Saturday, August 31, 2013

Grumpy Day

Yes folks, I'm a "grumpy pants" today.  Don't know if it's the heat resurfacing again after having some gorgeous cooler days with rain and all.  So add the friggin' humidity with the heat and you have "Grumpy Pants Diaz!"  Or maybe it's just about time I have a grumpy day, since I haven't had one in quite a long time.  Seems everything is just pissing me off today.  I was just asked my Pandora if I was still listening...well, YEA!!  Have I signed off yet, NO, so why ask!!!!!!!???  I'm listening to my created station, "Laura Nyro" but so far, it's less Laura and more whoever!!  OY  Ok, the music isn't bad, but I want to hear Laura, dammit!!!

Then I left a long comment for the lovely, Yve, at her blog,  but those stupid "are you a robot" symbols were not accommodating.  I must have attempted 8 times to decipher those stupid symbols and wasn't able to sign in, knowing I had gotten them right...GRRRRR!!  Sorry Yve, but I gave up after #8.  My dear buddy, Linda over at her blog wrote about this weekend...what's the big deal with Labor Day when all the stores are open and having major, mega sales.  As she quotes her grandson, the great Ry, "it doesn't tickle my fanny!"  Yep, mine either.  If it's Labor Day, then why are so many people working today..what an oxymoron!  It's advertised as the last day of summer vacation.  Around here summer goes into Oct. and in some instances, Nov., so much for summer...we want it over and gone for those few months.

Yesterday, I spent the day in the studio, so why so grumpy?  Well, I was just as happy as can be till I finished what had to be done to my little skellie coco-heads and moved on to "damage control."  I had some of my work at a gallery in AZ.  I know they were having some economic problems (who hasn't) and they were having to downsize and requested those of us who where still displaying there, for more of a cut of our sales...I didn't have a problem with that, they're a non-profit and needed a boost.  I believe they still were floundering when a new director came in and did some house-cleaning, and she began whipping things into shape.  Long story short, she asked if I would give more of my sales or I could request my work returned, I opted for the latter.  Two boxes arrived with what was left of my work and when I opened them, the damage was infuriating.  It was obvious that much of my artwork was displayed somewhere in a window or someplace where natural lighting was abundant. I ended up having to throw away some of my fragile sculptures and ornaments due to large pieces missing while others were faded so badly, I couldn't do much with them.  What I found amazing was that the director asked me for more $$ from my sales on damaged work!??!!??  I pride myself on quality and folks, most of this stuff was a far cry.  Well, as a friend told me the other day, "George, you always seem to find a silver lining in every dark cloud."  So my silver lining here is a lesson learned, be more careful who you trust with your work.  So far, I've learned just a little too much!

I said in an earlier post, maybe a few months ago, that I was going to have a giveaway, well, I haven't forgotten.  I'm going to have this little contest in a couple of weeks and don't worry, it's not anything from my damaged box of goods!! LOL

I know some of you saw this over on my Facebook page, but for those of you who are not complete social media suckers, like me (ok, I don't Twitter and never will), here is the photo of my little coco-head mini-skellies.  Today, I'm planning on designing and cutting out their little costumes...I just hope I don't go bonkers from working with such tiny pieces of fabric!

Also, I wanted to show you a pic of my mom taken this past Thurs. when I took her back to her house so she could sit out in her beautiful garden and enjoy the cooler weather.  All is so green due to her good gardener and the lovely rain we had for a week, after I read those rain clouds the "riot act."  All they did was hover over for over a week, bringing hot winds and humidity, so I guess they took heed and the heavens opened up and brought glorious rain.  Let me tell you, there's nothing like a rain storm in the desert...around here we say the rain smells.  We can smell it even if it doesn't rain in our area, but the scent is from the creosote bush, a plant that thrives out here in the harsh high desert.  When it rains, it emits it's perfume infused's beautiful.  I remember the first time I moved to Dallas, TX, in my other life, I recall never smelling anything other than "wet," and the same when I lived in Germany and visited other European countries...more "wet."  Anyway, she enjoyed her day out and I packed her a lunch, one that she specifically asked me to prepare, frijoles de la olla, con crema fresca and guacamole...I also included a flour tortilla.

Well my friends, it's time for me to jump into my day and finish "damage control" in the studio and move on to my happier little coco-heads.  Peace out.


Yve said...

Your Mum looks really happy there and that could be lush old Britain in the background :o)

Sorry to hear about that gallery, they don't sound very professional. I have always worried about sale or return items coming back damaged. BTW, your comment did show up on my blog,


Yve :o)

Incipient Wings said...

I'm so sorry you're having a crappy time right now.
And that super sucks about your artwork getting damaged
That's the worst.

Can't wait to see the finished cocos!theyre adorable already!!
I didn't know they'd have a body too.
I thought they were brooches:)

Your mom looks beautiful!!!
Nice that she has an appetite too...

Love the smell of rain!!!!
There's no comparison in my book, unless you count thanksgiving aromas.
But it's desert here too... And dry dry dry, so that little sprinkle wafts up deliciously!

I hope your day gets better.
Big hugs

MeOfCourse said...

Hi Georgina. Great picture of your Mom. She looks happy and well. Very good of you to pack her a lunch like you did. Yeah, I'm grumpy today too. It's hot and I just feel blah. At least you are keeping busy doing what you like. Me, I'm having to make the chili's for carnitas and use my dehydrator to dry some other chili's and it seems that's all I do is cook and clean and wash clothes. I need a vacation. Did I tell you I was grumpy? tee hee. Have a good one.:)Oh yeah and make tortillas. Give me a break!!

Linda Wildenstein said...

Oh my gawd, that store sending your things back damaged chaps my hiney. Good grief. I don't care if they are a non profit....their mothers still must have instilled some manners at some point in their lives and they forgot the lessons.
I know the heat and humidity has been visiting us too....and then yesterday the swamp cooler went...pffffffft. Good thing we have a in with the handy man. He talked Shelley through how to fix the problem. Otherwise I'd have to get me some grumpy pants too.
Have a good, what's left of the "last of summer vacation" (que loco). xoxo Linda
ps thanks for quoting Ry, when I told him he was all grins.

Judah is a.... said...

Word captures are the bane of my existence! Especially the ones with nonsense words. If it's an actual word, I can usually decipher it, but otherwise.... Aaargh!

And yeah, one time I sent a rather large and fragile piece to a show in New York... I got it back in SEVERAL pieces! They had mailed it in a box that was literally a 1/2 inch at most larger than the dimensions of the piece, wrapped in a single layer of the ultra-small bubblewrap!

Hey mom!