Saturday, July 24, 2010

Post Cards

I have a post card stalker!! Actually, I don't know if someone is trying to mess with this ol' post menopausal brain of mine or someone is actually being very sweet and sending me post cards from their travels to various parts of the country....well, 2 from a couple of Civil War battle fields and one from Taos, NM.

The first was sent from Maryland on June 20, the card is one from Antietam National Battlefield, in Sharpsburg, MD. Ok I remember the significance of that battle if history serves me right. Now as for the Civil War, my kinfolk weren't involved with that one...hell, they weren't even gun runners..they were in a different country having their own problems!! LOL The second post card post dated the same day and from the same place in MD, concerns the Chancellorsville campaign, again another one of those hysterical..err..historical events. Soo, fast forward to yesterday, received another one, but this one is from Taos, NM, but post marked in we're closer to my backyard! Now she signs it! Yes, it's a that from the handwriting...even got a second vote from my stepson on the penmanship being of the female persuasion.

The person who signed it is "Barbara." Well, now we're getting somewhere..."Think, Georgina, how many Barbaras do you know??" ---------------------- ------------------- -------------
by the way, that's the way my brainwaves look on paper or computer screens!!! So I come up with 3 Barbaras, 2 live here in El Paso, and the other is my honey's sis who lives in Silver City, NM. I assume this Barbara doesn't live in TX or anywhere near the vicinity of it since she mentioned she thought of me as she flew over TX!!! Well, this is a big whopping state, the largest of the lower 48! But still, what a nice sentiment...but I represent the whole state...hahahaha, poor TX!! hahahahaha!! If I were Queen of TX, I'd ....oh well, won't go there.

So this lovely person sends me post cards from Civil War battle grounds and from Taos, NM. I haven't been to Taos since 1971 when my parents decided they wanted to go to the Santa Fe Fiesta in the Fall...they burn this huge effigy, Zozola or Zorzolo, name escapes me now, but then that's common these days. Anyway, we went up to Taos on this narrow 2 that was an experience!!! At the time, Taos was a haven for hippies, now retiring CEO's of major corporations (sell outs) and they had a huge commune up there. The place was full of them and their wares. I bought this neat-o macrame belt, which I still might have somewhere, that looked great on me and my jeans. We're talking friggin' 39 years ago when I was 19, gorgeous and hot, of course, back then I had no idea I was that..."ain't hindsight a b--ch??!" I recall my Pop having a heyday with all those "!Grinudos! (put the ~ over the n making the ng sound, meaning long, strangly, unkempt hair and pretend the first exclamation point is upside down...hey, I didn't write the language, I just read and write what I was taught) and "!apestosos, perezosos...! etc. Translates to , "stinky, lazy, ...! My father was just like any post WWII dad..."didn't like them long-haired, stinky, lazy, hippie dudes!" My father was intolerant of all of them. When my sister married, the first time around, her fiance had this best buddy, now one of those CEO's, who lived in his parent's garage turned- apartment (more like an orgie den, but that's another story for later) and was a struggling, cough, cough, musician...son of a wealthy physician daddy. He had these long beautiful locks and was going to be best man at my parent's big party!! hahahahaha!!! My father made such a stink about it and it was funny, even back then!! Anyway, Hair God made his debut at this El Paso wedding and was a hit with the young set and a subject of great debate to the older set...gave the society page editor something to write about!!!

Wow, did I digress or what, maybe a bit from column A and a bit from column B!! So if you know a Barbara who might be in our blog world and not from TX, and has traveled lately around the country, maybe you've been getting post cards from her too or know who she is. If it someone I know, please forgive me for not knowing who you are and if you're someone just messing around with my head, you've succeeded!! LOL

Time to play in my studio. Making those jewelry boxes for a little local shop and want to take them in next week for her display. Again, I'm doing stuff outside my usual box, no pun intended, and having fun doing it!! Will post pics next week or whenever I complete them. Have a great weekend and peace out.

I've noticed that some of my comments are not being published even though they have been approved...pinchi Blogger!! So for those of you who are my blogger buddies and you don't see your comments there, it's because the Blogger Comment Monster ate it up!! However, know I read them, hit the "publish" box and then "poof!"


yoborobo said...

God, Georgina, when you said MD, for just a minute I thought it was ME and I had FORGOTTEN. lol!!!! Yikes. I'm sure whoever it is will let you know as soon as she reads this. How nice to get postcards, even from people that you have no idea who they are (that is a terrible sentence I just wrote). Please post pics of your boxes, I want to see what they look like! Ok, back to sweltering. xox!!

Linda in New Mexico said...

Hey Queen of Tejas.....calmate. Perhaps La Barbara is a pseudonym for brain fryer...hehehehe
Zozobra....old man gloom....related to my father.
I am anxiously waiting to see cutsie.....I think you messing. Now La Nuestra Senora Vieja Loca is cutsie in a weird wonderful way. And you're not talkin' about that huh?
vert word is brother was bad when I was little but my sestici me more.

Angie said...

No idea who it is but your post amused me.

I did a project one summer that involved sending a daily postcard to 2 people for a period of a week, then weekly for the next three months.

The point was to be original and anonymous. One of my recipients guessed who it was about 1/2 way through it because she recognized my art, but the other one had to be told.

Both had very entertaining blog posts during that time! :D

Anonymous said...

Haha good luck figuring out who is sending you these mysterious post-cards! It would drive me crazy not knowing. I love getting post-cards, though..when I know who they're from, I mean. :)

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

I love old that Joan Baez singing on your post? She is coming to our small Midland theater in October and I can hardly wait. It is hotter than Hades here so I went for a short swim with my girls instead of working. I did have FUN! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Josh Healy said...
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Janine said...

Hahaha Georgina,
what a story!!!
Whoever Barbara is, she leaded you on a journey into past, didn´t she.
I would really like to know, when Barbaras postcards arrive again.
Have a great sunday

The Itsy Bitsy Spill said...

Wow Georgina post cards pretty cool. It's exciting to receive post cards. The rush, the anxiousness of not knowing who it is yet and so you think back way back - the name clicks but vaguely but the feeling of wanting to know makes you nutty a bit and then you feel a sense of anticipation. I love receiving post cards though it would drive me nutts not knowing who it is and yet excited to receive another.

Well sweets it's been a while since I visited your blog, shame on me!!!

I been so caught up in so much work it's crazy by the time I want to visit blogs I'm dead tired. I have not forgotten about you dear. You are absolutely charming as always and wish you live closer so I can visit and hear your cool awesome stories in person. You are a cool lady!!! Your family is lucky to have you as you are lucky to have them.

well beautiful lady, night night
un beso!

Plumrose Lane said...

Hah, how fascinating to get postcards from someone you don't know!

So Dark So Cute said...

Hi Georgina!
I just saw that you vote for nr 2 at the dark artist guild blog.
It's mine!:-) Thank you so much!