Friday, November 12, 2010

Mole and Contest

So some of you are looking at this photo and wondering what this glob of stuff is, well, my dear bloggy friends, it's the food of the gods, the Aztec gods anyway. The Aztec leader, Moctezuma, (or Montezuma, all depending which one got a hold of you after a night of food, fun and mayhem in Mexico) ate this at his table or wherever Aztec leaders ate. My mother gave me two small containers with enough for one serving. Unless one of my sibs comes into town, I don't see this stuff or if my brother right up the road in NM wants to come down for dinner, she then makes it for him. Unfortunately, I haven't earned the same high esteem as my brother/brothers. My mother will have her assistant make chiles rellenos for my brother....Rosita will sneak 3 or 4 just for me because she's aware of my mother's overly generous attention she dons on her sons. My mother suffers from "Latina Mommy Syndrome!" Everything for her "hijos" and "las hijas" can just suck it!! LOL I told my sister that I'm going to create a t-shirt that says, "The Chopped Liver Sisters." But now that she's has moved away, she now has similar status as my brothers. What does a daughter have to do to get a lousy pot of mole or chile rellenos made for her, move???

So why don't I make them myself, good question!!?? It's just a bit time intensive, especially the chile rellenos...ok, I'm lazy!! Now let's move on!! I suppose I'm being stubborn. I'm always going on about how she goes on about her "mijos!" Oey vey, I think I threw up a little in my mouth!! When I approach her about why she doesn't think of saving a few rellenos for me, her comeback is that I'm too fat! Chubbiness aside, that's not a really good excuse. The thing is, I don't walk on friggin' water! I've spoken with other Latina daughters, and they just roll their eyes and say they have the same problem with their mothers.

I'm not that kind of mom...I believe in equal opportunity. My three kids were brought up the same way, sink or swim, my leetle feeshies!! LOL My sons have never gotten more attention than my daughter....ok, well, my daughter has gifted me with 4 adorable grandsons, but as a child, she and her little brother received a special kind of attention. When it came to discipline, all I had to do was give my oldest son, Joel, the good ol' "evil eye" look and it disseminated him. On the other hand, I had to hide the bruises with Andria and Ian!! Now as a grandmother, I can only smile when my daughter calls telling me the latest "trafulcas" (I love that word...means "trouble") my little angels have gotten into...hehehehehehehehe...revenge is best served with a glass of whine and a full plate of whimper from your fruit of your loom!!

This past summer was one of the worst seasons I've had since my ex was caught sneaking out of his girlfriend's house late at night in the summer of '96!! LOL For those of you who recall, I was coming off Lexepro and wow, that's some bad ass stuff!! During that time, when I was in between being down and out and praising the Porcelain Goddess, I was buying groceries. I love bananas, however, this past summer, I never really quite finished the batches I would buy for the week and since this was one of the hottest summers outside and in my house, the bananas would ripen quickly. I decided to mash them up and store them in the freezer for later use, like the holidays. So now I have mucho bags of "nanners" in my freezer and have no really great banana-nut bread recipe!

So who's up for a contest???? Will, I am!! These are the rules:

  1. Email me your favorite Banana-Nut Bread recipe (if you want to throw in a Cranberry-Orange Nut bread recipe, that's good too, but not necessary to win)
  2. Send the recipe as an attachment or a link from someone else's recipe. I know, that's not very ethical, but I promise, I won't tell!!
  3. Please mention you have sent me an email on this blog and let me know what your bloggy name is in the email so I'll know who you are if your email name doesn't match up to your bloggy name, kind of like mine.
  4. All entries must be in no later than midnight, M.S.T., November 30th (have always wanted to do that) and the winner will be picked Dec. 1st or 2nd, depending on when I remember to add a Post-It to my calendar to remind me!
  5. Send recipes to:
  6. The recipe will not be published without the winners' s permission.
  7. The loaves of the winning recipe will be posted on this blog as soon as the baker get's her arse in gear and makes them.
The prize will be your choice of one of my little angel ornies, as seen below, and a secret prize.

Thanks for playing and please, don't send me any copyright stuff, can't afford any attorneys right now!! Have a wonderful week and if I don't get around to posting a "Happy Thanksgiving" sa-lute, consider it said now!! Peace out.


Linda in New Mexico said...

Yo cuckoo bricks.....this sounds like fun. After you get them, combine them in a file and send them to me tambien. Same prob....mashes nanners. Can't stand to see things go to waste. Oh well, I will email you my recipe even if I haven't used it in awhile, same reason.....busy, lazy, sick, tired, old, ya know.
By the way....Hi honey, glad you came to blogland for a visit. The Olde Bagg

Janine said...

Hi Gloria,
thats a great post, your t-shirt idea really makes me laugh.
You wrote, that your sommer season was terrible, I really hope you are doing well now.
I really would like to take part in your contest, but for I can´t hardly boil some eggs,I won´t.
(What a pity, I really like those ornies)
I hope you´ll get some smashing recipes, from more talented cooks.
Have a great day

Linda in New Mexico said...

Hey, I just sent you my boonana bread recipe with some interesting additions. And because you started this....I made some huge banana/chile muffins this very afternoon. Yum.
OMG you are never going to believe the verification word.....absolutely the best....distizifu. This is what you and I together are..ditizifu

America Alcala said...

GEORGINA!!! I can't believe I have missed out on your wonderful/funny/crazy blog! I really love all thefunny things you say.I thought I was the only one that had a mother like that! Guess not! haha
I will look for a good mother has one buttt...i don't think she will give it to

oldblackcatboo said...

I'm just giving you my recipe right here.
First: get in my car and drive to the grocery store.
Second: walk to the Bakery Dept.
Third: Hand the cashier my Debit card.
See! Easy as pie!
Which I make the same way :)
XOXO - Cindi

Gloria said...

Just popped in to say hello. I actually don't have a recipe for anything made with bananas. Good luck to all the player's. Enjoy that great looking mole. take care.

Anonymous said...

Eh I sent you an email for the banana nut bread contest. (So Ono Banana Nut Bread Recipe). =)

Philly Cheese said...

I sent you a recipe call So Ono Banana Nut Bread under pmccall1966 thx =)

Philly Cheese said...

I sent you a recipe call So Ono Banana Nut Bread under pmccall1966 thx =)

Philly Cheese said...

hahaha I sent you three comments...just delete the other two...first time leaving a comment on someone's blog. =)

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

Your mole looks scrumdiliicious's that for a word or not? I have never made mole but I sure do love eating it :O)! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

The Itsy Bitsy Spill said...


Phyllis said...

hahaha...I'm glad I got you to giggle. Enjoy, So Ono Banana Nut Bread bringing a little island grinz to your table..don't forget a cup of Kona coffee with a bit of Kailua and cream that will give you the big wow. =)

Abi said...

Gosh Georgina.. I had lots of catch-up to do! Hope you are well and dandy :O)

Pattee said...

Again you amaze me ...

My brother is the entitled one and I'm
not even Latino!!! : )

Lets see... I don't like banana bread in fact the only banana's I'll eat are pretty green LOL!

Now if you can get your mom's chicken mole recipe I'd really like that!!!!

Thanks for being so supportive to me.. I'm hoping that you are doing better my friend.

Hugs and have a great week-end...

YayaOrchid said...

Georginna, what a coincidence. I just made precisely banana nut bread the day before yesterday, but I got the recipe off the internet and I don't even remember the web site. Sorry. It was good, but I always deviate from recipes anyway, and the batter took longer to cook than the directions said. but it turned out really good anyway.

As to the Latina Mom Syndrome, I hear you! I never had daughters, but if I had, I too would have seen to it that I treated all the same. My Grandmother was the same with her Sons, and my Mom with her two eldest Grandsons (she only had two living daughters). Que vas a hacerle? Ni modo.

Well, I just wanted to stop by and make sure I wished you a very Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy your family and all the good eats!

yoborobo said...

Oh, I love your ornies! I will try and find a good nanner recipe for you. ;) xoxo!!

Gloria said...

Happy Thanksgiving dear, to you and your family. ::hugs::

New Jerusalem Workshop said...

I love your music - Joan Baez's version of La Llorona is the best! Too late to enter the contest, but my favorite recipe is banana cranberry bread - I just throw a cup of cranberries into my regular banana bread recipe (Betty Crocker's, actually!)