Sunday, March 14, 2010

Poppies, Geology & Colonoscopy

I'm sure the title of my blog got your attention, sure would get mine!!! Well, as I go into my rantings, you'll see some trace of organization to my thought processes since many of you already know me and some of my favorite things, you may not be surprised at all.

Yesterday, my honey and I decided to take a nice drive since it was sunny, clear and in the low 70's. Instead of running up to Las Cruces, NM, he wanted to take me through Trans Mountain Road to see the poppies growing on the NW part of the mountain. Trans Mountain connects the Westside of the city to the Northeastern section of the city, where many of our military live since it's where Ft. Bliss is located. So we begin our ascent up the road and to my left is our wonderful mountain with ryolite and marble with running volcanic dikes and sills crossing the mountain cuts...a definite geologist dream. In fact, this entire area is a geologist's play ground since our geology is turned outward, so everything is in site.

I took geology like all good Liberal Arts students who didn't want to be burdened with such brain bashing subjects such as chemistry, physics, know what I'm talking about. It turns out I love geology and almost thought about making it a minor, but then I'd have to take all those "try" and "ics" subject, so I stayed on my art and lit. course. We took a field trip to Mt. Cristo Rey, a place where Mexican bandits like to hold up stupid geology students, but we got lucky that day!!
Then to Trans Mountain which was a whole introduction to Geology. I still have my collection of ryolite, marble and some garnets in the stone. Then it was up to Scenic Drive to climb up the windy hillside of the Franklin Mountains to see "squishies" and "crunchies" as our professors explained the fossils left in the stone!! LOL It was a great day and had a blast, but that was long ago when I could still see my feet!! LOL

Well, back to the poppies. I know you out there that our constantly surrounded by green, luscious flora and fauna think we're being silly about making such a fuss over those little yellow/orange flowers, but they are our eye candy around here. The Chihuahua Desert is not like the Sonoran Desert in AZ...we have no Saguraro Cactus and other beautiful coloured plants that grow there, so we appreciate anything that grows with some colour!! Depending on the amount of precipitation we get here, the poppies come up every Spring. This year we had lots of rain and snow, so we're looking at a bumper crop this year. In fact, we're going to have a Poppy Festival, which I hope my honey volunteers....he's a member a tree/green organization here in El Paso. WE LOVE OUR POPPIES!!!

Ok, now for the really funny stuff now that I have bored you with geology and poppies. On Thursday, I took my honey to the Endoscopy Centre for his very first colonoscopy!! I'm already a pro at this since my father was a colon cancer survivor, so we kids have to get them every 3-5 years...yuck!! The actual procedure isn't a big're put down with lots of great drugs, even a drug to make you forget if you woke up the middle of the procedure...never happened to me, but my sister, mother and daughter had that experience and they remember it. Now they have a drug to help you forget if you do...great! Well, I dropped him off and a couple of hours later, they called me to tell me he was ready. I was all set to pick up my very groggy honey, saying ugly meaningless jabber, but as I walked in, there he was sitting in a chair waiting for me. I was amazed since my previous experiences with my mother and sister were so different as my own. To my surprise, he was sitting in a chair in the recovery room waiting wearing a big smile as I entered the room and of course, his clothes for those of you who thought that's all he was wearing!! We sat there for the nurse to give us the ok and instructions for the next 24 hours. As she was explaining things to us, she whipped out this paper in the file and there it was, colour pics of my honeys colon...WHAT!!!!! I had to keep my composure since I wanted to just break out in uncontrollable laughter. She pointed out things that were viewed and so on. As we left the facility and entered the car, I asked him if he wanted 5x7's or how about a 8x10 for our hallway photo montage or perhaps wallets for the kids!! This was just too funny to to poke fun. We didn't know why they were now taking shots of our colons, perhaps people doubted the procedures since there are no real problems or after effects. But how do we know that's our colon...all colons look the same to the untrained eye, right???? Anyway, I plan to ask the nurse when I go for mine next month when I'm being prepped for the procedure since this is something new for me.

Well, folks it's time for me to shut down this 'puter and get my day started at 1:12 p.m....well, get something going anyway. Have a great, productive week and let me know what size pic you want when I get mine!!! I think wallets are a good size!!!! Peace out.


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

No, even to the untrained eye, all colons don't look alike! (as I found out.....) When I worked for the Dr, I will never forget the first set of pics I got in daily corresponcence to file---it was definitely a WTF??? moment! then you saw more and more, and truly; they do not look alike.
I think the general rule for photos is a referrence tool down the road, in case something changes, or is suspected of change.
On the other hand, you have a Dr with an expensive piece of equipment that takes photos.....need I say more???
What a time, all around!!!

Anne, cruisin' the colons....

Gloria said...

Great post Georgina. I'm trying to make my rounds. I allowed myself an hour to go from blog to blog to try to catch up. I leave tomorrow again and won't have a puter for a a few days. I think it is great that your a getting this done. It's better to know what is going on inside your body than find out later something is wrong. Your husband was a champ in getting the procedure. You made him sound so sweet, I'm sure he is. Hey Georgina have a great week.

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

You got knocked out for your colonoscopies??? I never have been. They give me something - I think it's called a twilight - but I'm definitely awake during the whole thing.

Now my beauties. Something with poi-son in it I think. With poison in it. But attractive to the eye and soothing to the smell. Ha-ha-ha-ha. Poppies. Poppies. Poppies will put them to sleep. Sle-ee-p. Now they'll sle-ee-p.

Sophia said...

Yes, your title definitely caught my attention!! LOL I was like..."ok how do poppie, geology, and colonoscopies all fit together?" hahahaha :)

Thinking of you on this rainy Sunday.


oldblackcatboo said...

I was thinking about the field of poppies on the way to OZ too! LOL!
Hey, sounds like you had a great day! Only YOU could make going to get a colonscopy sound like a fun adventure! God love ya! I know I do! Have a wonderful week!
XOXO - Cindi

Linda in New Mexico said...

We must not ever have talked on the subject of Geology.....I did minor in Earth Sciences...this is too damn funny. I loved our visit on the phone the other day. The grands kept looking at me like come on old lady we want to walk....I never stay on the phone that long but I love you so much. We are really too funny and too alike for our own good. Poor Vern......tell him I want an 8 x 10. And the folks who have green in various shades don't get us going wild over ......well we call it green with some colors. I have only see your poppies once when I was in college. Damn they are pretty. B&G Linda
You said you know Fluffy....vert word is inental Is that Inental with an I, or Iglesias with an E. Girl you gotta come out here cuz this Nacho Libre is trippin'

yoborobo said...

Oh, a picture of your DH's COLON! Now you don't have to worry about your Christmas card for 2010! LOL!! You are such a hoot. And I took geology twice in college, and I thought about majoring, and for the same reasons stayed put in art. :) I knew I liked you. LOL!! Happy new week - xo Pam

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

Georgina did you take your camera? I have tried to grow poppies at different times but I think the deer eat buddies. I would have loved to see all this glorious color blooming least it is now in my heart. Wonderful may have saved a life for someone who may have fear about getting the test done. I will have to ask my doctor if they take pictures? Just curious :o). Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

sUz said...

oh i just adore your writing style geOrGina :) and the fact that your name begins with geo as is geology :)
thanks for peekin' in on my blog and for leaving your kind words :)
sUz :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, you have such a busy varied life. Thew, I believe it will be a relief to have your test over for another 3-5 years. Good that you go to keep a check on things.

Roll in the beautiful spring and summer!



Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

I will be back soon my friend...take care and be gentle with your spirit. I so enjoy hearing from you. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

MyPinkTurtle said...

Oh Georgina! How I love reading your blog and the comments you leave on my blog! You should write books, you are very lyrical in a very special way. Thanks for stopping by for a visit and for your sweet comments about my new wooden pendants! I wish I could go and spend some time where you live and go nature specimen hunting! As you know, I am a skulls and bones and specimen maniac. Love insects, nests, seed pods, rocks, name it. I bet I would come back home with a truck load of unsual stuff. I was there quite a while ago and have great souvenirs of what I saw. I too love indian jewelry, silver and turquoise, oooooooh..... Poppies.... Love poppies, especially the opium poppies with their large petals and their big pods. My great grand-mother who lived on a secluded farm in rural Saskatchewan would make a soothing beverage with the seeds. Way to go, grand-ma!!! Take care, LuLu