Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Ok, I know I shouldn't complain, but this rain is really getting to this old desert rat. The storms come in quickly and furiously, either causing a huge dust storm, rain or both!!! The clouds at the left dropped lots of rain. Seeing how we have to conserve water and are being gouged by the water utilities, we welcome rain...don't have to water the lawn!

Now this pic shows the street as grass-free...it's called xerioscaping, or the use of natural rock, flora and fauna. We have grass...we love grass...we suffer for grass...we pay huge amounts of $$ for grass, but damn, we'll not give it up....nor our trees. What was I getting at???

Well, rain is great, but once the sun comes out, it's a steam oven. Many of us don't have central air conditioning, we use swamp coolers which just add to the moister. Our drawers and doors swell up, cabinet doors don't close till about October and the weeds attack us with a vengeance...that's for all the RoundUp we use during the dry season!!!

So here's my real gripe, my art work is suffering. My painted things don't dry fast as I'm used to, my paper clay things dry way too slowly for my patience and paper mache, forget about it!!! Alright, I'm just ranting because I'm taking too long to finish a quick project...have to wait for all the damn painted blocks to dry....bother. But there is a bright side to this, when everyone is under several feet of snow in the winter, we're lavishing in 50-70 degree weather and DRY!!!! So much for my griping....peace out!


Olde Baggs n Stuft Shirts by LindaOma said...

Ain't it the truth sweetie. But we have had nothing to the downpour we suffered in while at Water World in Denver. Floods, I tell you. The water came down so quickly that there was at least 5 inches running underfoot. The lightening,thunder, screaming jackass kids trying to push this old broad our of their way cuz they didn't want to get wet. HUH? WATERWORLD, idiot, you've been wet all day. LOL Yeah, I get it.

Once Upon A Blue Crow said...

I am laughing too hard at Olde Baggs n Stuft shirts comment to make my own-lol

Michele Lynch Art said...

I just found out what a swamp cooler was the other day!!! I live in Missouri so not a chance I would have ever heard of one lol, I have enough moisture thank you! Oh good for you on not giving up your trees and grass!! My grandparents lived in Arizona and that was the one thing I didn't care for was their spray painted green epoxied lawn! But then like I said I don't have to pay those huge water bills and it rains her a lot! and you're right that four letter word happens here too...snow. Hate that! Sorry to hear your artwork is having trouble drying!!! You need a dehumidifier for that one room!!

The Itsy Bitsy Spill said...

Hola!! Yes the rain, it's been pouring here non stop for a month. Mother nature has been a bit moody lately weeping away especially at night. I do love it when it rains at night I sleep like a baby but I hate the mosquitos, they are killing me I tell you. Those dam Vampires!

Adios! y que tenga mucho dias hermosos!!