Friday, November 5, 2010

More Observations or a Quasi Rant

I have no art to show today...sigh! I'm in the process of making little angel ornies, yes, you read it, ANGELS, nothing malevolent!!! LOL I made something similar for a friend of my daughter's who had to deliver her little girl at 29 weeks, so I made her a pocket angel, but instead, these will be ornaments. I'm not sure what I'll do with them, sell them, give them a way as gifts or have a blog giveaway....any suggestions? I suppose I'm a bit burned out from all the work I did for the gallery in AZ and I'm just tired now, plus, going to Austin for 10 days really through me off my schedule...yikes, I sound like my 88 year old mother!!

The other day, I was trying to fight a sinus headache, the headache was winning, so I decided to watch some daytime television...not something I usually do. I came across an interesting program on A&E called, "Sister Wives," a reality show based on a polygamist family. Weeeelllll, I was hooked!!! I sat there and just couldn't leave, kind of like a train wreck, and was amazed at this life-style. After watching the entire first season's entries, I just sat there like a dribbling fool!! I'm the kind of person who argues or comments at what I'm watching....don't ever be around me when I'm watching the national news! I can honestly say, I sat quietly and just watched. What a great deal this guy has going...4 wives, a boatload of kids, fancy car to drive around with just one wife and one hell of a mortgage. These women were very accommodating with him..they truly love the guy and he is sort of cute and very charming. I realized why polygamy works for the man, women are just wonderful. The 3 wives had been together for 16 years, wife #1 and he had been married 20 years and they celebrated it with the couple going down to Mexico for a getaway...his gift to her was an opportunity to go through invetro fertilization...."gee, thanks hon...but I'll pass, don't see the point"!! They all had been through much together and genuinely enjoyed each others company and children....yep, one hu-eg happy family. But wait, the plot thickens, there was a new gal, another sister, in the future. I'll be frank with you, I'm not too sure about wifey #4...found myself feeling like the other 3...she's younger, thinner and the new toy for the hubby. As for brains, I think the first 3 have it over her, #4's vocabulary consisted of "awesome and cool."

Anyway, I tracked, but back to my original comment about why polygamy works for many, it's because of the women. We pretty much enjoy hanging out, talking, griping, laughing (lots of that), crying, well, you know what I'm talking about. I love my honey and love being with him, but I need my girlfriends too. When I was going through my messy separation and divorce, who was there for me other than family, my girlfriends! I think it was then when I finally realized the importance of hanging out with women and not making a steady diet of the hubster...bleh! Let's face it, ladies, we're AWESOME!! LOL I doubt if A&E will ever come up with a successful program called "Brother Husbands," that's just not going to work!!! One husband is 'nuff, thank you very much!

During my headache I also sat and endured a plethora of commercials. There was one that got my attention. It's about women who suffer from heavy bleeding during that time of the month. Would you believe they have a name for this condition now, MHB...can you figure it out? MONTHLY HEAVY BLEEDING!!! I just about fell of the couch, folded over with laughter. Who comes up with this stuff and why do they think we're so stupid?? How many of us went through our menses having to attempt walking normally due to the mattress between our thighs!!! And for those who used those little inserts, how many boxes did you go through the first day??? How many times did we complain to our GYN's and just got that "deer in front of the headlights" look or all the jokes about what creature can survive after 10 days of severe bleeding?? First time I heard that, it was from this friend's husband and all I wanted to do was turn his face inside out...yes, I was PMS-ing at the time.

So now current young generation of women have so many options, thanks to those trail blazers who's doctor's finally got the word!! You can take pills to prevent menses and pregnancy, pills to hold back the flood gates and totally off the subject, but stuff to enhance your eyelashes which I may look into since I've lost my lovely eyelashes and eye brows during menopause and what's up with that??? You lose all this hair, which can be a good thing, especially in the leg area, but it crops up on you chin??? Oh, how I love being a girl!!!

Well, my friends, time to get my day started. Will be in my studio today working on my angels and planning Christmas gifts plus, will get together with some friends tonight at the Texas Bar and Grill, how cliche, right? Then tomorrow, Ian, SM and I will be attending a cook-out for the county tree-huggers assoc...hubby is a member...yay, can't wait (insert much sarcasm in that last comment) and hopefully, on Sunday, go up to Las Cruces, NM and attend the Renaissance Faire. Have a great week and as always, peace out.


Hell Notes for Beauty™ said...

Ughh I know sinuses issues were my main issue a few years back. Try some chamomile usually helps. I have been uninspired lately to create. Hopefully I kick back into gear. lol mhb

Gloria said...

Wow, sounds like you are really starting to live it up there Georgina. :D One husband is all I need and I definitely would not want him having other wives. Those faires are quite fun I hear tell. Donna my bloggie buddie just went to one too and posted all the pix. Looks like a lot of fun. What ever you do, enjoy yourself and yes I do still want some HATCH chili's. Just email me on it and I'll send you the address and whatever they cost. Thanks and take care. Enjoy your weekend.

Pattee said...

Georgina your post totally cracked me up (except that you were suffering a sinus head-ache those are killer)

BUT you are so right about us women folk.... I've often told my husband if anything (God forbid) happen to him I'm not getting married again!

Yes my hair is thinning on my head and showing up on my chin... where's that razor??? : )

Much love to you~
PS looking forward to your ornaments!

yoborobo said...

Georgina - You kill me. Where were you when I was in high school? Think of the trouble...I mean, fun we could have had together. And polygamy is SUCH a guy's version of heaven. Maybe it's kind of a relief for the women to have the back-up. You know, I'll swap you Wednesday for next Tuesday and then you can have the third Friday, too. ;)
xox Pam

Marie S said...

You are a laugh riot Georgina, I almost wet myself.
They probably have a pill for that!
I watch a show like sister wives and I am inthralled with it too.
I will have to check out this one.
Your review was great and so true.
Hope the headache is long gone and have a great weekend.

Diane MacNaughtan * Dianie Mac * said...

Lol... Love your post :)
I have not ever seen Sister wives.. I have seen Big Love which I have heard is similar.. I live in Utah where Polygamy "just happens"( must have something to do with the Mormans?) I cant even wrap my brain around, my hubby having another wife.. I would definitely have to be the Queen bee. LOL...He would probably tell you "One wife is all he can handle"
Seriously though...My SIL's sister was married to a polygamist and she said that on the few occasions she visited, the wives all got along so well.. like best friends.. I dont know.. to each his own I guess?

Yeah.. I fell off my chair when that commercial came on.. LOl.. give me a break!

Please post pics of your Angels!!!! I love your ornaments :)


La Doña Jenny said...

Hello Georgina,

You are too funny - love reading your posts lady. I agree with you - he has it good huh? Those pendejas! I can't stand watching it - I almost want to kick the TV whend they are on, if I happen to be switching channels.

On to a question, I noticed on your side bar you have a badge for the clothandclaydolls society.
Can you tell me more about it?

Happy Sunday.


Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

I am so looking forward to your angels...the love and joy you express in your works brighten my spirits. Imagine and Live in Peace sweet sister. I hope your daughter is continuing to heal and grow and strength. I love your strength and passion in life. Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Linda in New Mexico said...

My dear, I have left you an award on my bloggie this morning because you are so special to me. You know how I feel about awards.....just the giving is the don't have to pass it on if you choose not to. Just saying, "you're a goodie, to me". The Olde Bagg

Plumrose Lane said...

Oh I can certainly relate to your first paragraph, traveling and headaches can take it out of us and I've been dealing with the same issues this past week too. I hope your angels come out beautifully and sharing one for a giveaway is a grand idea! No selfish intent there... honesty. ;D
Here's to feeling better soon ~

Janine said...

Oh Dear, oh dear Georgina,
I rally called you Gloria.
But believ me, I really knew, to whom I was wrighting.
But I was thinking of Gloria, because, I just read a post of her,where she wrote something about a banana-bread she had made.
Have a great weekend

Janine said...

Hello Georgina,
thanks for your help!
You are a baker?
That is so cool.
In my recipe I had the measurements in Gram but I calculated a little and wrote them down in ounces too.
I hope my recipe was not too confusing.
Have a great weekend, and again thsnks for your help