Sunday, September 25, 2011

More Masks & Restless Night

Hello all you wonderful people out there in Bloglandia. Hope you've had a great weekend. I finally finished the last of my paper mache masks, and I say the "last" of them because Michaels ran out and they don't anticipate getting anymore in. When I asked the young woman about it, she looked at me as if I were growing lobsters out my ears, but stocking up on more Halloween stuff at the end of September, oh Lord, no's September, for goodness sake!! We are so done with Halloween in September!!!???!!?? I suppose I shouldn't complain, it's been that way for many years now...Halloween in July, Christmas in September, Valentines Day in December, Easter in January/Feb....sigh! Anyway, here are my little lovelies:

I don't know of any of you remember the little sets of earrings and pendants I made last year for Dia de los Muertos, but I made a few more for the little shop I occasionally sell locally. Desi asked me to make a few just to test the waters, so here is a set of pendents I made since I had four pair of earrings left over from last year. Sorry about the quality of the photo, but must have been a bit shaky the other day when I took this shot.

This past weekend I've had my youngest son, Ian, over for his birthday. He turned 26 on Friday and even though he's that age, he still behaves about certain things as if he were 10. I made sure he had a great birthday weekend, which may be over by today. I'll explain. My son is unable to really read well, so he fills his time watching television, movies and sports shows mainly, and listen to music while hes' here...he loves music!! For those of you who are unaware of what I'm talking about, Ian is autistic with other issues; he's mildly retarded. So I said it, "retarded!" Not mentally challenged, but a "tard." I call it like I see it. Anyway, now that we've gotten that non-PC word done and over with, I also want to mention, he loves to eat. I suppose he fills his days with just so much music and television that he enjoys the feeling and taste of many foods. I've shown him how to make certain dishes for himself when he's over here....the stepmother doesn't allow him to cook in her kitchen...don't know why, she doesn't use it herself either. The kid can cook an artichoke with butter sauce!! The reason I taught him, was one weekend, he was going back home and I didn't have time to cook his artichoke, so I typed out a very detailed set of instructions for this woman, pics and all, and sent it on with'd have to be a total idiot not to understand them...let's just say, she was unable to complete the task!!

On Friday, he was taken out to lunch by one of his friends to P.F. Changs...brought me back a lettuce roll....yum!! That evening we were planning on taking him to Chopes, wrote about it in my last blog. Well, as all best laid plans, this one fell apart. Both hubby and I had put in a long day, and I wasn't feeling too well and we just didn't want to drive 45 mins. to this place, so we had an alternative plan since he wanted to have a steak at Applebees....when I think steak, I don't think Applebees!! So we offered going to "Great American" today for a late lunch, early dinner....another local place that serves the best red meat in's for anyone who's looking for a stroke to happen!! LOL

Last night, we went out to another local eatery, Cappetto's. It's a Italian restaurant in town and it's not half bad...pretty good as a matter of fact. So we went there last night and met up with my mother, brother and his partner, girlfriend...what ever you'd call her. He was bound and determined to have a beer, after I was against it due to the heavy-duty meds he takes, but the doc told him he could have on occasion, one lite beer, which he ordered. According to my mother, he gulped it down, plus 8 oz. of Dr. Pepper. Explains why he was feeling so lousy within a few mins. My brother took him to the restroom, where he was able to splash some water on his face and just allow the guzzled contents to settle a bit. He came back out feeling much better, the rest of my salad, ate 2 pieces of his pizza and more Dr. Pepper. He swore he'd never touch any alcohol again!!

We returned to my mother's where she had prepared one of our favorite desserts and Ian's, Arroz con Leche, or plainly put, rice pudding, but the Mexican style....another yum!! I gave him a hefty serving, then he served himself twice after that. We came home and he proceeded to pop 2 bags of popcorn much to my chagrin. So at about 2 this morning, I'm awaken by DH, telling me that Ian called 911! The dork felt like sh-t and he decided to call 911 since he couldn't wake me up!! I shot out of bed, looked at my dialed numbers on my cell phone, called them back and told them to cancel...thankfully, the ambulance hadn't arrived and they were able to stop it. Well, let's just say I turned him every way but lose!!

We all had a rough night since I lay awake waiting for the other shoe to drop, but thankfully, it never did. At some point, I fell back to sleep and woke to what sounded like running water. DH told me Ian had been in the shower for about 30 mins. Went down the hallway and listened in at the door and he was doing his usual mumbling about something, so I know he wasn't dead. Again, stayed awake for any other sounds, but he finally went back to his room and shut the door.

So today, I'm hoping to get some work done in the studio and start on my new little skelly dolls. I still haven't set up a PayPal account over at my Etsy shop...may have to put that on the back burner for another 2 weeks. I also have been asked to make 2 more of those little hanging ballet skelly girls. Desi told me that a woman came in the other day, bought the two I had for sale there, for her daughter's nursery....and here I thought I was being a bit strange since I plan on making one for my future granddaughter's nursery! So I went to Hobby Lobby for more real girlie colours too!! My teeth ache!! Also, returned to Michaels and bought out the rest of their little wooden hanging skellies...I don't assume they'll be getting in more before next July!!

This coming Thursday, a friend and I will be heading out to Austin to spend a birthday weekend with a mutual good friend. We'll be heading from Austin to a town called Whimberly where we'll be staying at the Rocky River Ranch...sounds like a girl scout camp! Due to the drought, there will be no fire pits and from what I've also heard, whatever river than runs through it (no, it's not called Rocky River, just the facility), is dried up, so it will be interesting how we'll spend our time...told my buddy this body will not see a bathing suit anytime soon, so I will not be participating in any water activities unless it's the shower. However, every first of the month, Whimberly has an open craft market, so I'm really looking forward to that. That Sunday, we'll be heading back to Austin for an at -home birthday celebration given my my friend's kids, 5 of them, then Monday, it's back to El Paso...a quick weekend, but should be loads of fun...always have a great time with these two ladies.

Well, time to wrap this up and get my day started. Y'all have a great week and don't forget to do something creative...what's better than making creative stuff?? Making more creative stuff! Peace out.


Linda in New Mexico said...

Hey sweet lady....sorry about the "interesting and upsetting" evening. Gosh, in our lives, it's always something, yes?
I'm glad you're getting away and going to have fun with the girls. Sounds like a blast.
Love your masks, the look like so much fun to have done. If they have any here, I'll buy them and send them on to you. Okay?
scratch the goats, have a blast, talk to you soon, Linda

yoborobo said...

Your life is never, ever dull, is it? :) I hope things settle down in the 'chaos' department, and you get lots of skelly time in. Have a fun road trip, no Thelma and Louising it, okay? xoxo!! Pam

Whimsey Creations said...

It sounds like you had a really busy weekend! And so peaceful LOL I love the masks - maybe I need one to wear at work! Have a wonderful trip next week!

karena said...

Your son and mine share the same birthday only mine turned 29 this year. Know what both of us were doin' on the 23rd of September! hahaha!! Sounds like ya's had quite a weekend.
I like your masks...would they be able to fit a 3 year old?

Hope you have a calmer start to your week. xo

oldblackcatboo said...

Whoa! I'm worn out just reading about it all! LOL! I can't imagine dealing with all the drama.
You DESERVE a nice fun weekend away. Hope you have a fabulous time... and talking about FABULOUS, I am blown away by your masks!
Too bad they didn't have more!
XOXO - Cindi

Gloria said...

Hi Georgina. What a fun time you had. Arroz con leche is one of my favoites. You are always so busy. Gotta hand it to you. Glad you are taking a little time to yourself and you said that about me, that I needed a little time to myself and I did just that today. Nothing big, just a girls day out and it was satisfying and fun. It did relax me. Glad you are doing good and Happy Birthday to your son. I love the masks and right now I'm working of some actual skeleton heads and painting them. I bought the heads at the dollar store. Take care and have fun on your weekend.

Judah is a.... said...

Love the masks...want me to stop by the Michaels here and see if they have any more for you?

Ahhhh...that doesn't sound like the most restful of times, dear!

Roooooad Trrriiiiiiip!


Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

I am exhausted just reading your travels...the masks are superb. Enjoy the passing of time and remember to find the peace. Love you, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Kim Palencia said...

Hi Georgina! What a weekend you had!! I am glad the food was delicious! Sounds like it. Have you been to P.F Changs before? I really enjoy the mongolian beef there.

I am glad your son is feeling better. You deserve a nice time out with your friends!!

Your masks look great!! I wish Michaels would stock up more!

Take care!