Sunday, May 31, 2009

Artful Days

No pic of anything today...just haven't downloaded them from my camera, but to be sure, I have pictures!! Last week was pretty exhausting for this fluffy, out of shape grandma. I had to vacate my father's old office which was filled with all sorts of treasures and crap! We've decided to bring the building up to specs and then rent out the space for storage. It was a unanimous vote among my sibs and my mother, with me holding out since I was the one that would have to do all the work, but alas, I succombed!

My daughter had stuf stored in there, so I purged many of her things...figured she probably didn't even know half that stuff was among her treasures. As for me, I couldn't believe how much I had accumulated throughout the much CACA!!! Well, not literally, but OMG, where did this all come from??? It's almost like this stuff was giving birth to more caca. Well, I did manage to get rid of lots of stuff and kept all the really important stuff, which I'm sure I'll return to my storage space rental in a few and wonder what the hell I was thinking...more caca!!

The only things that I really hated to part with were a series of plaster molds I made while I was still in school. My ceramic prof had purchased these plastic forms for making large containers in square and oblong shapes...there were different sizes, but I did all of them. You might say I was the one who deblossomed there such a word. I was the first to experiment with the forms and after some failures, plaster disasters, I had a complete set of those wonderful molds. I kept the smaller ones here in my studio, but stored the larger. While I was waiting form my stepson to help with the transportation of the stuff, I threw the molds away in the trash bin next to the office....they made this huge booming sound and I said I was sorry the whole time...I know, I'm weird, but then you all know that!

Had a nice conversation with my ex-mother-in-law last night. My son wanted to contact her to let her know he was spending a couple of months with me...he mows her lawn. Long story short, we talked for about an hour. She hasn't changed and she and I just chatted and laughed away. It seems there was some type of problem with her son, my ex, and this has created a serious schism in the family, so my son doesn't get to see her as often as he'd like....very sad. Well, I let her know if she ever wanted to chat or needed anything just call me. We've never stopped having affectionate feelings for each other, after knowing someone for 30+ years, and told each other so.

Well, I'm looking forward to having a creative summer and will start today, from my lips to God's ears! Hope all of you have a great Sunday and coming week. Peace out.


Michele Lynch Art said...

It feels good to purge all that stuff though doesn't it?? We did that several summers ago and I threw away an entire basement full of ceramic molds! Still have a slip table and of course my kilns though ;o) Can't get rid of it all LOL. xo Michele

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Well, at least your *caca* wasn't three years of MOUSE SHIT IN A HOT SHED!!!! That's what I got to clean out, and I would trade you in a minute.....ay yi of the worst jobs I've ever done other than taking a sewer out.
And yes, boy oh boy did I purge! You know what? There's a FLOOR in there!!!!
I'm sorry, I'm rambling as my e-mail is down and I am losing my mind.
So I'll shut up now and glad you're safe after all your work and decisions. And no real CACA.... ;)

Tracy M. said...

Wow, you had a busy time. Hope you can get a little rest and creating for yourself now. Take Care,
Tracy M.

America Alcala said...

I have the same problem with so much stuff! Sometimes I can't seem to get rid of it, but eventually I get rid of it and I can finally see a room and the floor! hehe

Simone's Mor said...

I am getting better throuing my "cacas" away..
Before I was an even bigger collecter..
You never know when you are going to need that stuff :-)

I think it is nice that you have contact with your ex mother inlaw..
Just because we get divorced doesnt mean we stop loving those atached to the ex..

Have a nice day.