Thursday, July 29, 2010

Jewelry Boxes & Happy Surprises

I've finally completed the jewelry boxes for the local shop, Royally Sweet. The young woman who is running this business is renting what used to be my Pop's office. Last summer the family decided to remodel the old place and breath some new life into it. We had several people who were very interested in renting, but as soon as my bro, Fred, informed them that we would run a credit check on them, they sort of disappeared. Hey, if my bro were to run one on me, I'd run too!!! LOL Well, Desiree runs a absolutely lovely little shop. She sells all kinds of interesting and eclectic jewelry, hats, baby products and other great stuff. My brother's girlfriend, Karen, is a heck of a quilter and is selling little quilted bags there right now and apparently doing quite good, so now I'm entering the retail bidness.

I also will be selling my dolls, so hopefully I can get my work out here in the local market. It used to be that local artists and artisans had a hard time selling their work here because many of those that could afford art, would rather buy something similar in larger markets such as Santa Fe, Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, etc. on the biggo cities. Due to the changes in the economy, many of these people are buying in their backyard now...good for us, but as usual, all is highly competitive. So below are my little jewelry boxes:

Tomorrow I'm off to Royally Sweet with jewelry boxes and dolls in tow, along with Ian, and will hopefully dazzle the proprietor!! As I mentioned in a past post, this is really working outside the box (hahahahaha) and it's been a while since I've really painted in this form. Years ago, in my past life, I took a folk tole painting course in Germany when I lived there, '76-'79...good times and wonderful memories and I still have contact with my friends in Germany and England. Anyway, when I returned I had to really look for supplies that were so readily available in the German market. I couldn't find liquid acrylic paint back in 1980, there was no such product, so I went back to tubes...different texture though. Slowly, the American craft business began to catch up and low and behold, we have all sorts of choices! When I returned to school my prof told me I was a folk artist...he could see it in my ceramic work and how I painted and decorated on my clay canvas. And for this I busted my hump for a B.A.???!!! Yeppers, I did and proud of it too!! LOL

Going to cut this short, but I just wanted to recommend a really cute movie. It's one of those that went straight to DVD, I'm sure, but it's a sweet movie and quite funny at times.

It has well known actors, such as, Patty Duke, son, Sean Astin, John Corbett
(hhhh-000-tttt---yyy), Marcus Thomas and Allan Corduner. It's about this young man, Marcus Thomas, who after breaking up with his girlfriend and is employed in a tiresome position in an ad agency, decides to try out for a part in a local theatre production of Cyrano de Bergerac to make new friends. Well, he does and gets lots more. Not the most thought provoking pieces of cinema, but a good flick for one of those rainy or too-hot-to-do-sh-t afternoons. I found it playing with my remote control while I had a bit of lunch and break from the studio. That's what I call a happy surprise!! Peace out.


Gloria said...

Hi Georgina. How wonderful that you are being your own business lady and getting out and doing your stuff. Good for you. Those are really very nice, you did good work. Congrats! Good to know you are doing good. I'll be back to posting soon, I hope. Anyway just popped in real quick to leave a few comments. Take care.

Deborah said...

Oh I love!!! I think that is exciting about putting your work in the shop for sale. LUCK LUCK!! **kisses** Deb

Linda in New Mexico said...

Hey, I love your new endeavors....good for you. They are charming. Sure do wish we could get together sooner than Sept. Maybe we can do something after schools starts...Aug 16. I'll call you next week Tuesday unless I hear different from you. XXOO Vieja Loca

yoborobo said...

I love your boxes, Georgina. How cool to sell them right there in your own town. :) Saves on shipping! lol! I wanna see pics of your dolls! And I will try and remember this movie the next time I am too hot to move or think. I like a romantic comedy to take me awaaaaaay. :)) have a fabulous weekend - xoxox! Pam

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Georgina, those are darling! Love the bright colors--I think those should do well.
And to have an outlet RIGHT THERE....lucky you!!!
Sorry I have been MIA.
I think my brain is MIA...LOL!!!


Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

I think these little jewelry boxes are so smart and I have not seen anything like them around here...Bravo!!! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart