, I'm "zausted" as my youngest used to say after a long day. My little guys were so precious and so energetic...oey vey!! The Sam Man, the 14 month old, didn't quite cotton up to me...he always gave me this , "Oh it's you again" look when I went every morning to retrieve him from his crib. Don't get me wrong, he was just adorable, but didn't get that needful vibe like my other 3. My oldest, Sean and Ryan, wanted me to move in and live with them "forever," Oh, hell no!! Everytime I visit with them, I realized God knew what he was doing when he decided women shouldn't procreate into those middle years and gave us menopause! Don't get me wrong, the Big Guy could have made it a bit more easy for us since we have to experience menses, then hit us with peri-menopause plus the menses then hot flashes with menses, then hot flashes and weight gain...just lovely. But I won't complain much now, can leave or mute when those pesky commercials for flying Kotex or paper thin pads ( oh yea, like that's going to work), and those "insertions" that can stop up a friggin' damn!! Oh pleeeezzz!!

What would my posting be without a rant or two. On Tuesday, my dearest friend, Irene, picked me up and we spent the day together. Her husband is recovering from tongue cancer (beware you smokers) so we pretty much hung out at the house for the rest of the evening. During one of her home purges, she found old letters I had written her between '95-'98 during my separation and divorce. My God, I had forgotten what a dumb-sh-t I was!! We roared through the earlier dated ones, around the time I began suspecting he was up to no good. I believed everything that toad told me...someone should have hit me with a 2"x4"...right between the eyes!! LOL Of course, I got a kick out of the ones that I wrote during our almost year of divorce proceedings...I was developing into the woman I am now. I had forgotten so much of that part of my life and some said it was best to leave it forgotten, but quite frankly, I can't remember the last time I laughed that hard!! LOL As a friend said about the ex and all the other ex's, "!Todos, pinchi cabrones!" Difficult translation, but believe me, it's not nice, but then they aren't either!!! hahahahaha

This is going to be a short one. Just wanted to let you lovely buddies that I'm home, tired, worn out, and intend to just finish reading my book club book, "The Lacuna" can't recall the author at this moment, but it's a damn good read. Take care and God bless. Have a wonderful Halloween weekend. SM and I will be doing the usual on Halloween night, going to the State Line, just over the railroad tracks down the road, into NM...great ribs and meat! Peace out.


Gloria said...

Hi Georgina. Just logged on and seen your post and wanted to welcome you back. Glad your daughter is well and on her way back to work. Life can be great in this way. I too read letters from the past and wonder who was that person. Life is the same here on blogland. I hope your ribs are good and that you get your much needed rest. Have a great one. Take care

Linda in New Mexico said...

Thank goodness that Andy is okay....well not okay but will be better. What a scare for all of you. Glad you got home in one piece...or that the pieces you left there won't be missed. So happy for you that you got to spend time with your little guys and that maybe Andy and you can set aside all the befores and deal with the nows. You're a goodie for going to be such a help during a very hard time for all of them.
I'm happy for you that you got to laugh at the used to was and see what a strong lady you are because of the pinchi........all of that. Does lose something in the translations huh? Gee my Ex was from Tex as well.
I know you've got catching up to do and I've got the Halloween insanity to live through but maybe after....we can have one of our marathon chats. XXOO The Olde Bagg

peggy gatto said...

so glad your daughter will be fine!!!!!

yoborobo said...

What great news about your daughter! I am glad you're home, and now you can rest up and rant at us! YAY!!! We have missed you! Take care, and Happy Halloween! xoxox Pam

Diane MacNaughtan * Dianie Mac * said...

Welcome back home! And happy to hear that your daughter is on the mend. Had no idea a tumor could have it's own thyroid.. that's Kinda spooky..twilight zone stuff when you let your imagination run wild with it!
I have a very dreaded ex.. and once in awhile my sister-in-law will bring up something the dumbas.. used to do and we will roll on the floor laughing. I cant believe I used to be married to such an idiot.

Love reading your posts.


Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

Welcome home dear friend!!! We were all dumb when we were young and innocent! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

oldblackcatboo said...

Welcome back!
I'm so glad everything went well with your daughter! I have to take a little break from the Internet for about 10 days or so. ( I got a booth! WaaHoo! and I need to prepare!)
I'm so glad I saw your post, take care my friend!
XOXO - Cindi

yoborobo said...

Happy Halloween, Georgina! xox! Pam

Deborah said...

So glad that your daughter's tumor was benign, but how strange is that?!? Such a rare type to have. It's always nice to come home appreciate the usual routine. Thanks for the congrats on the grandbaby! Excited does not describe it! Gillian has a little boy who just turned 6, so I inherited a grandchild when they got married in July and he chose to call me Gamma, so Gamma it is!
**happy smiles** Deb

Pattee said...

I'm so glad you are home safe and you had a great visit!

I'm so glad your daughter is alright ...

I've missed you A LOT!!!!!