Friday, August 23, 2013

What's with Blogger and other silly things

I have to admit, I'm a terrible blogger.  I'm probably on many of your "blogger s-list."  The S-List was invented by my dad years ago after my sister's big-ass wedding.  My father kept his guest list, checked off  with who attended without 'neary a card, let alone a gift or those who brought "toda la familia" when "toda la familia" weren't invited and didn't bring a gift (their names were CAPPED big time), hence, the birth of the S-list.  So returning to my being an terrible blogger, I must hang my head low and admit to this horrid offense.

I suppose my only excuse is that, life has gotten in the way, but then, who's life doesn't get in the way, so this is not a legit excuse.  Now that my mother is in a good state of health, comfortable in her nursing home, I still find my mind wrapped around her well-being.  Yesterday, she told me I don't have to come everyday, which I don't...I take off Tues. to prep everything for the cleaning lady the next day and Saturdays, so I can have some time to spend with my hubby and/or son when he's here for the weekend.  But she insisted on  telling me that I still don't have to be there every day to feed her lunch, she's quite capable to feed herself, albeit with out utensils, but she'll give it the ol' college try anyway.  My mom will turn 91 next month and she thinks nothing of it, but I guess I'd feel the whole "birthday" thing a bit anit-climatic too if I reached that age, which I pray I don't, not like that.  I already told my daughter I don't want to suffer like my mother, so please enlist in the hiring of a "hit-man or "hit-person' to be more PC..bleh!  One shot to the head and I'm lookin' at the face of God!!  I know, how morbid, but after seeing what my mother has endured and all the many residents in the nursing home, and mind you, it's considered the "Hilton" of nursing homes, even thought, the Marriott owns it, it's enough to want you want to cry.  As a dear friend told me the other day when she took her aunt to visit my mother, she said, "I wanted to come home and put a gun to my head and pull the trigger, but I don't own a gun and never will, but you do know what I mean??"  Yes, I do, sadly, I do.

Ok, enough of that and on to something lighter.  I finally finished my little Coco-Head dolls, after I began them in early May and had to put them on hold during my mother's journey to her eventual present state (Oh, there she goes again, Morbid Molly!!)  However, I now have more stuff  on the ol' work table to finish up and anticipating my completion soon.  I have so many ideas floating around, that I actually had to write them in my sketch book to remind me.  My sketch book is nothing more than a journal filled with ideas, many not even thumb nailed, but I do express the descriptions well.

So here are some pics of the completed work and I promise, I will return with more.

I had so much fun making them, that I'm making a series of little skelly coco-heads to be used for ornaments...can't wait!  Some might be thinking, "Why does she call them coco-heads," well, in Mexico, they make these fabulous wall hangings and the heads are made of half a coconut head, hence the name.  Of course, I have little to no access to coconuts and even if I did, I'm not into cutting, milking and cleaning them out...not this girl!! 

Oh, yea, I forgot, so what's with Blogger.  I had to come over here to another web server to access my blog and my list of blogs.  I was on my regular Google Chrome and when I went to blogger, I signed in, and my page came up but my list of fav blogs was gone, GONE, I SAY!!!!!  I almost lost it, so I came here to one of the other 3 I have and found it here.  So what's up with that???  I took it as a sign from the Universe to blog or ELSE!!!!!!!!!!!!  So here I am.

Well, time for me to hit the ol' studio and begin to play since I took the day off, as advised by my dear ol' mom.  Hope you all have a great weekend and play lots in what ever you do and don't forget, if it's raining, don't worry about it unless your made of sugar, so go out and walk in it!  Before I go, I leave you with a pic of my Zoe-girl her mommy took after she asked her if she had eaten that chocolate cookie she was told to leave for her brother.  Peace out.


Yve said...

Hi Georgina :o)

Don't worry blogger loses all the blogs I follow at regular intervals, they always come back next time I log in though. Personally I hope you get to be 91 and still living in your own home, cooking those huge dinners for all your family and drinking tequilla as the sun goes down ;o) Stay positive, I know it can't be easy right now but you never know what's around the corner. Hugs from Wales x

Linda Wildenstein said...

Blogger is the king of the pendejo heads. No tu preocupes. It ain't no thang.....I ignore it and it leaves me pretty much alone too. It's like a game of "got your nose"...and blogger can't find it's own thumb.
I love your COCO heads. very colorful and kewl.
I'm with you on the issue of old age. It ain't for chickens and I'm voting for my own a big ole car, drive up to the crest and drive off, just my sweetie and me. Then I can bypass the sprinkle my ashes stuff.....
Sorry about your Momma. It's not a pleasant thing to see them suffer. And it's hard to put on a happy face but that's why sarcastic broads like us talk so much. Just ask Vern and Joe huh? I luvs you Vieja Loca

Incipient Wings said...

Good to hear from you.
The coco heads are adorable.
I hope you got loads of magical creations done today:)

Have a great weekend.

MeOfCourse said...

Hi amiga! Blessings to you and sending ::well wishes:: to your mom. You can only do what you can do. My mom is 91 and lives alone and does everything alone because she doesn't want the help and wants to die in her home and not a nursing home. My son Dave lives in San Jose and he makes his stops over there 1 or twice a week to take the garbage out, take her shopping or just say hello. I get over there a few times a month to take care of things that need taking care of and she doesn't even want me to do that. I have to respect her wishes for as long as I can. I'm going to drink a shot of tequila and dedicate it to you. Love your dolls, awesome work dear friend. Take care of yourself.

Jill Cooper said...

Oh that picture is too funny with chocolate all over her face! Don't you love it?

Priti.Lisa said...

You always make me laugh, even when you are feeling a bit sad...
I adore these coco heads,
they show the joyful spirit inside of you...It was so nice to hear from you♥♥♥