Saturday, May 29, 2010


Hi All, didn't want you to think I was dead or dying, just chillin' these days. Am going through some "stuff" right now and the usual "me" is sometimes out to lunch!! I'm going off a drug that's affecting me in many ways, stomach problems, severe headaches and over all malaise. The good news is that my appetite is almost gone!! Yeah!! Hey, got to find a silver lining somewhere in this little dark cloud...just like Winnie the Pooh!! LOL

Well, which random subject should I talk about right now. Oh yea, I was watching the new lineup for some of the cable stations and it's amazing how these reality shows are really getting quite silly. You have shows about guys putting their lives on the line for Alaskan crabs, truck drivers who enjoy their dangerous travels on ice, people who hoard (just come look at my studio), policewomen, people who keep having bunches of babies, crazy people and their swaps, dirty homes (not hoarders, just slobs), teenagers having to deal with their impending parenthood and then all the other stuff on MTV and VH-1...oey vey. My question to you, dear bloggers, is if some broadcasting company came up to you and offered you a bazillion $$, what would your reality show be about?

Well, for the life of me, I can't think of anymore random things or just don't remember any more observations...probably can't remember...major brain farts!! Oh yes, I'm in a book club now. I'm clubbing with three women who attended Catholic high school with, two sisters of one of them, a good friend of another and a librarian from the school one of them work at. We're reading "The Shack." If any of you have read the book, let me know what you thought of about it...I'm not liking it. The next book selection will be mine...maybe I'll come up with something from the ancient Greek authors...oh, they'd love me for that one!! hahahhaha!! Hey, I had to read that stuff when I was in college, along with Shakespeare, Chaucer and other oddly worded English writers. However, I'm leaning towards Tony her stories.

Ok, now this is official, I've run out of stuff to talk about. However, before I go, I want to thank a particular wonderful friend in IN and many of you know her, it's our dear and crazy sista-friend, Anne. I told her about how I was feeling and she gave me some wonderful advise, stay busy in the studio, even if it means making ugly art. I started making something yesterday and I think I hit on something and not so ugly! When I've finished that ugly project, I will display it here and you can give me your crits then. Thank you, Anne, you know I love ya, you crazy, insane, wonderful person, you!! Oh, I also baked banana bread and made an apple cobbler yesterday morning just to keep my mind off other crap in my life. I had taken the mushy bananas and the two large green apples out of my fruit basket and left them on the counter, however, my sweet man thought I had forgotten to throw them away. Thank goodness it was a new trash bag and had nothing else in there but the bananas and apples!!!! LOL

Well, have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend, don't over due those hot dogs and hamburgers for those that are into REAL American food or for you that are not, enjoy those fajitas, ribs, shish kabob, etc. I'll take all of it!!! Also, if there's going to be lots of imbibing, please have someone be the car key caretaker!! Happy Three Day Weekend!! Peace out.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Tristan's Giveaway

Hey all, need to tell you about a great giveaway that my buddy, Tristan, at, is having over at his blog. He always has such great giveaways plus his art is just too wonderful. So hop over and take a look at what he's offering and let him know how much you want to enter. Also, don't forget to let him know I sent you. Peace out.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Well, I thought I'd give Linda way out there in Albuquerque, some more information about me, as if she didn't know enough already. That woman can have me arrested if she chose to!!! So here goes, my friend.

1. Have you ever?
I have as a matter of fact!!! Many times!!!

2. Can you whistle and if so, what is your fav whistle tune?
I'm not a good whistler, but if I could I would whistle "Indagodavida (baby)!"

3. If you could go anywhere and stay for a month, where would you go?
Well, I would love to go to Italy or Barcelona, my maternal grandmother's roots, but to keep it realistic, I'd go to Linda's in Albuquerque and give her s--t!!!

4. Are your ears pierced?
Yes, had the first entries at 15 in my mother's kitchen. A friend of my sister's, now a nurse, was piercing ears as a summer job. She used alcohol to clean the lobes and then gently inserted a boiled sewing needle into my lobes...remember the crunch sound. Later, I had two more right above the original 2, then another up on the ear. I no longer use the other 3 holes and have my only ones from 15.

5. Can you do a cartwheel?
Oh Lord no, not now, ever, but I made several attempts when I was younger. I was never a cheer leader because I couldn't cartwheel...tear!!!

6. Were you popular in high school?
At the Catholic girls school I was and also with the Catholic boys schools too, but I was taken away from my popularity and thrown into public school where I was just new meat for a short time, then tossed into the nerd bin!!!

7. What is the last book you read, and did you like it?
Yep, it was a series of short stories by Stephen King, "After Sun Down" or something like that.

8. What is the most embarrassing thing you have ever done, on purpose?
Too many to mention. Ok, I really can't remember any right now, but I know there have been several moments in my life where I through out all rational and dignity to prove something or get a laugh!!

9. Where does the white go when snow melts?
Wha????? It turns to mud!! hahahaha!!!

10. Are you brave enough to answer these 10 questions, and why not?
Hey, I did my best except for #8 and that was due to lack of little gray cells that have now been disposed of due to many aging factors. But if I remember, I'll let you know!

So here it is and if any of you wish to participate, go right ahead. Personally, I have the time today since Miss Daisy has an Alter Society Luncheon so I'm off the hook for today.

I had to take her to Walmart yesterday afternoon at about 3ish. NEVER, NEVER, my dear friends, put yourself in that situation, especially if you have to wait in line for prescriptions. You have to listen to all the griping about the long line, many people who just decide to get in line in front of you and you have to tell them the line begins in the back and they tell you they don't speak English, but I have the last laugh because I speak their language and tell them I will personally escort them to the back of line if they can't see it, children running all over the place since school is out for the day, no bananas, pimento cheese, skim milk,or my brand of yogurt because the hordes hit earlier in the day and they haven't had time to restock, children with their babydaddy's pondering on what brand of formula to buy for their new born (like just that morning), and worse of all, trying to explain to my almost deaf mother that the short line is for 20 items or less and that she and her basket need to get back into the line with me...this said over crying babies, screaming frustrated parents and complaining customers because they like to argue with the poor cashier that Albertsons or Big 8 or Sun Harvest are selling these item cheaper than they and have the paper inserts to prove it. AAAAHHHHHHH!!! So today it will be quiet or as quiet as it can get since our cleaning lady is here and my Mr. Peanut hates her and if he could he would tear out her throat! OH well, that's my life. Peace out.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day

Here's hoping you all had a wonderful Mother's Day, either honouring your own mother or your family honouring you. We're fortunate enough to still have my mother with us and going strong...she doesn't look bad for a 87 year old broad.

We drove up to Las Cruces, NM where my brother lives and he had prime rib and beer can chicken waiting for us. I took "calabasita" and oatmeal bars...delicious!! We all fed like this would be our last meal...especially the prime rib...don't get to dine on that much these day, or any days as far as I can remember. I recall once taking my brothers to a near by buffet for lunch. I was pregnant with my first child, now 33 years old, and I just wanted to take my bros out for a treat. I usually got a salad, fish, a vegetable and jalapeno corn bread. My brother Fred, the guy in NM, got more or less the same thing, but our little brother Jaime, well, let's just say he took full advantage of my kind invitation...big time!! He got 2 salads, a huge hunk of prime rib, 2 vegetables, 2 corn muffins and 2 desserts. My brother Fred exclaimed why did Jaime get to get so much and he didn't...I told him Jaime was going to pay for his own meal!! The look on Jaime's face was really a Kodak moment!! And I nary a word that I was pulling his leg till it was time to pay. He kept telling me that he was going to have to call the folks to come down and help him pay for his meal. I know, that was a pretty crappy prank to pull on him, but dear friends, he never took advantage of my good intentions ever again!!

I forgot my phone while up in Cruces, but I got calls from my step-children and my oldest son texted me. Nice to know people are thinking of me and care enough to communicate. My poor stepdaughter got nothing from her son since her husband's excuse was that her birthday is next month!! Well, "burn your britches, your going down!!" So I'm going to send her a little something this week to let her know she was being thought about. She said his birthday is 2 weeks before Christmas...mwahahahahahaha, no need to go into her threat!!!

My son came through, with the help of his step-dad. I got a pair of sports shoes which I needed...while walking on my old ones, I could feel it all over...was time for a new pair. I also got a $50 gift certificate from Barnes and it. Since I'm now in a book club, I can really use it. We need a name for our book club and I think I've got one, The Wino and Maybe Book Club. I went to high school with 3 of them and the other members are the younger sisters of one of them...hilarious women and friends of the other 2. We're reading "The Shack" and I've gotten as far as the forward...yes, I read the forwards and prefaces when starting a book....a nasty habit!! LOL It's a relatively short novel, so if I give it a day, I can read it all and take notes!! Took my highlighter pen out of retirement since college, 5 years ago, and it still works!! I love to highlight and write little notes on the side of pages then mark the important ones with small post its. Hey, I minored in English and American Lit...was necessary to be organized.

Well dear people, I leave you with my probably weekly blog...I'm terrible about blogging...have to wait till I have something to say! Posting a couple of pics from yesterday's celebration. I hate taking pictures of myself...yuck and I didn't have any makeup yesterday to hide the rosacea...a lovely genetic gift from my pops!! Peace out.

Mom and 3 or her 4 babies!! Yikes!!

Mom, DH, Ian and me.