Saturday, May 29, 2010


Hi All, didn't want you to think I was dead or dying, just chillin' these days. Am going through some "stuff" right now and the usual "me" is sometimes out to lunch!! I'm going off a drug that's affecting me in many ways, stomach problems, severe headaches and over all malaise. The good news is that my appetite is almost gone!! Yeah!! Hey, got to find a silver lining somewhere in this little dark cloud...just like Winnie the Pooh!! LOL

Well, which random subject should I talk about right now. Oh yea, I was watching the new lineup for some of the cable stations and it's amazing how these reality shows are really getting quite silly. You have shows about guys putting their lives on the line for Alaskan crabs, truck drivers who enjoy their dangerous travels on ice, people who hoard (just come look at my studio), policewomen, people who keep having bunches of babies, crazy people and their swaps, dirty homes (not hoarders, just slobs), teenagers having to deal with their impending parenthood and then all the other stuff on MTV and VH-1...oey vey. My question to you, dear bloggers, is if some broadcasting company came up to you and offered you a bazillion $$, what would your reality show be about?

Well, for the life of me, I can't think of anymore random things or just don't remember any more observations...probably can't remember...major brain farts!! Oh yes, I'm in a book club now. I'm clubbing with three women who attended Catholic high school with, two sisters of one of them, a good friend of another and a librarian from the school one of them work at. We're reading "The Shack." If any of you have read the book, let me know what you thought of about it...I'm not liking it. The next book selection will be mine...maybe I'll come up with something from the ancient Greek authors...oh, they'd love me for that one!! hahahhaha!! Hey, I had to read that stuff when I was in college, along with Shakespeare, Chaucer and other oddly worded English writers. However, I'm leaning towards Tony her stories.

Ok, now this is official, I've run out of stuff to talk about. However, before I go, I want to thank a particular wonderful friend in IN and many of you know her, it's our dear and crazy sista-friend, Anne. I told her about how I was feeling and she gave me some wonderful advise, stay busy in the studio, even if it means making ugly art. I started making something yesterday and I think I hit on something and not so ugly! When I've finished that ugly project, I will display it here and you can give me your crits then. Thank you, Anne, you know I love ya, you crazy, insane, wonderful person, you!! Oh, I also baked banana bread and made an apple cobbler yesterday morning just to keep my mind off other crap in my life. I had taken the mushy bananas and the two large green apples out of my fruit basket and left them on the counter, however, my sweet man thought I had forgotten to throw them away. Thank goodness it was a new trash bag and had nothing else in there but the bananas and apples!!!! LOL

Well, have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend, don't over due those hot dogs and hamburgers for those that are into REAL American food or for you that are not, enjoy those fajitas, ribs, shish kabob, etc. I'll take all of it!!! Also, if there's going to be lots of imbibing, please have someone be the car key caretaker!! Happy Three Day Weekend!! Peace out.


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I am a muse, by any standards!!! Even if I am the Muse of Crappy Art! HAHAHA!!!
I would suggest, if you really want to get back at the book club members, pick Aristophenes, "The Frogs".
They will hate you till Hell freezes over and the Toronto Maple Leafs have won the Stanley Cup and are hoisting it high!!! AH-HAHAHA! (okay...that's a hockey joke, your Canadian readers will understand....)
After reading this, I think I have four fermenting nanners in there and eventhough I am trying HARD to cut the caloric intake, banana bread ALWAYS sounds good. Cut thick, toasted and smothered in butter......Ooooohhhhhh....
Well, maybe I better let them ferment into the garbage.
Just for laughs; vert word is *pasiom*.
"I have a pasiom fer nanner bread," she said with her mouth full, crumbs being blown everywhere.....
Take care my crazy friend!!!♥♥♥


Gloria said...

Hi Georgina. It's terrible when you have to take meds for one thing and then it affects another. I hate taking meds. I'm not taking meds right now, just my daily vitamin,vitamin c, b12, calcium and I take two soft gel capsules of cinnamon. It lowers sugar levels. In any event, take care of yourself and I hope those other mind boggling things you are dealing with, come to pass. Have a great Memorial Day. Take care.

yoborobo said...

Hey! It's my long lost friend, returned, full of vim and banana bread! You sound perky, which is a good thing. You are making art - which I cannot wait to see! Anne is a sweet friend, and so much fun. Thank God for those people in our lives, right? :) Happy weekend!!! xox! Pam

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

Well, it's so good to see you pop up on my blog roll today!

I would be in a reality show in a heart beat. Imagine. Making a buttload of bucks to a do a tv show - and not having the requirement of even an ounce of talent. Now THAT'S a job I could deal with!

I had to read Latin in high school, too. Ugh. I still remember wading through that oil spill much called Julius Caesar.

Hope you're feeling in the pink soon - and I look forward to seeing your ugly-turned-not-ugly art!

(I can't believe my verification word is "drool." Do you think that's an observation or a demand?)

oldblackcatboo said...

As you take Anne's advice, I will take yours and spend some time working on art tomorrow. (worked on yard and house today)
My mind has gone blank in regards to a book for your bookclub...lately I've just been reading how-to's and listening to books in the car like "The New Earth" and "The Secret" and "Are you there, Vodka? It's me, Chelsea" LOL! What can I say? My mind constantly changes. And if someone offered me a ZILLION bucks to do a reality show, ok, I'd do it - it would be about struggling to make ends met at a day job and coming home trying to create, reading blogs and writing on mine while taking care of a bunch of rescued furry children and weeding, watering and deadheading the garden.

Gloria said...

Georgina, I remember reading something you either left a comment on my blog or posted about regarding studio clutter. Serena and I are going to start de=cluttering and if you want to join us, please do. Go read my post and then hop on down to Serena's and you'll see what I mean about cleaning the art area or studio area. Have a great week.

The Itsy Bitsy Spill said...

Holaaaaaaaaaaa Georgina again I aLways love reading your posts.

How are you sweet charming lady?



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