Monday, June 4, 2012


This is a short one, folks.  What in the friggin' hell happened to Blogger????  I admit, I haven't been around in some time, my bad, but really??  I'm gone for just a couple of months and all these changes...hey, if it's not broke, don't fix it!!!  I'm still trying to figure out this new format, so if it looks strange, it probably is!!  Well, it is Monday and I had a looooong weekend, so I'm grumpy.

Was sick in April, most of it, then off to Austin to visit the grands in early May. There I fell in love again with my adorable little Zoe (umlaut on the e, making a long e sound...haven't figured out how to insert unless it's a doc).  She's this little ball of sweetness, all plump, pink cuteness.  Do I sound like a grandmother or what!!??  Also, got acquainted with my Sammy who is 2...cuteness too!!  Had a blast with my older boys, who are here right now in El Paso, visiting their dad, so I'll be seeing them in a week or two...maybe for an overnighter, or not!!

As for creative endevours, well, let's just say the well is dry for now...can't seem to get my stuff together.  I think when I was sick in April and of course, not creating, my muses decided to take a vacation and they haven't returned, the bitches!  I was asked to donate a piece for this wine/food event coming up this Sat.  We attend every year, the food's horrid and the wine, let's just say that if I had tasted horse urine on a dare, that's what the wine tastes like!!  In the past, I've always donated one of my dolls, but either our friend or my honey bid on it and I end up taking it home...OY!!  They just don't get me or my work around here.  So I decided I would do something different...I'm making a necklace (idea I got from Pinterest...I heart Pinterest), a pair of cutsie earrings for a little girl and a book marker.  How random is that??  They all have one thing in common, though, they're all created from polymer clay.  I will post pics later, that is, if they turn out alright.  I call this my "prostitute" work since I don't normally do this stuff, but I believe I wrote a blog about that some time back, so won't go into it.  Anyway, it's for a good cause and doing it for our buddy who's in this organization,The Rotary Club.

For those of you who don't FB, I'm posting my coco-head dolls for your viewing enjoyment or terror.  I sold them already, one is here locally and the other has found her new home in VA...thanks again, ladies.  Time to get off this and head on to the bedroom to get ready for another wonderful day at Walmart...remember, it's Miss Daisy Day.  Have a great week and promise not to stay away so long, but my planet has no Internet!!  Peace out.


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Watch out for those *People Of Wal-Mart*!!!!
omg dear, you have my sympathies.
I'm just trying to get some things done here and I THANK GOD I don't have to venture to Wally-World....

Anne...groovin' on the earrings~~♥

WingingIt said...

love the dolls...will try and find you on face book....or friend me please.... lorri marie jenkins...
thanks love

Deborah said...

Horse urine wine. Only you, my friend, only you! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your dolls. No wonder they sold so quickly. No worries...WE get you!
**kisses** Deb

Gloria said...

Hi Georgina. Good to see you and thx for stopping by my blog. Yes I won't read those kind of books again, but I was being nosy. What can one do. tee hee. Hope you are all well now, you've been missed. Your GC are so darling. You are a good Grandmother, Georgina. They must love you so much. Have fun at Walmart. It's my stomping grounds. If I'm not home, I'm there or at the cheap grocery store Winco. Nice to see you again. I have to go because I've got oil on my hair. I need to rinse it off. Take care.

Gloria said...

Oh and yes, we do have to change to the new format because they will be removing the old format of Blogger. Can't win for lose.:)

La Doña said...

Hi Georgina!

I hope you are doing and feeling better. I can see from what I read your still not well, lol! Loca!

I'm glad you had a good time with your grandbabies. I'm doing much better and my "bitches' haven't returned either.

Take care.


Sue J said...

Love your posts. I dislike the new format too. I was quite happy with the way it was before and now it just takes an extra step or two to do the same things - and you have to search for stuff.
Your little Zoe is beautiful! Hope you are fully recovered.
Those muses will have to get a good talking to when they return. Love the little dolls :)

Word Verification is a pain in the bum - you might consider turning it off? Sometimes it takes me three goes to get it right. It's very hard to read.

yoborobo said...

Hi G! Oh sweetness! That little Zoe is SOOOO cute. I am green with envy. Good to see you here, and yes, Blogger is a big headache. :) xox!