Saturday, March 19, 2011

Returning Is Such Sweet Sorrow Or Something Like That

I have returned from my little vacae to Austin, TX...our state capital, headed by Hair God Perry...bleh!!! I don't know how that guy keeps getting elected!! Ok, am shifting away from my political views and on to other matters, rants, and memories.

As you can see, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree...we have entirely too much fun when we're together! She's getting married, finally...Michael has proposed and making an honest woman out of her. My mother's reacation was typical of her generation, "But she has 4 children, one of which was born out-of -wedlock!" My mother would be the lady behind the counter at the birth certificate section of records, in charge of happily stamping "Illegitimate" on them! That happened to a friend of mine many years ago in Mexico...her son's birth certificate was boldly stamped with the above word in red ink!! Anywhoo, the top pic was taken at one of my favorite stores on S. Congress Street, "Tesoros." They sell folk art from around the globe, especially Mexico. Considering the problems across the river, buying them are now impossible for me unless I want to risk a stray bullet or just because someone wants to shoot someone else, so I must depend on what I can get here, for exorbitant prices too. The second photo was taken in the $ section of that section!! Oh speaking of Gov. Perry, he said Ciudad Juarez is the most dangerous city in America!! Did he mean the "Americas" or "America?" Nah, he's an idiot...he meant "America!" "Gov. Perry, I hate to break it to ya, but that would be in Mexico..get a map!!" I'm sorry, I just couldn't help myself.

These are my little "gibbons" literally climbing the walls in their house. Sunday night, after returning from our S. Congress excursion, Michael got right into the kitchen to make one of his more popular dishes, his fried chicken fingers ( I didn't know chickens had fingers, but they are delicious!!) and Andria and I sat on our gazornies and just watched the show unfold. My oldest, Joel, drove down from Big D (Dallas) to spend the weekend with us and after a tumbler full of vodka and my diet Cranberry juice ( he drank it all!!) he was feeling no pain and prompted Zachary and Ryan to do their climbing act...that's the top of Joel's head. Zachary was begging us to hurry up and take the picture, hence that frantic look on his face. All the while, I'm yelling "Get the baby!" because little Sammy was underneath them. Zach finally fell, the baby was swooped up before any mishap could occur, but unfortunately for Ryan, his uncle Joel fell on him!! Have you ever been gripped by laughter that you're paralyzed by it? Yea, me too!!! After an "I'm alright" cry from Ryan, Joel still hadn't ascended! Andria and I couldn't stop laughing, then I called out to Joel, "Son, are you alright?" and then came a very slurred "I'm alright, Mom!" Again, Andria and I were paralyzed!! I know, I'm a terrible mother and they know that they have a very quirky mother...explains the way they are. After that, I advised Joel to steer clear from more imbibing and he did...paid dearly for it the following day and he had to drive back too!! Oey!! All in all, I had a great time and hated to say goodbye to my little guys...missed them the minute we drove out of the driveway to take me to the airport.

Here's one of my Box-0-Dolls. I have a few more in the works plus my Can-Do dolls to finish. I'm getting ready for my Easter, so I'm making some little paper mache eggs for my Easter Bush. When I lived in Germany, I got into some of their traditions, one of them is decorating what we call here, an Indian Brush bush, with it's blossoms and hang tiny ornies on them. I collected many of them while I lived there and deocorated the bush with them when my kids were little. Well, I decided to buy a small Christmas tree and spray paint it white for Easter. Needless to say, painting one black for Halloween turned out way better...the white has a greeny look to it!! LOL Oh well, I'll use it this year and when Christmas rolls around, I'll head to Target and buy one of those little trees in Anne's red tree if any of you saw her Christmas blog.

Well, it's Saturday and my honey, Ian and I are going to go over to friends for dinner...better make my Lemon bars for dessert early before it gets too hot. Also, have many projects ready for completion in the studio...yay, my happy place!! Before I forget, my SM is doing fine and has completely recovered from pneumonia. He will be under a cardiologist care for a while...found a strange little blip on his EKG, so he and I are going to relearn how to eat the good stuff, ya know, the healthy stuff and get healthy!! It was a wake up call for both of us...damn, this growing old is a real bummer sometimes, but I wouldn't trade my life right now for anything, except a membership to a gym and more green leafy vegetables...that's doable!! Have a great weekend, my friends, and take care. Peace out.


Novelda said...

Looks like fun! I lived in South Texas for several years in the mid-1990s and ended up amassing a large collection of alebrijes and other Mexican folk art, from my many trips across the border. It is a beautiful culture. It's so sad, what's happening there now. Agree with you about the gov.

Gloria said...

Peace In Georgina, Tee Hee. Glad your home and congrats to your daughter and the marriage to be. Hope she is okay now. Wow, your GC are climbing the walls, no punt intended, hehehehe. As you can see, I'm in a mood...a silly mood. :) I read your comment on my blog about the Kindle. I answered your comment by saying that I have no intentions of every leaving books. I love the smell, the feel. is fun using a Kindle and d/ling books and yes if they have Frankenstein for free, I will d/l that too. Buy one Georgina, I promise you'll love it. Go to Amazon and you will find it. Be sure to get the 3g one because it's better, you can also access the web with it. Now RUN out and get it!! Like, right now. Oh wait, just order it online, or Best Buy has them. Okay, Okay, couldn't help myself, just teasing you. Have a great weekend and glad you hubby is doing better. Great photos. I love your dolls. I'll have to order one some day. Take care.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

OMG Georgina!!! How about a *Spew and Depends ALERT* at the beginning of one of these posts???
I'm not sure which was funnier---the kids doing the spiderman imitation or the slightly sloshed one being worse for wear after the kids came tumbling down....never a dull moment with your family! You make me laugh sooooo hard!!!!
Have a good weekend; no wall climbing or tracking down politicians, okay??? ;-D


yoborobo said...

Georgina, I love your posts. What can I say? Grandkids climbing the walls, vodka and cranberry juice AND a gov rant all at once! LOL! You are so funny. I love the new doll. Take care of yourself and your DH. xox!! Pam

La Doña Jenny said...

Hello Georgina. When I saw your grandkids picture, I immediately knew what they were doing...I laughed as I recalled doing the same thing with my brother Fred. My mom used to get us in trouble when she caught us and called us "muchachos bribones". Not sure what "bribones" means though. I am glad you had a great time visiting and that your husband is doing better. Quidate! Abrazos!


oldblackcatboo said...

I love reading your posts. It sounds like you had a wonderful time! I'm so glad. And what a cute family you have! My youngest niece used to climb the walls too. She would hang onto the top of the door and try to LEAP at me.I always called her a little monkey :) :) :)
Glad to hear that you are getting healthy....I need to do that too but I keep falling off the wagon!
I guess it's time to climb back on since it's finally warming up here and I have no excuse not to go WALKING!
XOXO - Cindi

Mundo Mundaca said...

UAUU! Tu vida hes una aventura!!!
Amusing photos of your family!! I love seeing people happy as well.
I am also happy to know that your love is already well best of health , keep it that way with the blessings of God.
Girl,.. you're talking about food is amazing how it makes me want to try the things you do ,perhaps the Mexican spice that I love makes me want to salivate
Cramberry's there , something never tasted! believe? even less with vodka .. .. must be delicious.!!!
The doll's box is sooo beautiful!! love those thin little legs :)
have a wonderful weekend

Michele Lynch Art said...

Georgina, your trip immediately brought the pharase, And a Fun Time Was Had By All, to mind LOL! Love the pics! I'm so glad you enjoyed yourself!! Love you doll, she's wonderful!! Glad to hear your honey is better! Hope you are having a great weekend, and where the heck is my lemon bar?? LOVE them! xo Michele

Linda in New Mexico said... thinks your life is crazier every time you blog. I am so glad that the vodkad one got the splat instead of the baby...Your governor is an idiot but it's okay.....the one we just got rid of was one as well. Now we have your girl in our governors mansions.....such as it is. This loca is selling all the state has so we can afford to stay a state. Actually much like myself. I'm glad you brought home more goats.......Otra veija loca.

Abi said...

Where do kids get their energy from eh?!
Congratulations to your daughter :O)

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

I have missed you lady!!! The news sounds like it is good for everyone!! Love happens when it happens so I am so happy for your beautiful daughter! Have a wonderful week. Love those gibbons! LOL Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

La Doña Jenny said...

Hola Georgia,

Amiga thank you for stopping by. This darm really makes me mad. I really did not realize how much we use our thumbs, literally for almost everything. Take care.


Janine said...

Ha ha, these hats look wonderfull, she shouls think about wearing that crown for the wedding ( hi hi).
Congratulations to your daughter.
She seems to be as funny as you.

YayaOrchid said...

Wow, you look so young Georgina! Very pretty too. Sounds like you had a blast with your family. And also sounds like your whole family knows how to have fun and let their hair down! Love that!