Saturday, January 15, 2011

Artist Statement....Oey Vey!

Hi all and welcome to another installment of my rants, raves and delish dishes!! Above is a large steaming pot of one my favorite things to eat, Calabasitas. It's a pot of shear love!! It's Italian zucchini, corn (canned or frozen), canned tomatoes (with jalapenos or plain), and cheese, lots and lots of cheese...extra sharp cheddar, munster, jack, asadero or all the above!!! It's just cheesielicious!! I also add some spices, garlic and onion power, a bit of Cajun seasoning (if you have Anne's recipe, I urge you to use it!!), and Mexican oregano (regular oregano is fine too, but Mexican has a richer flavour). You can make it as a side or a meal...I've used it for both. Just steam the zucchini then once it's semi-soft, (not mushy), add all the above ingredients and allow cheese to melt. That's it, that simple and so good.

Alright, now that I've exorcised the spirit of "Julia" (I wonder if she ever made Mexican food??), it's time for my rant. I've been asked to create an artist statement and bio for a gallery. The bio is no prob, but the artist's statement, Oey Vey!! If you were to ask any of my studiomates about Georgina and artist statements back when I was in school, you'd get the eye rolling action followed by a huge guffaw!! You see, as an art student I attended many shows, both professional and student shows, and read my fair share of artist's statements. Oh Lord, most of them were a verbal pile of doo-doo!! I thought, do these people really think this way when they're creating? So I'm really stumped for what I need to put down on paper or in this case, an email with an attached document...sigh!

I texted a good friend of mine, who graduated with me and moved on to get her masters in sculpture, making her now an assoc. prof at the university's art department. She called me back and said she couldn't text because she was laughing too hard to punch in her reply. She recalls all those comments I made when reading out those statements. I would take the brochure provided by the artist, back to the studio where work resumed into the late evenings. So for a comedic break, I would read out the statements to my fellow studio dudes and dudettes in the same fashion of a Shakespearean soliloquy!! I was an English and American Lit. minor, so I had lots of practice!! LOL Many of these statements made for a good laugh and began dialogs among us about art and our purpose in that world. Yea, whatever!!

Many of these statements have words like, "conceptual, organic, metamorphosis," and my personal favorite, "genesis!" I have a "genesis" every day, it's called waking up!! So I'm just stumped for words as to how to sound "artsy" and yet maintain my identity. I asked myself, "Myself, what do you think while in the throws of creativity?" I observed this yesterday while measuring where to drill holes into my wooden boxes (later on that project) and then taking the drill for said holes, however, I sounded more like Yosemite Sam after I pierced myself with a drill bit!! Oh well, so much for that experiment!!

While listening to my CD's, the voice of Paul Simon began to waft through my studio (do voices waft or is that scents??). It hit me, like Paul, I'm "still crazy after all these years"....and proud of it!! It was as if my decision to play that Paul Simon CD was more divine intervention than personal intent. I'm working on my statement now, with the "crazy" thing being my main theme. I don't know what direction it will take, if any. I might be like one of my favorite ceramists, Michael Corney, a professor of ceramics at UNM (University of New Mexico in Albuquerque) where his statement is a big question mark, except I'll use the exclamation point instead!



These are pics of my latest projects since before Christmas. Two of them are little metal frames made in Mexico. I grew up seeing them on the walls of old missions and homes and loved the colours and designs. I ordered a few little ornaments last year and decided to start doing something with them. I'm a doll artist, that's never going to change, but I do enjoy going outside of my perimeter now and then and here are the results of my wandering.

Metal frame with a small painting of "Virgen de Guadalupe," enclosed in a small glass frame.

Metal heart with a satin ribbon and gold milagro in the centre.

Dollar store metal frame with a small painted canvas of "Virgen de Guadalupe."

These are available for sale if anyone is interested, just email me at

Well, I'm off to begin my day in the studio. With all these football play-offs, I doubt if my hubby or son will come up for air today until I take my boy back home to his father this evening. So my bloggy buds, have a great week and keep creating and don't forget to try my warm-up-the-soul Calabasita recipe, especially those of you who are chin deep in snow...yea, it's going to be in the mid-60's here today!! Peace out.


Linda in New Mexico said...

Hey !, does this mean we have to call you ! like the artist formerly known as Georgina??????? I love it. I know you, I love it even more, I adore you and think it is perfect. The Olde Bagg, Linda
My personal artist statement is censored. Rated PG-WTH.

Michele Lynch Art said...

I need to begin with the food, cuz anyone who knows me knows how I LOVE food! My tummy growled when it saw your delicious picture!! Defiantly something I'm going to try!! As for the artist statement, I always wondered about those! Same with music sometimes I think it's analyzed to death by left brained people who don't have a creative bone in their body. Anyway, I don't wanna go off on a rant about that lol...LOVE your ! statement ;o) The projects you created are fabulous!! I wasn't sure I could pick a favorite! I think the metal heart wins for me though :o) Love your work! xo Michele

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

Georgina these new works are spectacular and I will be over for dinner around six. If only we did live closer...we would make some incredible Herstory :O}. I was dancing in the studio yesterday but I forget that I do have one whole side of windows on the front side of the street. Oh well free entertainment! Peace be with you! Imagine Peace, Mary Helen

Janine said...

Your artwork is great. I love the strong colours and the mexican kind of religious folkart.
I wish you a great week with a genesis every day ;0)

Gloria said...

Calabacitas are one of my favorites, my dad loved them too. You make yours like I make mine. My dad always said, "despiden mucha agua." So I didn't put too much water. Your creations are just awesome, great work. You know, I doubt if Julia ever did make Mexican food, she was just too much into the French. Have a great week and you already sound "artsy" and are who you are. Take care.

Hell Notes for Beauty™ said...

Never been a fan of zucchini but with the added cheese, corn has me second guessing. So cheesy and amazingly delicous just when mentioning the types of cheese, and of course the photo and cajun has my mind all over the place.

lol at verbal pile of doo-doo. Just Keep it simple and keep it real! Can't wait to see what you come up with.

oldblackcatboo said...

I couldn't agree with you more! Most of those statements are so pompous!
It's like they think if they verbally vomit all these big words out, we will somehow believe their splashes have a depth and story when it was probably an accident....
Oops! Now I'm on a rant!
I say, if you get stuck you can always use a Monty Python quote!
I love it when you do!
XOXO - Cindi

WingingIt said...

i love the creativity that oozes out of you!!!!!!
i have to gather my studio up after every use...ha!

YayaOrchid said...

My family loves calabazitas with pork (stew). I've never tried it with cheese, but it does sound delicious!

Love the little heart with a milagro, very colorful and cheery. I'm sure you'll come up with appropriate words for your presentation without sounding too too 'artsy', right? And if you inject your own brand of humor, you can't help but be charming too.

Gloria said...

Hi Georgina! Thx for coming by my blog and letting me know you are making spaghetti sauce. You go girl! That's the only way to go, homemade. Yippe ya yay! hehehe or tee hee or even lol. hahahah. I love homemade sauces and good for you, I'm proud of you.:) Have a great day and fun.

YayaOrchid said...

Georgina, loved your comment about the Gruyere cheese bread! Now you've got me intrigued and I at least want to know the name of the flour you found at bien antojada! Maybe the recipe name so I can google it?

Abi said...

Oh man, I'm hungry now - that dish looks so delicious Georgina!

Yep. Our styles are different aren't they, but I love yours! and I really love your latest creations.

I love Cindi's reply aka Blackcatboo - I agree with everything she wrote!!

Over and out
Abi x

Anonymous said...

Ugh...the very words "artistic statement" make me cringe...both in regards to reading others, and when one is requested of me. I've frequently opted for "I make things."

Calabasitas...the yum. It's fun to see your version of it, quite similar to mine, but a little different. I use yellow squash mostly, hominy, potatos, bunches of onions and usually a jalapeno or two...depending on who all is going to eat it. Some of the yankees I live with have zero heat-tolerance! Have to say I've never put cheese on it, though, but my next batch will definitely have some!

Damn you, woman, you always make me hungry!

Anonymous said...

Georgina hi!
Many thanks for the visit to our site and the comment you left. Yes, certainly there is a possibility you were a Celt wayback. As for me,I have been told, have a native American Indian spirit guide watching over me who was a relative way, way back. My celtic bit comes fom a great gandparent who was Welsh. They moved to London and their son picked up cockney rhyming slang (not the best of additions but amusing at times).
I am in love with your Hungarian Paprika Box Doll, please enter me in the draw and I will keep my fingers and toes crossed on the 17th! I like your art very much and will be back often.

Sunshineshelle said...

You break me up... I can't stand how some people think if your funny you can't be a serious artist, like you have to use belgium linen & big words LOL Love your work & grabbed myself a recipe while I was here...
Now, up UP & AWAAAAAY!