Friday, September 25, 2009

Getting Out of Dodge

I just found out my sweet man is taking me to the Celtic Woman concert at the beautiful old Plaza Theatre in Nov. I'm so excited and I know I'm going just enjoy it to bits. I love their sound and style...I think I was a Celt in another life. Love their history, jewelry and music. Kidding, I told Ian, my youngest, that we were taking him...he HATES them. Sometimes I tell him to put his headphones on while in the car because I'm playing his favorite CD...the guy can't put them on fast enough!!! LOL Anyway, I know my poor sweet man will not enjoy it as much as I, but I have a sneaking suspicion that A/C D/C is coming soon...he's just waiting for me to do the same....AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!! I call them the Screaming Man!!!

Oh well, on to the original subject, I'll be heading out to Austin again this weekend. Will be there till Thurs, Oct. 1. Going to spend some quality time with my youngest grandson, Sammy. Last time I went which was last month, I didn't really get to know him since my main objective for being there, was to care for the other 3 while Andria and Michael had the freedom to and spend time with the little guy while he was in the NICU. Now he's healthy and plumped out. She said he's happiest being held and on the tit...sounds like a typical man to me!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!! Anyway, I'll enjoy my time with him and my daughter. The other 3 will be in school, so I won't have too much time with them, hence, no long hours of Pink Panther cartoons and endless hours of Kung Fu Panda, again, and again, and again! I used to like Pink Panther cartoons too!!!!

On Wed. one of my dearest friends will pick me up that evening, her birthday, and will be spending the remainder of my time in our state capitol...going to spend the night there and then spend the day with her till 2 pm. when she takes me to the airport. So I'll have a really nice week, I hope!!! LOL My daughter and I can't be together for too of us will kill each other...she's younger, faster and meaner than I, so if you don't hear from me, you know what happened!!!

I also have my Halloween display up, well, partially, so when I return, I'll post some pics. Have a great weekend and week and I'll be back soon. Peace out

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Having Fun

Wow, 2 posts in one day...but just had to show you what I've been doing today. I've been working with this new clay, Plus Clay by Activa. I'm using it for one of my doll swaps and it's perfect for the effect I wanted to achieve....UGLY!!! Well, the instructions say that you can also throw with it, so since I do have a wheel, I decided to try it out. This clay is not at all easy to throw unless one is a master thrower, then they can throw with just about anything, but I'm not! Of course I'm way out of practice, it's been four years since I've thrown and the back just isn't that used to being slumped over, explains why my friend went from throwing to metals, now she makes beautiful silver jewelry...she was spending too much money on her orthopod.

Anywho, I tried my hand, hahaha, no pun intended, and threw my little heart out and what did I get, a leetle wonky pot...very wonky. It was hard centering it since I must have been throwing with about 1/4 lb. of clay. The least I've ever thrown is 3lbs., but that was then, this is now. The reason for such a small amount of clay is $7.99 (+4.25% tax)/2.2lbs. worth of reasons. It's friggin' expensive. So I think I'll just stick to my paper and polymer clay and once in while, play with real clay, which I've got about 100lbs. in my studio, and just practice my throwing. Maybe I can talk some really nice person who has a kiln in the area to fire my work once I'm happy with it. Peace out.

Sunday Ramblings

Here is the newest addition to my Etsy shop. It's the little witch's tea party. No invitations necessary, all are welcome, so come on over and have a spot of tea and a great chat with her.

We are in the "monsoon" season, what they call rain and hail in the desert...this ain't India, but we get as much rain in 10 mins. as they do all, just kidding. But the rain has been incredible. The UTEP/NMSU football game was temporarily rained out up in Las Cruces, NM...the Battle of I-10 as it is referred to here. I still don't know what the score was since our local newspaper went to print before the game resumed, so I probably should go check it out, but I won't be surprised if UTEP are complaining about our coach, Mike Price doing a crappy far we're 0-2. Well, sports fans, quite frankly, I don't give a d---n.

I remember all those jocks in class with me back when I was attending school in the not so distant pass, graduated in '05. Most of them were sweethearts, especially the one big football player that was in my tech team while taking a University course, so they call it (a waste of time and $$, but the prof was a cutie and the class was actually fun). But some of them...oey vey, I wanted to strangle them. Since I was the old fart in their class, they assumed I took good notes, they were right, I ALWAYS took good notes regardless of age. They also knew that I'd go home and transcribe them onto my computer. I wish I had a nickel for every time they asked me for a copy. Since I was the old fart in class, I acted like the old fart, only for those lazy ones. One basketball player even had the audacity to ask for a copy my entire semester notes from one of the humanities courses! Humanities...eesh, oh well, got to learn more about the Greeks and Romans, St. Augustine (I have a real hard on for that guy...never will get the time back that it took for me to read "Confessions" Oh wow, wa-wa-wa-...had to make up his mind in giving up his lewd and lacivious life in order to become a Christian...then this guy has the nerve to make up all the laws necessary to be a good Christian....give me a break...thank God I read "El Cid" reading a good western!! LOL) Also read books by Martin Luther, Karl Marx, Socrates, Virgel etc., etc. , and many more classic authors and other stuff that now clutters my leetle brain!! Our final exam was turning in our "journals" (a.ka. class notes) at the end of the semester. This lazy ass decided long before the class was over, he didn't have to take notes, according to the people who sat around him, because he knew I would swoon at his very presence and give me the thrill of my life by talking to me...WRONG-O!! I was polite and then told him my notes were not for sale, even though he never mentioned any exchange of money...he assumed I'd copy about 300 pages of notes and present it to him...what nerve! I don't care how much he would have offered, since I never gave him a chance, I wouldn't prostitute myself.

He got angry and began yelling that I had no problems giving my notes to those "faggots" that sat behind me. I told him "those faggots" were very hard working guys, therefore, worthy of my notes besides, I really liked them; we traded a lot of information concerning something maybe one of us had missed on the notes. He must have seen me the day I gave them copies of one classes notes because they decided to go to Vegas for the weekend, with my blessings...besides, I loved these guys...they were just too funny...made our classes together tolerable! The last time I saw that player, he was sitting in his desk, attempting to jot something down just turn in to the prof. I walked in and handed over my book-o-notes and I think I sashayed out of there!!! What was really sad, was that there were other players sitting down doing the same thing. I guess they figured once I "gladly"handed over a copy of my notes to their bud, they all had notes, but I can't really say. And if so, why didn't they figure our little 80 year old prof wouldn't pick up on it. Well, maybe not him but I suspect there was a lot of stuff going on with his receptors, but his class assistant, a big burly retired Master Sargent from the Army, who kept on eye on everyone as our sweet and adorable little prof spoke with such verve about his Greeks and Romans! I couldn't help but smile sometimes during his lectures because he was so enthusiastic about them, until I once asked him about about Pericles using the funds from the Deleon League, which was used to keep those pesky Persians from destroying Athens again, to rebuild the Parthenon...oey, he didn't like one spoke smack about his Pericles. Luckily, I asked him after class without having to embarrass him...I wasn't aiming for that, just wanted his opinion, that's why I asked after class. Anyway, it didn't compromise my grade, got an A.

How the hell did I get on that kick anyway, didn't it start with a football score?? Oh well, I guess I'm having one of those days, my poor sweet man. He's looking forward to seeing his Cowboys tonight, so I'll not pester too much about my good ol' days!!

Going to spend time in the studio. Am making my doll for the Monster Under the Bed swap and I think I've bitten off more than I can chew....the damn thing is scaring me again...she's retuned to me in my adult dreams. Won't say who till she's done and off to Zan's runway. Have a great Sunday...enjoy the wonderful weather for all of you; those above and below the equator!! Peace out.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Help and Etsy Stuff!!!

I need someone who knows a lot more about layouts than I do and that's probably everybody. I tried to post my Etsy pics on the sidebar. You know, that cute little window displaying your wares from Etsy, but I don't know where to put it. What kind of gadget is it???? I think I tried all of them but to no avail, so I'll need a little bit of help in setting that up. Please explain it in simple English...pretend your giving instructions to a 6 year old!! LOL

Oh well, but if you're interested in seeing my Etsy listings and perhaps see something you just gotta have, here's the link to my shop: I've finally added my newest stuff...damn it takes forever and I put it off, no wonder I'm a horrible bidness woman!!! Thanks for your help and have a good one. Peace out.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Those were the words I was uttering as the jalapeno popper from hell began it's slow tortuous descent down to my intestines. Sunday night, DH and I had a farewell party for our daughter, son-in-law and baby Aiden. I hadn't eaten that much since I was still getting over my lack of sleep from Sat. morning, oh, Sunday morning...went to bed at 2:30 a.m. Sunday up at 10...oey vey....what a weekend I had!!

My honey thought he'd make some poppers, at about 10:30 Sunday night, made with fresh jalapenos from Hatch, NM. They were delish, till 4:30 a.m. Monday morning. I had 1 1/2 and they were gooood, but I was just too tired to even finish the 2nd one, so I put it down and my son decided he'd finish it up. Thankfully, no one else was affected by these devilish little morsels, but my sweet man and I were down for the count. He never calls in sick, but yesterday was an exception...poor guy, he was worse off than me, since he ate many more.

Ok, there's a little silver lining to this story, my honey took another day off just because he realized he's just "beat up" from having the kids here for a little over 2 weeks and and trying to keep up with those yung'uns, so he decided just needed a mental health day now, however, he is going into the office for a couple of hours now but will return to spend the rest of the day with me. I'm planning on going into my studio and do some more Halloweenie work and take pics of my newest little something. Have a great day and peace out.

Saturday, September 5, 2009


Here they are, my little Day of the Dead pins. They're made of polymer clay, painted with dimensional paint and I attached a little bead and milagro to each one.

I played along with Flora Thompson who played with Marie Patterson and so on and so forth. This is how you play it. As you can see there are 5 little guys to give away, so if you have a favorite, just let me know and it's yours. However, and this is the big order for me to send you one of my sweeties, you in turn, must have a giveaway. Make 5 small, very simple little cuties of some sort, and post it on your blog for your giveaway. This is a great way to show off your work and make someone else very happy....I like the happy part. I received my little Halloween ornie from Flora and I'm now a very proud owner of something wonderful from . Thanks Flora!! So leave me a comment if you want to play and the pin is yours. I'll email you later so you can send me your address for delivery.

So come on and play with me and spread some good cheer, art and have fun doing it. Happy playing! Peace out.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Bleh :<

I'm coming down with something and I hate it! When I was in my senior year of h.s., we had to write a paper on 2 pet peeves for our English class. My topics were on french poodles and being sick...still not a big fan of those little canines, but I've mellowed since I was 17, however, I still HATE, LOATHE, SCATHINGLY HATE being sick! My son came for a visit last week, bringing with him this little buggie that consumed him within 2 days of being here. Well, it's been exactly 1 week since he became symptomatic and now my sweet man and I are feeling it. So if you don't see anything for awhile, that's because I'll be knocking on death's door and doing a "nanner-nanner boo-boo" just to tease him because I 'ain't"going yet....even though I might feel like it!!!

Also, my bloggie buddies, I will be having a giveaway as soon as I finish my little things, so stay tuned. Hopefully, I can complete them today if my little grandson, Aiden, allows me, which I doubt, but it could happen!!! Yep sick and babysitting...machita!!! LOL Anyway, will give you more details on the giveaway as soon as I post my stuff. Peace out.