Sunday, February 10, 2013

Time, Time, Time, What's Become Of Me

Good morning, my few bloggie buddies who still might remember me!!  I have been so absent, that I've almost forgotten about this stupid new blogger thingy.  I know for most of you, it's become a everyday format, but I'm still figuring it out!!  LOL

So what have I been doing lately, well, a lot of nothing, creatively anyway.  I've been a bit out of sorts since about Sept. and my muses are slowly returning from their long vacation at a small bar in the Bahamas, the sluts!!  I'm working on some new/old dolls to submit to Art Doll Quarterly.  I attempted a couple of years ago to submit some of my box dolls, but they were not accepted and I was quite miffed since the issue that I submitted them for contained lots of dreck (Yiddish for "caca"), well, in my opinion.   I didn't renew my subscription and until last Fall, I hadn't purchased an issue.  How's that for Prima Dona behaviour!!??  LOL  Ok, so I put on my big girl chonies and decided I wasn't "all that" and subscribed again.  The mag still has lots of dreck, but they also have some wonderful works of art too, so I just have to expect "the good, the bad and the ugly," when it comes to any art publications.

I want to take a moment to thank my sister, who moved her home and life, back  to El Paso to care for our mother.  In my last post, I wasn't kind concerning her cooking skills, and for that, I have apologized.  She has "da touch" in the kitchen also and has been caring for our 90 year old mother since then.  My sis is a God-send and I thank Him everyday for her love, care, concern and dedication to our mom's needs.  My sis has a heart of gold and and some big-ass stones along with that...the lady has "hutspa," lots of it.

In December, we had to say good-bye to our little Mr. Peanut, a.k.a, Senor Cacahuate.  He was diagnosed with liver cancer in the early summer and doctor said that he could live for another 6 months, year, maybe two, but our little guy made it to the 6 month mark.  I cried the entire time I put away Christmas of '12, on Dec. 28th.  He had a rough start, but my stepdaughter chose him up at a animal rescue facility, since she was told he was unadoptable due to his bad disposition...I would be pissed off too if I were mistreated and kicked in the face, breaking my jaw, by my owner.  He quickly took to all the lovin' provided by his new family and when Jessi moved up north to Chicago, we kept that little guy here with us.  Thank you , my sweet/bad-ass doggie...see you in heaven, because all dogs do go to heaven!!

Before I leave you, I want to post a pic of my little Zoe girl taken on her first birthday.  My daughter had a big Lady Bug theme party for her and Zoe will not have any memory of that festival, but her parents will!!  So here are my goils on her Zoe's "burpday" as my daughter used to refer to them around the same age.

Have a great week, my friends, and I shall return and post again, this time with pictures of my creative endeavors...sigh.  Peace out.


Nicole Beadwright Campanella said...

Glad to see you back. Sorry about our little dog. That is always difficult. Your sister is an angel and your daughter is a cutie.
Sending you positive energy.

Yve said...

Awww, poor lil' doggie :o( Wondered where you had been hiding the last few months, nice to have you back and good luck with the ADQ submission Lady ;o)

Priti.Lisa said...

You are still the funniest girl around and I look forward to seeing your pretty art! I am sorry you lost your fur-baby...that's tough. ♥♥

yoborobo said...

Georgina! I am so glad to see you here. :)) Your sis sounds like a sweet person and a real trooper. I hope you get some breathing room now, so you can make stuff! Sorry to hear about your sweet little dog. Loved that your muses went to the Bahamas - lol! xoxo