Saturday, May 2, 2009

Sad Woman's Face Photographic PrintThis is how I feel!! bleh, bleh, bleh. There's no reason, no crisis, no sadness, just bleh! Went out a while ago to buy some spaghetti sauce for my pizza tonight and the place is usually full on Saturday afternoon. Nope, you could hear a pin sad. This guy I usually buy tamales and asadero cheese from the back of his van recognized me as one of his customers, but I had to turn him down...the stuff is made in Ciudad Juarez, just across the river. I hate this damn pig thing going on and how people, like myself, are having to do a little changing. My daughter, who lives in Austin, was furious because some school carnival cancelled their outdoor little penis' were very upset!

Are we overreacting, as usual, or is this a real potential pandemic. Who the hell knows, I'm just upset I was cautious and didn't buy my tamales and asadero cheese. Heard a good conspiracy theory on the radio the other day. There are many concerning the outbreak of swine flu, but the best one I heard was that the Mexican cartels had some people stir some up and spread it in the small town in Mexico where it started. This would take the heat off of the crap their doing right now, and again, just right across the river. Sounds pretty good to me, "fargin' icehole bastages" (if you ever saw the movie, "Johnny Dangerously" you'll understand!!LOL).

OK, off the soup box and into the studio to create more weird stuff. Peace out.


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I'm sorry I sort of had to laugh reading this; I've had a temper tantrum day, so I can relate to the sad day.
The flu thing (having worked for a Dr.) is being used by the media, but with any flu outbreak, there is always a risk of pandemic. What gauls me is that people are blaming it on everything but the fact that--hey!--kids went on vacation and came home with it! Aw geez, this could turn into a rant.
Anyway, back to Sane Anne....until they are able to watch the virus and see if it indeed mutates and mutates, then you don't have a pandemic. If it does, well, then we should all go have a big party and take loads of Vitamin D.
In the mean time, I just turn off the news.
now I need to try and get BACK to the studio and see if what I was working on is even remotely cloe enough to dry to add another layer.......
Hang in there!

Chaska said...

Hah! I stand on the same soap box with you! I'll bet there are more deaths due to violence than the current flu du jour in Mexico City.
Think about it....out of a heavily populated city of 20 million people, the number of deaths is minuscule.
Read my blog about this:

bernadette ostrozovich said...

my friend rosemary sez its the aporkalypse!

Light and Shadow Studio said...

Hi Georgina, Thanks for visiting my blog and the encouragement on the ACEO. I don't know why I am so hesitant. I guess it is so far different than what I usually do and I am uncomfortable with it. I checked out your things and love them. I love the bright colors. I go back and forth on the swine flu thing. I think it is hyped but then it does have the potential to get really bad. So I guess I would rather see them err on the overdoing side than wait till it is a catastrophe. I can see where down where you live it is constantly in your face. My mouth watered when you described the food from your truck friend, yum! Take care, Tammy