Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Well, I'm facing a major change in my life that many have faced and will as long as humans are around. My father is critically ill and I really feel he's not coming home. He's 87, a colon cancer survivor, severe diabetic, blind and riddled with arthritis. In spite of all of those conditions, he always stayed pretty perky.

My father loves his family and has done everything to help us out, when help was needed. My heart breaks to see my 86 yr. mother, still very active, in such a state of denial. Hell, I don't know how I would react if I had to go through that...after 64 years together, what else does she know? I just pray for the best, what ever that is and that's about all I can do for him now.

This is all too sad...can't type anymore. Love you, Pop!


many_eyes said...

Wish only the best for your dad. ((hugs)))

(from WildArtDolls group)

Chaska said...

Georgina, may he go peacefully. Regarding you mother, she knows what is going on. It is just her way of coping. Some of us have to take reality in tiny pieces.