Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Blog & Toda La Familia

Well, here we are going into our first week of the new year and already I have something to rant about!! Oh yea, as if that's a big surprise to you!! However, before I begin my "observations," I want to recommend a blog for your reading enjoyment. My daughter has begun a weight-loss journey and decided to write about it. Now my girl is very much like her "mummy," she's fluffy and funny, although, I think she's funnier than I and writes a heck of a lot better. So if you want a good laugh and a sneak peak into the life, trials and tribulations of a 32 (there Andria, I corrected it) year old mother of 4 adorable little boys (my addition to that, not hers), a music teacher, wife and fighter of the fluff, go on over: She also has a fan page on her Facebook, so if you like this blog, join her fan page...oh wait, I haven't yet, but then I'm her biggest fan...I don't need to sign up for no stinkin' fan page!! LOL

Right now I'm listening to one of my many stations I've developed on Pandora. I love Laura Nyro, who died much too young. If you haven't heard of her, Google her and see all the wonderful music she sang and wrote, made famous by other singers and groups, such as , Barbara Streisand, Three Dog Night, The Band, The Fifth Dimension and many others and if some of you do not recognize some of the above artists, then Google them!!! LOL

I'm reading another book for book club, but this time, it's a children's book. The sponsor of this months literary evening, is an elementary school librarian. After our first meeting of book club ladies, Carolyn brought me home since I was on her way. We discussed our love for children's literature and how I've been collecting it for years, even though my daughter took the bulk of my collection when she began her family, but I have continued since. She decided to pick a very sweet story about a rabbit, "The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane." I called my 10 year old grandson and asked him if he had ever read it and he had, in 3rd grade!! He told me it was about a "plastic" bunny. Actually, it's about a "porcelain" bunny, but who's noticing. So I took my mother to her doc's appointment on Monday and having the past experience of waiting so long in that office, my clothes go out of style, I took the book to begin my reading! This reminds me of a story my daughter told me about my ex-mother-in-law, who I still adore...her son, not so much! She told Andria that she has dropped some of her docs due the long wait she has to endure in the waiting room. One of these physicians complained to her that her blood pressure was too high, but she rebutted that if he didn't make her wait so long in the outer office, she wouldn't have high blood pressure!! Makes total sense to me...amazing how I haven't stroked out yet!

We entered the office and to my absolute surprise, it was wall-to-wall people. Actually, it's always full, but we're talking full house! I entered and blurted out "Holy Sh-t, it's standing room only!" Some of the patrons laughed but not Church Lady, who we ended up sitting next to...she didn't think I was "special" at all (remember Dana Carvey's "Church Lady" on Saturday Night Live back when it was still funny)! I don't know if you're familiar with certain little quirks we beaners have, well, not all of us, but around here, it's the norm. Doctor's visits are obviously a family affair..."toda la familia!" A lady who was new in our fair city, asked me once why there are signs in some offices that specify only a certain amount of people can wait in the outer office...I almost fell over from laughing!! I explained the "toda la familia" syndrome that afflicts many of the population here in ol' El Paso.

Well, back to the doctor's office experience the other day, Church Lady and her mother were led back to the patient's waiting room, when a "toda la familia" came into the office, 4 friggin' generations of them!! There was the great-grandmother, grandmother, mother and 2 small children, one of them being about 12-14 months. Now I love kids just like the next person (lies, Georgina, you hate all children including your own), ok, well, maybe not all children, hey, I like mine, sometimes, and my grandsons all the time!! LOL They called in the great-granny, the actual patient and the grandmother, daughter I assume, escorted the little old woman into the back, leaving the mother and the two little ones. All I could think was this woman doesn't get out much because she struck up a conversation with the women sitting next her and the entire time, never came up for air!! The toddler was growing impatient, as toddlers tightly strapped into strollers do, and the mother was oblivious to her complaints, unfortunately, everyone else was quite aware! The problem was that they were sitting next to me. The child cried, wailed at times, threw her bottle and then proceeded to throw it at me...oh no, you didn't!!??!?!? I tapped the mother on her arm and proceeded to explain to her that her child was becoming irritated and was attempting to get her attention...she then told me she doesn't speak English, so I translated my comment to her. Her reply was that the kid does it all the time, and returned to her yammering to the poor souls next to her. The little darling returned to her "usual" behavior and again, launched the bottle my direction. I politely picked it up and set it on the table next to my seat, without any comment or glances and returned to my bunny story. The mother turned around and I assume was ready to give me a piece of her mind, but before she could get a word out, she was met with many tongue lashings from the other people who watched and had to endure her child's shenanigans.

This again, reminds me of another story. We had this cat, Purcy, who was constantly victimized by this neighborhood bully cat. I guess Purcy had enough one afternoon, so he lead this cat in a chase through the metal gate into our backyard, bully kitty right behind him. There standing at the entrance of the gate, were our two doggies, our Belgium Shepard, Charro, and our little Benjie type terrier, Edgar. Well, fur flew and I watched Purcy on the wall watching the show and bathing himself while being entertained by his canine buddies. Needless to say, that cat never bothered our Purcy ever again. Except for me sitting on a wall and lapping myself, that's about how it went in that out office...verbal fur was flying and the irate mother took her two little sweeties outside...bu-by!!

Now for something completely different (Monty Python fans may recognize that one), but the other night I was watching television and this commercial came on. It was an advertisement for a Time-Life music library selection, a set of classical music CD's. As I listened to some of the samples of music, all that came to mind was, "Kill the wabbit, kill wabbit, kill the wabbit!!" Thank you Warner Bros. for introducing me to opera and classical music at such a young left it's mark! Oey vey!!! Well, that's about all, my friends. I plan on going into my newly organized and clean studio, backache and all, and begin creating again. Have a great week and peace out.


Whimsey Creations said...

Well Georgina, tell us how you really feel! LOLOLOLOL Nothing more irritating than someone who ignores their kids actions!

Gloria said...

Sounds to me like you've been really busy and that's good. I've never heard of Laura Nyro. I'll have to look her up. I personally don't like crowded doctor's offices. I make my appt. as early as I can get it and I've been lucky to get there when the door is being opened. Enjoy your new reading book, I'll still reading the London book and enjoying the short stories. Have a great rest of the week.

Gloria said...

Oh and I'll head out to your daughter's blog and have a look see. :)

Deborah said...

Holy smokes, I forgot what I was going to say early on in the post!!! You are a riot! Oh, Laura Nyro! Loved her. Still do. Yes she passed much too soon. I was in high school during my main obsession. **head spins and pops off** kisses, Deb

Andria said...

*a-hem, I'm 32, but who's counting--real nice, mother!!! Also, thanks for putting my blog out there, trying to make it viral, get the word out that being fluffy sucks, can be funny, and break the stereotype!! Hopefully, I will win the battle of the fluff :) Love ya!

Linda in New Mexico said...

Oh big are the tangent lady today. I will certainly go to "daugher's" site. I can't stand a mom who is not concerned with her children. Makes me want to put the mom in time out or threaten with the deadly fly swatter of my childhood.
The cat story was rich.
And we have those too many folks signs here too...what is that about lo comprendo.
HUgs to the goats and smooches to yous. The Olde Bagg

Diane MacNaughtan * Dianie Mac * said...

I worked in a bakery for many years,
I could not believe the mothers who would let their children stand on the damn cake case and put their foot right into a cake, while mommy is having social hour with a friend.. sheesh.. then they give you the dumb look as if it's your fault. I started getting a little rude with those mothers.
Anyways, I'm going to check out your daughters blog ;)

Have fun in that clean studio!!


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

You should be doing stand up!!!
Read this last night when I was too tired to comment,; I can remember about half and then get laughing and remember nothing... :-D
You take the cake my friend.
This should be in *funniest blog posts anywhere*......


oldblackcatboo said...

Ha! Love this post!
You are so funny!
I'm ranting over on my blog right
now and it's not funny. I'm still P#@*-ed Off! Thanks for getting my mind off of it!
I will go check out your daughters blog right away and I'm betting that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree!!! LOL!
Love ya, Cindi

yoborobo said...

Hey G! Oh, I love a good rant from you. It just makes my day! I feel the same way about feral children - lol! I don't get mad at the kids, but I have certain thoughts directed at their parents. :) Good for your daughter! She sounds like a chip off the old block. I will hop over and say hi. xox!!

Michele Lynch Art said...

LOL Georgina on church lady!! Oh I miss those skits!! and too funny on Toda La Familia!! Some people think it's others responsibility to watch their kids. It's annoying as hell. xo Michele

YayaOrchid said...

Georgina, you oughtta be a comedian! You had me laughing girl! You do have a talent for telling a story amiga! LOL! I would love having you for a neighbor, btw, LOL!

I'll go check out your little one's blog, sounds interesting.

julie Haymaker thompson said...

Ok now... Tying in the wating at the Drs. Visits with monty python .... RUN Away fast!!! ( John Clee in the holy grail ,the rabbit from hell scene )There is no excuse for Drs to make us wati!!!

Abi said...

Oops! bad parenting skills eh.
I think people should go on an intensive child care programme before they are allowed to have kids. And if they don't pass, no kids allowed. Right? LOL
Good luck to your daughter.. and thanks for visiting - I appreciate it!!!

Anonymous said...

She does that all the time is not exactly the best excuse! perhaps even the opposite!

Sherry said...

LOVE your blog Georgina! I didn't know you had one until today. You are amazing!

Love, Sherry

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

You go girl..I am laughing so hard because I still cannot believe hoe a few parents can ruin a visit to the doctor's office...hang in their and go make work in your clean studio. This will ease your discomfort! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Hell Notes for Beauty™ said...

You are too much... I laugh all the time when here.

It's funny when people just talk and talk as if they never do leave their house lol too much. I for some reason always end up being the one having to listen to all the crap strangers always seem to want to express to me in the most random places.

I'll check you daughters page out right now! take care.