Thursday, March 3, 2011

Big Wins and Stuff

I'm slowly recuperating from my Vegas trip and my ear drums are now at peace with me. They're letting my amp up the volume on my stereo in the studio. Hey, I can't dance to Lady Gaga, The Dave Matthews Band, Santana, etc. at whisper volume...needs to have my tunes loud in there!!

Speaking of trips, I got a call from my daughter Monday that she was sending me a ticket to come play in Austin during Spring break. I haven't seen my little guys since October and I'm really missing them. Besides, now I don't have to ship them their M&M dispenser and all the neat-o coloured M&M's I got them in Sin City at the M&M store. Speaking of which, I told the attendant who was pushing my mother's wheel chair at the Vegas airport I would never return...hate Vegas. She smugly said I'd be back, ala, A-nold!! I made it quite clear that the only way I'd be back is if someone were to bring back my ashes and spread them in the M&M store!!

I'm just now getting around to showing off my lovely wins from a contest and OWOH blog-0-thon. That was so much fun and I made some great new friends. The first photos are of a little contest Pam Smallcomb had over at her place,

The lovely Carmen!

And a copy of her book.

The book is just too adorable and if you have little ones or have little grandies, I highly recommend you get a copy of her book. I ordered one from Pam with the names of my grandsons so she could personalize it and the boys think Meema is sooo cool, since she had the "author" autograph their copy...Meema thinks the "author" is just too cool too, thanks Pam!

I have a new buddy I met over at OWOH. Her name is Elena Cabral at According to Elena, she's a newby at this and and still is unsure of her artist spirit. After seeing her work, I think her soul is soaring!

Well, good morning my friends. Took a little break, like overnight, to return to this blog. Have you ever noticed that certain foods can induce certain types of dreams? Last night I got a late start with dinner, not serving till after 8:00. Last evening I made cabbage rolls. Now I love cabbage rolls and they normally like me, but not after 8ish in the evening!! So last night I had some really funky dreams. The one I most remember, I was with my ex and our children were still little kiddos. I was feverishly looking for some clothes to pack for my daughter because we were "escaping" to Afghanistan to live with a bunch of goats!! Yes, folks, goats. Now some of you know my thing for goats, the name is just funny....g-o-a-t-s!! While traveling in the Austin area, we encountered many ranches that have free-range goats...what the hell is that all about. So my daughter and I became fascinated with the little beasties. Every time I go visit, we both yell out "goats" when we see a herd of them, or do they come in pods, or perhaps, gaggle...oh well, anyway, goats have always been a source of comedy for us. So for me to dream about us going to, of all places, Afghanistan to live among the goats was just too bizarre, even for me!! I can just see my ex living among the goats, Mr. designer shirt man!! If it doesn't have a polo player or Tommy logo on the shirt, he won't even consider it...however, I've read that Lacosta is coming back...let's hear it for that leetle croc or is it a 'gator???!!

The second dream was not bad at all. I dreamed of my cousin, Paul, working in the kitchen store I used to work at many years ago. He was young, mobile and was laughing his wonderful, infectious laugh!! Paul has been suffering from a condition brought on by a cancer treatment he had over 30 years ago. He was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor at the age of 21, he's now 62. He can no longer walk, feed himself, dress, bathe, well you get the idea. He's dependent on others to help him. He was told some years back by the neurosurgeons that they had good news and bad news about his condition; the bad news was that everyone who had the same treatment for that particular tumor were now deceased, the good news, he's the sole survivor, if you want to call it that. Basically, his brain is calcifying and he hasn't lived a quality of life in many years. He and I were very close as teenagers and young adults...people used to tell us to be careful because we could get emotionally attached, being first cousins and all. We were emotionally close, like brother and sister, that's it! He was tall, blond, good-looking, had this great laugh and had the kindest heart and soul.

In this dream he was taking care of customers, being the sweetheart he always was and the whole experience felt so natural and normal, except for the fact he never worked in that store, but did date the owner back in the day!! LOL I wondered why I dreamed of Paul and I'm almost afraid to think what this could mean, or is it just a dream.

Anyway, my advise is not to eat late, especially cabbage rolls because you could dream of goats and ex's!! It's time I get myself back into the studio and work on my shrine for the Oaxaca fundraiser. Yesterday, I spent 1 hour looking for some metal foil squares I know I had purchased prior to last Christmas. I cleaned my studio in January and it's been a bitch trying find thing, even though I labeled all the containers....must have been on crack the day I did the labeling! So instead of spending more time looking for them, I returned to Hobby Lobby today to buy 2 more packages, ouch!! Have a great weekend and hope many of you are experiencing a Spring thaw. Peace out.


Gloria said...

Georgina, hi! Well at least you had a little trip with your mom and that's good. I know what you mean about eating heavy stuff before you sleep. I once ate a banana right before I went to bed. Big mistake, I was flying all over in my dreams and even flew a plane and crash landed. hehehehe. How funny, huh? I wonder why you dreamt of Paul. Have you talked to him lately? Maybe he is trying to reach you? It's strange when you have dreams. Right now my dreams are filled with Val. He has been with me almost every night this week and it's so real, yet I feel so strange in the dream and why I'm seeing him so vividly. Ayeeeeeee! It also saddens me. Anyway, maybe you should call Paul. Remember, even dreams have meanings. So you joined the cigar box shrine? I think that's great and have wanted to since I've been blogging but I just don't think anyone would bid on my cigar box because I don't have any talent when it comes to decorating or making shrines. I'm anxious to see yours and I am trying to make one for my son by the 7th. Hopefully I will complete it. Take care.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Uuuuummmmmmm......just a thought here;
goats and ex's---aren't they the same??? :-D
Congrats on the wins from Pam and Elena!!! You rock Georgina!
But the little guys told you that already...heeheehee!!!


Vert words of *volyams*......hmmmm, there has to be something slightly naughty about THAT, yes? hahaha!!!

Linda in New Mexico said...

You and I ought to know that cleaning is death to our stashes...I'm still lookin' for stuff for my halloween witches.....gawd, house work makes you ugly that's the truth and why I don't listen to my own advice, I don't know.
How excitin that you are goint to see da boyz. And that you got to go to the M&M store is the best. I'm with you.....I didn't loose a damn thing in LV and don't intend to ever go again. spit, spit.
I gotta go, SM is pacing, his day off and we are going out to lunch......yay. I'll call this next week, now that your hearing has returned.
B&G, Linda

yoborobo said...

Hi Georgina! I think the dream you had about your cousin is so sweet. I'm sorry he has had to go through so much. As for your goat dream...what was in the cabbage rolls?? Hmmmm??? Thanks for the shout-out about the book. Next time I see a goat, I am so going to yell "GOAT!". :) xox Pam

Whimsey Creations said...

I agree with you about Las Vegas. I went once many years ago and thought it was just about the ugliest city I'd ever been to - but that was during the day LOL So glad you have your hearing back! Usually I can't remember much about my dreams - yours must have been really vivid!

oldblackcatboo said...

Goats?! LOL! You always crack me up! I've never been around a goat but the "country" girls at work say they are mean little suckers!
I've never been to Las Vegas and never wanted to go either so I can understand why you didn't care for it.
You got some GREAT wins! I was lucky enough to win one of Pam's books too and I will cherish it forever!
I feel so bad for your cousin...I agree that you should contact him and see if he was trying to reach you through a dream...
I am always wondered why I dream what I do but then again I eat a lot of junk before I go to bed! tee hee!
XOXO - Cindi

La Doña Jenny said...

Hey Senorita Georgina! I am always am so entertained to ready your posts. I was in Vegas just a couple of days a conference...we should have connected? I am with you, I don't like Vegas. All that smoke and smut gets to me. After all the bare butts get to
Sorry I have been absent - still in pain - my thumb just has not gotten any better and I will probably have the surgery soon. Quidate and have a safe and fun trip to Austin and say "hi" to the goats!


Janie Emaus said...

Thanks so much for visiting my blog. I added you link to my blogroll. I dream a lot, too! I think it's a trait of creative people.

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

I am not sure how to interpret this dream...scary though. I love the dolls and extra goodies. Imagine and Live in Pece, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Anonymous said...

I definitely get a lot of dreams if I eat late. Doesn't matter what I eat really, though. For whatever reason, they seem to be those dreams that are really realistic...the ones that *could* happen in real life, and are usually pretty mundane. I think maybe it's because the body is still doing stuff (digesting) and deep sleep isn't happening...the dreams I have while in deep sleep are *far* from mundane usually!

I'm sad that we're heading home to Tn and won't be here while you're in Austin!