Thursday, February 17, 2011

And the Weeners Are....

Hola all! I did my drawing and have 2 winners! As you read, I'm leaving for Vegas tomorrow, so I had to have an early drawing....still have to do some last minute laundry and then the packing...oey vey!! On top of that, my honey is home with a respiratory infection. He never gets sick except for these lung things. He normally gets this around Oct.or Nov, when we start getting those awful inversion layers. Since we had a warm early winter, then hammered with the freeze a couple of weeks ago, now it's in the upper 70's lower 80's, the old allergies are running amok!! So need to attend to Mr. Sicky and dote on him...he's such a trooper!! LOL

Ok, for the moment you all (ya'll in TX), the weeners are...drum roll...the lovely and wonderful, Marfi of Incipient Wings,
Marfi is the winner of the Hungarian dolly. I told her that she will be rooming with Lady Val, her pal from "the wall." Marfi and I were involved in Zan Asha's wonderful doll exchange back in Dec. If you want to refresh your memory, go back to my Dec. posts and find the adorable little skelly ballerina doll....Marfi's wonderful offering. She also sent me this fantabulous purse and other little goodies...she's just a doll and I strongly suggest you go over to her blog and read her posts...she's just an angel!!

Ok, the next weener is the adorable, Jingle from
This young woman is absolutely just too cute!! Again, I urge you to run over there and take a look at her blog...she's a pistol and what a talent!!

Congratulations to my weeners and thank you all for coming over and reading about what goes on here in Looney Bin, TX!! Before you go, though, please read my last posting, the one after this one, about the wonderful auction I'm involved in (never end a sentence with a preposition...oh well!) Please read and if you feel you would like to participate, please make sure you send off an email to the incredible, Rebecca. Peace out.


Incipient Wings said...

yay! i've never been this happy to be a weener before, lol!
i'm very excited:)
thank you so much, i love her!
Just made some room for her next to the lovely lady Val, as she was the centerpiece for all my Valentine decor.
can't wait to get her.
have a good trip and many healing thoughts go out to your husband.

Janine said...

Oh wow what a great picture, That is so funny. Congrats to the winner.

Gloria said...

Congrats to the weeners. :D Have a great time in Vegas.

oldblackcatboo said...

Congrats Marfi and Jingle!

Michele Lynch Art said...

Geez I wish I was a weener too! LOL oh well. Congrats to the weeners!! Have a fun, safe trip!! xo Michele

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

Have a great time in Vegas and I am praying hubby is on the road to good health. jingle is a fav of mine and so generous...just like you my dear! Peace and happy Trails. Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

yoborobo said...

Congrats to the weeners!!!! I am sad not to be a weener, too. lol! Have a great trip, Georgina! If you win tons of money, put some in an envelope and send it to MOI!!!! xoxo Pam

Gloria said...

Georgina, have a great getaway. While you are in Vegas, stop at the Casesar's Palace to check out Bobby Flay's restuarant. How fun! Take care.

Pattee said...

I always love your blog posting...
And I love your music... some times I leave your blog open just to listen to your music : )

Best wishes for a speedy recovery for your hubby!

Congrats to your winners!!!

....and have a great trip!

XXX Pattee

YayaOrchid said...

Georginna, have a wonderful time in Vegas! You will be missed.

Your giveaway was awesome and I offer my congrats to the winners!

The Itsy Bitsy Spill said...

Congrats to the winner yeah!!!!!

Hola Georgina, que tal? aqui estoy mirando y reading your lovely funny blog. Like I said, your blog always brings delight. Thank you for stopping by the other day. So you went to las Vegas! I heard it's exciting and loads of fun. I never been. Thought about it but never got the chance to hit the road there. Pues guapa un abrazo y besitos!!!!