Thursday, July 29, 2010

Jewelry Boxes & Happy Surprises

I've finally completed the jewelry boxes for the local shop, Royally Sweet. The young woman who is running this business is renting what used to be my Pop's office. Last summer the family decided to remodel the old place and breath some new life into it. We had several people who were very interested in renting, but as soon as my bro, Fred, informed them that we would run a credit check on them, they sort of disappeared. Hey, if my bro were to run one on me, I'd run too!!! LOL Well, Desiree runs a absolutely lovely little shop. She sells all kinds of interesting and eclectic jewelry, hats, baby products and other great stuff. My brother's girlfriend, Karen, is a heck of a quilter and is selling little quilted bags there right now and apparently doing quite good, so now I'm entering the retail bidness.

I also will be selling my dolls, so hopefully I can get my work out here in the local market. It used to be that local artists and artisans had a hard time selling their work here because many of those that could afford art, would rather buy something similar in larger markets such as Santa Fe, Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, etc. on the biggo cities. Due to the changes in the economy, many of these people are buying in their backyard now...good for us, but as usual, all is highly competitive. So below are my little jewelry boxes:

Tomorrow I'm off to Royally Sweet with jewelry boxes and dolls in tow, along with Ian, and will hopefully dazzle the proprietor!! As I mentioned in a past post, this is really working outside the box (hahahahaha) and it's been a while since I've really painted in this form. Years ago, in my past life, I took a folk tole painting course in Germany when I lived there, '76-'79...good times and wonderful memories and I still have contact with my friends in Germany and England. Anyway, when I returned I had to really look for supplies that were so readily available in the German market. I couldn't find liquid acrylic paint back in 1980, there was no such product, so I went back to tubes...different texture though. Slowly, the American craft business began to catch up and low and behold, we have all sorts of choices! When I returned to school my prof told me I was a folk artist...he could see it in my ceramic work and how I painted and decorated on my clay canvas. And for this I busted my hump for a B.A.???!!! Yeppers, I did and proud of it too!! LOL

Going to cut this short, but I just wanted to recommend a really cute movie. It's one of those that went straight to DVD, I'm sure, but it's a sweet movie and quite funny at times.

It has well known actors, such as, Patty Duke, son, Sean Astin, John Corbett
(hhhh-000-tttt---yyy), Marcus Thomas and Allan Corduner. It's about this young man, Marcus Thomas, who after breaking up with his girlfriend and is employed in a tiresome position in an ad agency, decides to try out for a part in a local theatre production of Cyrano de Bergerac to make new friends. Well, he does and gets lots more. Not the most thought provoking pieces of cinema, but a good flick for one of those rainy or too-hot-to-do-sh-t afternoons. I found it playing with my remote control while I had a bit of lunch and break from the studio. That's what I call a happy surprise!! Peace out.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Post Cards

I have a post card stalker!! Actually, I don't know if someone is trying to mess with this ol' post menopausal brain of mine or someone is actually being very sweet and sending me post cards from their travels to various parts of the country....well, 2 from a couple of Civil War battle fields and one from Taos, NM.

The first was sent from Maryland on June 20, the card is one from Antietam National Battlefield, in Sharpsburg, MD. Ok I remember the significance of that battle if history serves me right. Now as for the Civil War, my kinfolk weren't involved with that one...hell, they weren't even gun runners..they were in a different country having their own problems!! LOL The second post card post dated the same day and from the same place in MD, concerns the Chancellorsville campaign, again another one of those hysterical..err..historical events. Soo, fast forward to yesterday, received another one, but this one is from Taos, NM, but post marked in we're closer to my backyard! Now she signs it! Yes, it's a that from the handwriting...even got a second vote from my stepson on the penmanship being of the female persuasion.

The person who signed it is "Barbara." Well, now we're getting somewhere..."Think, Georgina, how many Barbaras do you know??" ---------------------- ------------------- -------------
by the way, that's the way my brainwaves look on paper or computer screens!!! So I come up with 3 Barbaras, 2 live here in El Paso, and the other is my honey's sis who lives in Silver City, NM. I assume this Barbara doesn't live in TX or anywhere near the vicinity of it since she mentioned she thought of me as she flew over TX!!! Well, this is a big whopping state, the largest of the lower 48! But still, what a nice sentiment...but I represent the whole state...hahahaha, poor TX!! hahahahaha!! If I were Queen of TX, I'd ....oh well, won't go there.

So this lovely person sends me post cards from Civil War battle grounds and from Taos, NM. I haven't been to Taos since 1971 when my parents decided they wanted to go to the Santa Fe Fiesta in the Fall...they burn this huge effigy, Zozola or Zorzolo, name escapes me now, but then that's common these days. Anyway, we went up to Taos on this narrow 2 that was an experience!!! At the time, Taos was a haven for hippies, now retiring CEO's of major corporations (sell outs) and they had a huge commune up there. The place was full of them and their wares. I bought this neat-o macrame belt, which I still might have somewhere, that looked great on me and my jeans. We're talking friggin' 39 years ago when I was 19, gorgeous and hot, of course, back then I had no idea I was that..."ain't hindsight a b--ch??!" I recall my Pop having a heyday with all those "!Grinudos! (put the ~ over the n making the ng sound, meaning long, strangly, unkempt hair and pretend the first exclamation point is upside down...hey, I didn't write the language, I just read and write what I was taught) and "!apestosos, perezosos...! etc. Translates to , "stinky, lazy, ...! My father was just like any post WWII dad..."didn't like them long-haired, stinky, lazy, hippie dudes!" My father was intolerant of all of them. When my sister married, the first time around, her fiance had this best buddy, now one of those CEO's, who lived in his parent's garage turned- apartment (more like an orgie den, but that's another story for later) and was a struggling, cough, cough, musician...son of a wealthy physician daddy. He had these long beautiful locks and was going to be best man at my parent's big party!! hahahahaha!!! My father made such a stink about it and it was funny, even back then!! Anyway, Hair God made his debut at this El Paso wedding and was a hit with the young set and a subject of great debate to the older set...gave the society page editor something to write about!!!

Wow, did I digress or what, maybe a bit from column A and a bit from column B!! So if you know a Barbara who might be in our blog world and not from TX, and has traveled lately around the country, maybe you've been getting post cards from her too or know who she is. If it someone I know, please forgive me for not knowing who you are and if you're someone just messing around with my head, you've succeeded!! LOL

Time to play in my studio. Making those jewelry boxes for a little local shop and want to take them in next week for her display. Again, I'm doing stuff outside my usual box, no pun intended, and having fun doing it!! Will post pics next week or whenever I complete them. Have a great weekend and peace out.

I've noticed that some of my comments are not being published even though they have been approved...pinchi Blogger!! So for those of you who are my blogger buddies and you don't see your comments there, it's because the Blogger Comment Monster ate it up!! However, know I read them, hit the "publish" box and then "poof!"

Friday, July 23, 2010

EGAG Giveaway

Just a reminder about the giveaway at EGAG, . Take a look at the fantabulous prizes in store for some lucky winner. Ok, what are you waiting for...go!! Peace out.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Stuffies, CD's and Music

I know this has been out a while, but as usual, I'm late, I'm late, I'm late for a very important date!! LOL I want to congratulate two of my bloggie buddies Pam of and Lorri-Marie Jenkins of for show casing their stuffies in the above for-mentioned publication. Oh my, I sound so legal!! I happen to be a proud owner of their wonderful little creations and are displayed in my muses corner in my living room. They brighten up my little corner of life and are there to help me when I've reached a dead end in creativity. Ladies, I applaud you!!

Speaking of creativity, I had a near crises yesterday in my studio. I think I've mentioned my CD player in the studio was kaputz and I ended up having to listen to my cassettes and local radio stations. Well, no big deal since I was listening to music, both new and old...I was reintroduced to some of my old favorites in my cassette collection and updated on new music on the radio. My honey has this magic fix-it guy who can fix anything except plasma televisions and since we don't have one, it's moot! Anyway, he took the stereo to Daryell yesterday and I thought I had my music covered since I had 2 portable CD players. I would have to put one in my pocket since I move around a lot in my studio space, but I was willing to deal with the inconvenience just to listen to my tunes. I loaded one of them up with 2 AA batteries, inserted my CD and hit play....nothing, tried again, nothing, even blew into the little works to perhaps blow away the problem, but alas, nothing. So I had one dead soldier, so on to another. Well, without going into detail, I did the same thing with the other one and the same thing happened, nothing. I was beginning to feel desperate. Our other stereo is in the family room, far from my studio and my computer is here in my office, on opposite side of the house. The sweat began to run down my face, I was fritzing out!! I looked everywhere for something to plug into the wall, something that took batteries, anything. The last thing I wanted to hear was the sound of my own voice or worse yet, silence!!!

I was then reminded of a particular episode in one of my favorite television programs that came on late at night..."Soap." How many of you remember that show and actually watched it as an adult?? LOL
It ran from 1977 to 1981. It was terribly funny and I would love to buy the series of DVD's now being offered. Well, back to my nervous breakdown...there was this one episode where Billy Chrystal decided to mess with his brother who only communicated through a wise cracking puppet named Bob, or maybe the brother was named Bob, anyway, it happened this way. Billy Crystal hides the puppet and the brother comes downstairs for breakfast and finds Bob not at his usual place at the kitchen table, he freaks out and can't convey his desperation and frustration without the puppet. His brother tells him he's doing this for his own good and has admitted to hiding Bob. The voiceless brother begins grabbing at all kinds of fruits and vegetables and turning them into puppets, screaming and begging for Bob to appear. He grabs a banana, slits a mouth and gives him 2 eyes...the banana starts yelling at Billy Chrystal, then he gets an orange, does the same thing, the orange is yelling out his desperation for his puppet, and so on and so forth. I thought I was going to die of laughter watching that episode. Well, I was like that poor brother, trying desperately finding a source to play my music.

Then out of the heavens, a light shone on my old kitchen CD/radio player, bolted under one of the cabinets. I recall it gave up the ghost several years ago and I just never got around to unscrewing it from it's wooden grave. So I plugged it in, at this point, I didn't see I'd loose anything other than my mind. It lit up, time flashing in red, reminding me of an old, broken neon bar light. I inserted my CD, Il Divo, and hit play CD! AAAAAHHHHHHH it worked and a cacophony of beautiful voices, tenors and baritones, whatever, came out of that old CD player! It worked and no one was more pleasantly surprised than I!! So I enjoyed the remainder of my studio time, sculpting a little skelly relief for my wooden purse and singing along to the music.

Even as I sit here, I'm listening to Pandora...the voice of a very young Joni Mitchell lulls my mind and comforts my soul. I need music in my life. I can't live without it, it's my manna from heaven, my life source, medicine for my body, mind and soul. So my dear friends, when you find yourself feeling a bit down, put on some music. Put it on if your feeling great too...nothing like it in the whole world and if you can, dance. Peace out.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

And the Weeners Are...

Was getting ready to go out and say good bye to my little bro and fam...they're heading back home to Mission Viego, CA tomorrow so I wanted to visit a bit with them till I remembered...THE DRAWING!!! Oiy Vey, so I went to my blogs, got everyone's name on paper, cut into little pieces and inserted my little bundles into my new gimme hat (that's what we used to call them back in the day).

Love my new "Lupita" hat!! Anyway, here are the 2 weeners...drum roll....

That's my honey's hand and Sr. Cacahuate (Mr. Peanut) watching his daddy...the new owner of my little dancing skelly ballerina is....MARY HELEN of !!!! Mary Helen, I think there was some uber Divine intvention here, I knew you were lusting over that little painting, ok, maybe not lusting, but you mentioned twice how much you'd love to win her and display her in your new studio, so she's yours...will need your address to send her to her new home.

Drum roll again....
And the weener is.....the lovely LINDA of !!! Damn woman, how did you get so lucky???? I just laughed when my Vern picked out your name...he thought I was crazy, oh wait, I am!!! Anyway, I'll need your address again. I know I have it somewhere, but I'm too lazy to look for it. Or you can just wait till we go up your way in a few weeks...nah, you want her now so you can show me what special place you have her..right???

And for the rest of you, thank you so much for playing along. I had such a great time with this that I've decided I'm going to have more of these, so stay tuned. Congrats to the weeners and again, thank you all for playing along. Now I can go for that short visit and say bu-by to my little bro...later, we're going up to Deming, NM to visit one of our favourite wineries then dinner at the Adobe Deli...great steaks!! Peace out.

Friday, July 9, 2010

'Nother Reminder

The drawing for my giveaway goodies is tomorrow, so if you haven't signed up yet, please do so. My 8 year old grandson asked me why I was giving away these things and not give them to his mother...hmm, had to think of a good one for that. I told him I like spreading my little skellies around the world to make people smile and feel was that for a response?? Besides, his mother has lots of my work around her house...she has a lot of early "Georgina" too!!

Looking forward to today since I will be entering the studio with a whole different!! We have a tenant renting my Pop's old office space and she has this adorable little shop called, "Royally Sweet." She sells funky jewelry, scarves, baby items, hats, you name it, if it's funky, she's got it. I fell in love with her little tutus, but since I have no granddaughters, I can only admire, but they are sooo adorable!! She and her mother run the shop and you can see just how much they enjoy it from just looking at their merchandise. My brother's girlfriend is selling her small quilts and adorable little quilted bags...Karen is a wizard with the stitch!!

Anyway, the other day my little bro and his family and I went to visit Desiree at her shop and the 13 year old twins went crazy. I told them that they could pick out a couple of small priced items for their birthday gifts from me (they turn a year in May, but when they come to El Paso, I always take them to pick out their own gifts in July) which everything in there is so reasonably priced. They ended up getting a couple of bracelets and necklaces. I went crazy in her $ pot and purchased some cute bracelets and rings. So in conversation, I told her if she would be interested in small hand painted and embellished jewelry boxes, and her answer was a positively, wow, I turned that word into a noun!!! She also told me she was very interested in my dolls, but I hadn't been back since her opening to show her my stuff. She did see some on Mother's Day because she and her uncle came by to buy something for their grandmother which ended up with her mother since her mother fell in love with my "Sra. Jesusita," the fortune teller, at first sight.

Hence, the new enthusiasm and a whole new direction in my work. However, it really isn't a new thing for me, I was a folk artist in my other life, so the old techniques are still there, but with a new twist. I went to Michaels and Hobby Lobby to buy all kinds of gems and fun little ephemera (love that word) to decorate the little wooden boxes I also purchased. I'm "bankruft," as my 32 year old son said when he was little after spending all his allowance (damn, he sure was cute back then...why do they have to grow up and with so much angst ??) so next week it's back to saving my pennies again.

Well, need to run...have a goodie box to mail to my little guys in Austin then come home and enjoy my studio work for the rest of the day. I asked my honey to bring home something for tonight...don't want to cook...made Paella last night and it was delicious, but time off for the cook tonight!! LOL


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A Discourse on Self

It's been an unusually quiet day since I took Ian back home to his fathers this morning. He's not noisy or particularly demanding, but his absence is felt. After having someone here for over a month, you get accustomed to their presence. I feel quite badly because I had assured him I was going to do some art therapy with him during his summer visit, but then I decided it was imperative I ween myself off the antidepressant, thus taking a side trip to hell during his visit. I'm still having those brain zaps and feeling a little dizzy and disoriented at times, but I'm finally seeing some light at the end of this dark path.

I've gone from 4 years of the Rhett Butler attitude of, "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn," to the anti-Rhett feelings of "But I give a damn, a lot of damn, dammit!!" My brain is slowly getting used to the synaptic saddle and not bucking quite so much. I do have my moments, though. I'll cry because I've created this whole scenario that my family treats me like a second hand citizen, some nasty stuff they've scraped off the bottom of their shoes, etc. I'm the chopped liver, indentured monkey girl who is omitted from certain family activities because my name never comes up. So I have to adjust to these truths and just allow them to roll off, after all, life is too short and it's their loss...I'm fun to be around!! But my mother has this thing about her sons...they friggin' walk on water, their stuff don't stink and they can do no wrong, but if they do, oh well, they're still her little baby boys....plplplplplpl!!!!! What's that old say, "A son is a son till he takes a wife, but a daughter is a daughter for the rest of her life!" Who came up with that one, someone's son??!!!??

My daughter began reading "The Alchemist," last week and the title sounded familiar, so I looked it up and it hit me, I've read that book back in the late 80's. Surprisingly, I was still reading some fiction since two years after my son, Ian, was born, I began searching and seeking anything written that described my son's behavioral traits. That book represented a time when I was not only searching for answers, but trying to figure out who and why!! It was escapism 101, however, the truth always lay right there in front of me...this beautiful broken child and how to fix him. I gave birth to him on Sept. 23, 1985. My pregnancy was pretty much uneventful for the exception of having the flu with morning and sometime, all day sickness the first trimester. I figured I was having another boy since the last time I felt like that was in 1975-76 with my first son Joel. Only a man could make you feel that miserable!! Just like the other two, my little one, after being a week late, (the first was almost 2 weeks late...told the army doc that if he didn't induce this baby, I was going home and sit on a coat hanger...induced two days later and my daughter was 2 weeks late...all born in Sept) was in a big hurry to come into this world after much walking on the ward and mega doses of pitocin, so there was no time for an epidural...felt every inch and pound of him...ya sissies!!! Actually, I had every intention of having pain-free births with all 3 of them, but just didn't happen. Within 24 hours of bringing him home from the hospital, I felt something was different. I couldn't quite place the feeling as being good or was a very gray area and I had never had that feeling before, so it was difficult to define it.

When he turned 9 months, I then admitted to God and the world that our little piece of immortality was imperfect. Nothing was actually done till he was almost 4 years old. Won't go into the constant battles I had with his father about finding answers and help or any type of treatment since this was very new to the medical community and only one doctor at the time, specialize in it here. He finally gave in but told me I was on my own, he would not support me in any decisions, so I went forward at warp speed. Ian entered an early childhood program in our school district but he was just too much, the kid was a perpetual motion machine and his tantrums were widely known at that school. It was the teachers aide that actually knew of this doctor, so I made the appointment, sent in the filled 20 page questionnaire and had a list of my own questions. He turned out to be a wonderful doc and very supportive in helping Ian attain a certain level of quality of life. I attended all the ARD's which were meetings to set up his next years goals and to mark off the ones he had already achieved for that school year. There was a diagnostician, OPT, occupational physical therapist, principal or asst. principal and the teacher/teachers.

The one ARD that was the turning point for his father and me, was at age 6. As usual, I attended alone and we went through all the information. I recall the diagnostician, who had a royal broom shoved up where the sun don't shine, began giving me the results of his test...he was supposed to know where one bought postal stamps...the post office...he answered the grocery store...marked wrong! I asked her if she ever thought of waiting in a line at the post office with a child who was literally climbing on tables, walls, and throwing tantrums...the asst. principal told her to give him a go on that answer. The other was, where do you go get books...he told her the book store...again, could she tolerate same child in a library....Nooooo!!!! Again, she marked it right. Without knowing it, I realized I had adjusted my life to not the norm but my norm...never thought about it till then. The next person up was the therapist. She began reading from her forms using the therapist/teacher speak...I asked her to speak English please, she then looked up with these sad eyes and said Ian had a form of non-progressive brain damage!!!!! All I heard was "BRAIN DAMAGE!" All of a sudden the room became dim and I heard this loud humming sound, like a generator. I was being pulled back to someplace very dark, beyond dark. Then all was quiet. Out of nowhere a voice, can't describe it, but this peaceful voice told me we would be alright...Ian and I would be fine. I then realized I had taken a trip and never left the asst. principals office...kind of like an acid trip, so I've read!!!!!!!! Where did this voice come from and where in the hell was I when I heard it??

I came home feeling even worse, the old guilt thing began to gurgle up again. Many women who have children with disabilities have this horrific guilt...after all, the ball was in our court for 9 months. I took my baby sitter home who just happened to be my best buddy's daughter, Michele. As she was getting out of the car, she asked me if I needed to talk to her mother because she could see I had been crying, but I told her I would call later on in the week. I returned home and when the now ex came into the house, he informed me he had to cancel the following days appointments since some old fart in his lodge had died and he was in charge of those matters. It was lighting a HU-EG Roman candle! I laid into him about how his excuses for not attending the ARD's were a load of caca (another word was used, but you get the idea) and this caca about the meetings interfering with his appointment, he's a dentist, didn't give him ample time to reschedule...he couldn't reschedule two weeks prior to the meeting??????!!!!??? I told him I set up another appointment for him with these people at the school for the following day and I didn't want to hear about it...dead fart on not!! He was to go at 12:30 during THEIR lunch hour and be a father and be part of the decision making process. It was then that I found my voice for my little guy and by golly, I wasn't about to shut up or take it anymore from no one!!! I guess that's what that voice was intinating about all being ok.

I had become a "we" for the time we were together. After we split up, I was once more an "I" but at that point I didn't need his input or want it. So I now wonder why I needed an antidepressant when I went though this and my separation and divorce with out any kind of chemical intervention. I did discover that vodka and lemon flavoured kool-ade was not a bad mix at all during my separation and my friends became life savers, both new and old. I had a whole new perception on relationships which guided me, whether I was looking or not (not) to find the most wonderful man I've ever met. A man who accepted me with all my craziness, dysfunctional children, especially a very challenging child to learn to love, nutty family, friends and my out- there attitude since I also discovered "me" on this journey and I liked who I was all along, I just lost her for about 25 years except when I was with friends, then she reappeared...that's why the ex didn't like my choice of friends!!! LOL My sister once said the one thing that attracts a person to another is the very thing they want to change after marriage. So true for many, but not in my relationship...not this one anyway.

Well, need to get ready to go out and pick up my two little guys, Ryan and Zachary, from their father. They will be heading back home to Austin this weekend and I want to spend some more time before they're off. Peace out.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Gentle Reminder

Hey folks, don't forget to enter my giveaway...drawing will be held on July 10th. So enter and good luck. BTW, ya'll have have a great and safe 4th of, drink and be merry, but always have a designated driver!! Peace out.