Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I don't know how many of you take your dreams seriously. I know the difference between a visitation dream of a deceased loved one and a dream with them in it. I've always hoped I would have a visitation type dream from my dad, but he's just part of my dreams, he and my mother, however, my mother is still very much around. Then there are those "creative" dreams where you get some really great ideas and try to remember them when you wake up...many of those dreams are lost in my little gray cells somewhere in my brain, because I'm just too lazy to keep a journal or sketch pad by my bed...I prefer to just keep on sleeping and keep on dreaming. Then there are just those dreams where you wake up and think, "What the heck was that all about???" Ok, I get those a lot and I can't say what lead me to dream that stuff and why.

Lately, however, I've been dreaming about myself, but yet, it's not me. I'm either younger or older, but it's not my face, my body (which can work to my advantage) my hair, it just NOT ME. It's as if I escape into someone else's physical body, but the person within is me, my personality, my sensibilities (or lack of), in other words, it's me, but in disguise.

I've been dealing with some rather serious issues right now and I'm wondering if that isn't why these strangers appear in my dreams as me. Perhaps in my dreams, I'm escaping my physical reality by being someone else. I have no idea, I'm not a dream interpreter, but the dreamer. Last night or rather early this morning (that's when I have my most intense dreams, around 6-7:30am.)I dreamed I was this young woman who fell in love with this sweet young man, we became engaged and it turned out he was a vampire. Now I'm not into the New Moon series nor do I watch vampire shows on the CW, I'm not saying I'm not into vampires, I love vampires, just not the recent young, sexy type, unless many of you remember Frank Langella playing Dracula many years ago when he was a young, sexy stud...I was soooo in love!!! Even Robin Williams was in the dream playing a stalking vampire. Ok, by now you all are saying, "Wow, G, you've lost your cucumbers," but I'm telling you what I remember. Now here's where reality begins to seep in, we had 2 children, male and female. The male was very negative and judgmental, and so on and so forth. He wanted to quit school and learn how to play the trumpet. I told him I would allow it, but at the end of the year, he had to play Carnegie Hall!! Now is that too much for a vampire mother to ask of her little blood sucker??? Then there was the daughter who was always bringing up the past, I kept telling her that she needed to move on and quit living there, get her head out of the past, but she just kept on with, "I remember...", blah, blah, blah. She was a royal complainer and whiner. That's about all I remember of these vampire kids. I also enjoyed the part where my vampire honey and I would mess with the maid and open up the dishwasher and put the dishes away...telepathically!!!

Can you imagine remembering all these little details in a dream that probably lasted just a couple of minutes...it's mind boggling!! So what do you all think. Am I escaping through my dreams (and let's not forget the Housewives of NYC and Orange County) or is this just the norm for now. If it were, I guess I wouldn't be writing a blog about it, so dear readers, whatcha think??

Now onto another subject. My sister told me of a gift she found for me after she gave me my birthday gift. My sis is a procrastinator, but a really sweet one. I can recall Christmas' in July because she never got around to mailing them in Dec. Birthdays in...July come to think of it...she just clumped it all together in July!! She's gotten much better, however, since her life is very different from all those years ago, thank God!! She emailed last week telling me she had finally sent the little thing out and I would be getting it Monday. What a hu-eg surprise I got from the UPS guy, she sent me an Ed Hardy handbag!! Little??? Nope, wonderfully big!! She knows my love of skeletons, who doesn't???? LOL

I love it and I intend to wear it right away. Such a great surprise and gift. Well, my dear readers, time for me to get my morning started and move on down the road. I think I'll play in my studio today and see what things I can accomplish in there, cleaning and organizing are not in the plans right now, though!!! Peace out.


Anonymous said...

Thats a cool bag. How neat! Check out this website for fun http://www.dreammoods.com Hope you have sweet dreams.

Gloria said...

I think it's exciting that you dream like you do. Try to jot it all down in your journal or as much of it as you can remember. When you first start to remember your dream, start writing it down. Sometimes we do tend to escape from reality in our dreams. I know I have. Great post Georgina. I love that bag! It's awesome. Have a great rest of the day. Take care.

Linda in New Mexico said...

Okay dammit. I told your sister that bag was for me not you but did she listen?????? Apparently not. I love it too many. So I guess I'll just have to say, if I can't have it, there ain't no body else that should 'cept you.
Now if you had told me you had a dream about having a big steamroller and smashing some talking heads without names that can be mentioned, then I'd say you were just venting but this seems to be quite telling of some inner conflict (that was just said with an Austrian accent where I studied human psych 101) uh huh, not. Girlfriend, were I you and sometimes I think I am, I would be having "badder" dreams. Bloodsuckers has a familiar ring to it. Dishwasher thing has me troubled though....tee hee.
Love you big G, wish my magick wand had more of a kick to it. (((hugs))) until next time

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I want the hand bag.
I SERIOUSLY WANT that handbag!!!!
I'm sorry, this should be a serious comment but you distracted me with an Ed Hardy......

Luv YA! We'll chat later!


oldblackcatboo said...

First, I WANT THAT BAG! Too Cool!

Second, I've had all sorts of dreams. Some where they come true. Some where I don't really think it was a dream, I think it was more of a visitation.
I have dreams full of details and complicated plots and then some just nice ones with an unmarried Hugh Jackman! LOL!
Anyway, my take on it would be this:
You might be wishing back to younger more carefree days when you believed in movie-style happy endings where everything turned out wonderful when you married Prince Charming and rode into the sunset. Then I think reality is fighting to get into your dream and makes that Prince turn into a Vampire, who sucks all your creativity and happiness out of your life and you get the perfect boy/girl child ratio and they turn out to be kids off of a reality show! and while this is all happening, your mind is telling you to remember to empty the dishwasher....
OR maybe not. I might be kinda cynical about the whole "Happy Ending" junk that we have been brainwashed into as little girls....
What it takes to be Happy is different for everyone....in MY case it's good friends, my critters, chocolate and some beverages!

yoborobo said...

Georgina, we should get together and compare dreams. I have some doozies. :) I have no idea what it means, but how cool that it was so detailed and you had this whole vampire humor thing going on - haha!


oldblackcatboo said...

Hey! I'm back...I kinda was on a rant yesterday (sorry) I had just been talking with someone about the whole Tiger Woods, John Edwards, Jesse James, people I used to know, stuff and then I read your Vampire dream and my mind went back to that!
So...now I'm thinking your dream is probably an escape from whatever serious issues you are going though. I think it's maybe trying to give your mind a rest from those issues and taking you on a wild crazy creative dream ride! So that you can have a break.
I think that you should write a story (or screenplay!) from your great FUNNY thoughts/dreams!
Hey! Now that would be a TV show I'd watch!
So, dear blogger friend, I don't know what's really happening in your life right now, but I am sending you positive and happy thoughts! XOXO - Cindi

Linda in New Mexico said...

Hey chica: Happy Sisterfriend's Day Sista.......B&G
vert word: hewarbil
he war bil and then he changed his name

julie Haymaker thompson said...

WOW Your post !!first of all the insite about dream visitors . Now on to vampires I think that you are feeling someway sucked dry between what you want and what you "Think' you should be doing .Mothers always Think they shoud be doing for others and not taking caring for their own needs. Hence the family in the dream. Add the creative needs of the son figure??? Do you want to spend more time creating (son) and less time wishing you could ( The daughter ) You know what they say we are all the people in our dreams .I am not sure I believe that but sometimes it could be true. The other night I dreamed I was teaching and art class and I walked into the bathroom to wash my hands. When I looked in the mirror it was me but my face had turned into that of a mans . HMMM what was that all about ??? In the dream I was very upset !!

Anonymous said...

I hope there's nothing too terribly serious going on!

And yup, I'm of a like mind on the whole dream-journal thing. I'd much rather try and continue the adenture than get up and write it down!

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

My dreams are my guides into seeing the reality...keep a journal and check back after some time. They reveal often what we want to forget or confusion that is not settled. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

YayaOrchid said...

Hmm...I thought I had already left a comment. Probably prompted me with a new word verification and I didn't see it.

Just had said that I really like your new purse and your Sister is a true sweetheart for giving you something so nice! As to dreams, well i think we all get crazy dreams. It's normal.
Have a great weekend!

Designs By CK said...

Popping in to say a belated hello.

CK :-)