Saturday, March 7, 2015

Hello....Anybody Out There?

My gawd, it's been forever since I've been on Blogger.  I had to check to see when my last post was and it looks like I'm way over due for the "once-a-year" post!

First of all, I hope the New Year has been kind to you.  I did mention that I had spinal surgery last summer and that went well, however, I began having problems with my left side beginning in late Dec.  I woke up one morning and my left upper thigh hurt and it's just gotten worse.  However, it hasn't stopped me from having fun, doing work in the studio and living my life as well as I can.  Compared to last year around this time, I'm good!  I've decided to take a holistic approach to this new back problem and see an acupuncturist who came highly recommended.  I haven't made the appointment yet, but I'll do that next week.  The last thing I want to do is have to go through that nightmare again and go the conventional route, but who knows, I just might have to, but for now, it's going to be the "witchy" way!!  LOL

Unfortunately, I haven't traveled at all in the last 2 1/2 years.  My travels, though, usually take me to Austin, Texas where my daughter and grandchildren live and one of my best friends.  I'm hoping to get out there maybe in the Fall, just in time for the Cedars to bloom...ugh!!  I've been busy as can be lately, making all sorts of fun things.  Again, I'm preparing for the Borderland Fridas "Dia De Los Muertos" show in Nov.  Last year's inaugural show was a great success...we had a blast. I was joined by my two oldest and dearest friends, who've I've known since we were 14 years old and my sister came to buy, but stayed for most of the show...she had a blast too, apparently!!  LOL  There was lots of traffic coming to our venue and thank goodness, it was indoors.  The weather out here in far West Texas is always a bit unpredictable.  We usually have great, sun-filled days, but when the cooler fronts come rolling in, it usually means wind, lots and lots of strong winds.  That weekend was one of those and it did cool down quite a bit, but we were safe and sound in our ballroom venue.

Speaking of the Borderland Fridas, we are attempting to have a traveling Dia De Los Muertos exhibition and hopefully, get picked up by the Smithsonian's new Hispanic Cultural museum.  There are no traveling shows like this, so just maybe.  Being of "Mejicana" descent, we add a new twist to the old Mexican traditions, but maintaining our old ways too.   It's a meld of both Mexican and our American influences on this art form.  If we don't get it, though, we'll still be displaying around the country but first at the Branigan in Las Cruces, New Mexico.  They are a wonderful group of people who run this museum and so very much wanting to work with local artists.  A couple of weeks ago, the Borderland Fridas had a retablo workshop there and it was so much fun.  Unfortunately, I was unable to partake...I was one of the Frida helpers, so I walked around, helping, answering questions and refilling water and paint pallets.  Was great fun and it was a wonderful group of people...even dudes came to partake in the fun!!

There are some changes going on around the Autrey/Diaz house too.  My hubby is going into his own arborist business and it's a little frightening that he's beginning a new business, but he's so happy more corporate crap!  However, he's applied for "day jobs," and one we're hoping he gets is the head aborist at the University of Texas at El Paso.  They are doing all sorts of great things on the campus, making it exclusively a "walking campus," and adding much more vegetation as a result.  If hired, he'll be in charge of all those trees and shrubs and what-not, plus, he'll go in early in the morning and be out earlier in the day, allowing him to take care of his private business, Pray that this works out for us...we're very excited about it.

I thought I'd post a few of my latest things that I've been busy making.  I will be turning in my nicho for the traveling exhibition and a figurine.  The nicho is not complete yet, so I won't post that, but here are some of my other little pieces of arte.

Made a few of these Calaca candles for the show and they all sold out...note to self:  make more!!

This was made for my sweet man's first great-granddaughter, Hannah Grace, born just a couple of weeks ago.

I really have more to show, but I need to get myself ready and get into the studio to finish that nicho.  I promise to return soon and let you know what other great news I might have, plus, show more stuff, especially what I'll be exhibiting for the traveling show.  Have a great week all, if you're on Facebook, come on by, friend me, Georgina Diaz, and we can stay in touch that way, as I do many of my old Blogger buddies.  Peace out.