Thursday, April 4, 2013

This & That

Good Morning, my bloggie friends.  Hope you all had a wonderful Easter or Passover.  We didn't do much in the way of celebrating.  I forgot to put up my Easter Bush and all my other little Easter stuff that I usually display a couple of weeks prior to the holiday.  I guess it was a combination of laziness and a lot of  "la viejitis," or old age!!  LOL  I recall my ex-father-in-law calling it "Oppenheimer's" which wasn't quite like Alzheimer's...his version had more to do with explosive brain matter.  However, I did make a homemade carrot cake, a delish ham, baked potatoes and salad and a few Easter eggs were distributed by your's truly to both hubby and son.

Spring has sprung out here in far West Texas and with it, comes gorgeous days and some not so gorgeous.  Spring can be both a blessing and curse out here.  Everything is in bloom, including allergies, sinus infections, wheezing, dry and itchy eyes, etc., etc., etc.  We also do some real estate exchanges with the state of New Mexico (probably get a bit of Arizona too from it blowing into New Mexico) and Mexico.  Those are the days when you shut your windows as to avoid all the dirt settling on your furniture, but unless your windows are caulked completely with super glue, dirt's going to find it's way in.  Then there's those times when our air conditioner isn't turned on yet and it's blowing and howling and it's 80 degrees in your house!!  Now aren't you feeling a little better about those late snow falls right about now???  LOL  However, when the weather is clear, which it has been the last few days, it's at the "gorgeous" level, plus, our air conditioner is already on, so no sweat till we reach the century mark and beyond...OY!!

Before I post my latest dolls, I wanted to bring something up.  Do you know that Playboy magazine really does have great articles in it....really!!!  How many times have you heard guys say the reason they get it is due to the "articles and interviews???"  Right, and I've got a bridge in London I want to sell you!!  Actually, I  grew up with Playboy.  My dad had this client who gave him a subscription every Christmas for years.  He used to "hide" it under his side of the bed, but we all knew where he kept it.  Of  course, as kids, we'd look at the "neekked" ladies, showing less than what you see on prime time tv these days.  When I entered high school, I began looking at it in whole new perspective, they had damn good writers and the articles were actually good and some of the non-sexual artwork was fabulous.  So when I'd see the old issue in a box up in my Pop's closet, I knew I could have at it and cut out my favorite articles and graphics, unbeknownst to him, however.  I found them the other day and had to the times have changed.  I found lots of the articles naive and silly, but I'm not sure if that's a good thing either.  Have we become so desensitized in this world of technology, making our world a really smaller place?  Anyway, I decided to keep them as a reminder of simpler times (yea, Playboy had simpler times) and artwork that were actually drawn or painted and not computer enhanced or air brushed, like everything is now.

Let's hear a drum roll for my new stuff.  I call this series of dolls, "The Talkies," because they look as if they're telling you something and you really need to listen.  I wanted them to be a bit ethereal, I love that word, hence my choice of chiffon fabric for their clothing.  I utilized all these missing pieces of jewelry, that is, earrings without partners, broken necklaces and bracelets, pieces of chains and unused embellishments.  So here they are:

I posted them on Facebook and within a few minutes, I got someone who was interested in the red lady, so she's off now to her new home in London, Ontario, Canada.  I still have the other three looking for new homes, so if you're interested, contact me...I promise I won't bite!! LOL

Last night I attended a lecture given by my young friend, Jessica Pizana Roberts,  I met Jessica a few years back when I was still in school and she was   working on her B.F.A.  I got to know her better when we were partnered to do testing for a foundation under the John's Hopkins umbrella.  I don't never laughed so much with anyone on road trips as I did with her, ok, my hubby and I have some great times too, but for someone as young as she was, she has an old soul along with a sense of humour to match.  Anyway, if your interested in seeing her presentation, there's the link.  It may not be for everyone, but like I said, I know her well and this didn't surprise me a bit.  I invited one of my oldest and dearest friend, Ginny, to attend because I know she'd enjoy it as much as I.  Jessica added her regular flair of humour and it was questioned by one of the students (those goofy art types that are there because they "have to be."  LOL).  She now has her MFA from New Mexico State University and because of that, she should be serious???  Her lecture was about women's body images in today's society and I had to laugh when she showed a split screen of the Venus of Willendorf to one of her costumes....

I turned to Ginny and told her I was beginning to look like her....talking about women's body issues!!!!  LOLOLOL  During the lecture, Ginny turned around and asked me if I wanted a B12 tab...told her I already had mine earlier in the day.  She then reminisced about how when we were these student's age, we asked our friend sitting next to us if they had a joint!!  LOL  Anyway, we had a great time and then went to one of our favorite little eateries and had a salad and pizza.  I also want to show you what she gave me as a "just because it reminded me of you" gift," a pair of La Catrina earrings.  She and her sis had gone to the El Paso Museum of Art earlier that day and she said she saw them in the gift shop and had to get them...they're soooo Georgina!!  Spent a great evening with a great old of my many blessing.

Well people, time for me to get my day started and head on to the kitchen to get my pork tenderloin out for dinner tonight...making chile colorado (red chile stew) and some beans and coleslaw.  Then back into my happy place, the studio, to complete another framed Cocohead.  Peace out.


Gloria in CA said...

Love your dolls and congrats on the sale. It always feels good when one of our pieces sell. Nice work. Have a great Friday. Take care. A little under the weather, mostly tired so after I post my PPF, I'm headed to bed.

Priti.Lisa said...

Lovin' "the Talkies" they ARE new for you, but also SO you, you know what I mean? How wonderful that someone connected with your art and bought one...
I also followed your link to Jessica, wow! Her work is genius! I totally enjoyed all of her videos.

yoborobo said...

Hi Georgina! I love your new dolls...they do look like they're talking. The colors are so beautiful! And please pass me a B12 - I need it - hahaha! xoxo!!