Thursday, December 9, 2010

Doll Swap & Ornies

I just had to share with you this great doll swap I was recently involved with over at Zan Asha's Blog, She has these wonderful doll exchanges once a year and I love participating because, one, you invariably get back a terrific piece of art work in the bod of a dolly and two, one really has to put on their creative thinking cap to come up with something equally terrific. This year's theme is "The Holiday Ball Swap," which she asked us to make a doll pertaining to any holiday. Of course, I thought of Halloween and Dia De Los Muertos, a no brainer for me, right? So I decided to challenge myself and try out something completely different...Valentines! So I made a Valentine doll, similar to one I made a couple of years ago, but definitely, a newer and very much improved version!!

One of the things that Zan will ask us, is if we have any preference as far as choosing other participants to partner up; my reply is always the same, surprise me! I have never been dissatisfied with any of the people she's paired me up with...(Oh no, I hear my fifth grade teacher's ghost scolding me for ending a sentence with a preposition!!). This year my partner was Marfi of "Incipient Wings," Her doll was incredible!!! Not only was her doll fantabulous, but the packaging was terrific!! I wish I could show you the front panel of the box in it's entirety, but it does have some rather private information, ie. our addresses:

Here's the doll...

Pretty wonderful stuff, right?? Well, that's not all, look what else she added in her package...

She also included a bag of sugared popcorn and a little bottle of foo-foo spray, cotton candy scent. I love the purse and will have to just show it off!! I was so over-whelmed by this lady's wonderful talent and generosity!! Thank you Marfi for this royally fabulous gift and thanks to Zan for sponsoring these fun events. She will have a photo parade later on on her blog, so go over there and check it out and see all the talented folks that had a blast playing again this year!!

I also wanted to show you my new ornies I made for my little guys, grandsons, and another special little guy, I won't mention him now...don't know if they've gotten the package yet!! I decided last year to come up with a yearly ornament for my grandsons..kind of like Hallmark!! LOL Last year I made them the Christmas Worm. I was going to write a little story about the adventures of the 5 worms and how they finally got together to spend Christmas, but while researching, I got a bugger of a virus and it killed my poor leetle Dell!! So, almost a year later and an almost year old Gateway, I'm no way going to do anymore research on Christmas traditions around the world!! Just send them the ornie and let them figure it out!! LOL

Well, my hubby is on his way to CA to visit Son #2 and his family, leaving me here alone...left to my own devices!! Going to do some more studio stuff...working on some ornies for gifts and tomorrow, the Christmas Diaz Bake-off begins, making my breads this weekend. I will be making banana-nut bread, using all 3 contestants entries....yum, can't wait. Also, going to make Cranberry Orange giant muffins, so all this work should keep me out of trouble...well, maybe!! Peace out.


Gloria said...

Hi Georgina. I love the ornaments you made, awesome! Those dolls are really great as well. That doll swap sounds really great. So glad that you sound so happy. Way to go!! Hey now that you are alone you will be very creative. Go for it!! Do take care of yourself.

Incipient Wings said...

this was so much fun ,I love my wonderful doll and adorable ornament!
thank you thank you thank you!have fun creating and to you soon:)

Hell Notes for Beauty™ said...

Cranberry orange muffins? Sounds so delicous and tarty. That's such a cool idea swapping dolls, too cute! I love the bag too very pretty.

You did a fabulous job on the ornaments by the way.

Abi said...

Wow! great doll swap! and the Muffin you are ganna make sounds yummy... what was it cranberry orange? mmmmm :O)

Janine said...

Hi Georgina,
doll swap sounds great, and I really lovr these dia del muerte ornies.
Thanks for telling me the "Stuck in mozarts potty stoy".
That is really great and so funny.
I am happy to read that things like that did not only happens to me (I was stuck in a toilet as well, not in Mozarts birth house but in a WC in a turkish pub, and I had to make much noise, till they heard me and they needed tools to open the door).
Have a great week

Linda in New Mexico said...

Good grief........have I been asleep at the wheel or what? How did I miss this post of yours? I love what you sent to your doll exchange persona, went to visit her after you had shown her doll that you received. Wow....another Muertos person...there are so many. Like flies at the back door of the bakery huh? Her stuff is really cool.
so about these ornaments........Ry took his off the tree and has put it at the head of his bed. Told me it was better than "some old dreamcatcher, cuz this was gonna keep the bad dreams out". So there you didn't know that you had some anti bad dream juju going on huh? Pretty amazing the talents you've acquired.
Blessings and goats otra loca, The Olde Bagg herself.
OMG...the vert word: you are never going to believe this one. spermst. Mexican word of the day: I dun no how Rosita got pregnant. The spermst musta been sneaky, verdad?
In terms of a vert word slam dunk......SCORE