Thursday, July 9, 2009

Madam Clarie from the House of Darkness

Well in spite of the fact my house is a little Easy Bake Oven, swamp coolers suck in 3 digit weather, I was still inspired to complete this bust. I made her face last year where I put it on a "steek" actually, a dowel, and stuck her in my Styrofoam block where she has since been given me dirty looks and complaining on how I've started and completed other dolls, (I swear, she's menopausal) but there she sits. Well, I was tired of her complaining, so I decided to begin her. She originally was going to be a doll, but I had this half bust from a failed experiment, so I inserted her head and it was a great match. I painted the body, but I hated the way it looked. I was ready to toss in the towel and the dowel and just throw away the whole thing when I was inspired! I was taking a short break, just to get away from her for a while, and as I stroked my two little Chihuahuas, I saw the light! FABRIC...why paint when I can cover her ugly painted bod up with fabric, and I have a lot of fabric!!

So Madam Clarie from the House of Darkness is born. I hope she seizes her complaining but now she'll want to live somewhere else and leave my hot little studio...bitch! Peace out.


Benedetta said...

Very cute! I love her little sad face :-)
Thanks so much for stopping by!

mercedes de la jara said...

Que lindo !!!