Saturday, February 7, 2009


As you can see, I've been a bit busy...should be busier, but sometimes stuff gets in the way. I love working with tin cans, especially the little olive cans, tuna and the long asparagus cans. The smooth surfaces are great to work on. Years ago I painted a watering can that used to belong to my fraternal grandmother. It was a really nice surface to work on, but because of it's size, I didn't use gesso as a primer, but real auto primer and spray paint...Wow, it turned out wonderful! I need to take a pic of that can that my mother has in her kitchen. I told her when she didn't want it anymore, that it's mine!!! LOL

Today we're going to my brother's for a little birthday celebration, my birthday was last Sunday, so it will be a short road trip, up to Las Cruces, NM. He had offered to throw something for me last week, but we already had plans to go to a Super Bowl party, so I asked him if we could have it this Saturday!!! I don't think the offer was extended beyound last weekend, but I kind of just popped the question!! LOL I actually did it for my Mom who would enjoy the short trip and seeing her family in NM.

I have many more projecst waiting for me, but I'm not feeling too motivated. I'm afraid depression is setting in again and I don't want to take anymore medication. My depression manifests physically, I will be fine one moment, then I feel sick to my stomach and I don't think it's necessary to go into anymore details. My father's death has affected me and I just don't want to feel this way. Life is just too short and precious to feel sick, so now that I'm aware of what's happening, hopefully, I can talk my way out of it with a little prayer to my Dad to help out!

I hope my stepdaughter and hubby visit tomorrow and bring that adorable little man with them. Aiden will be 12 mos. in March and he is the apple of my eye right now. He brings so much joy and I need to be with that little bundle of energy! Peace out.

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