Monday, December 30, 2013

Happy New Year

Well, here I am again, finding myself thinking about what's new and in store for myself and family.  No crystal ball can tell us, but I do know there are a few things that I can do, and that's to continue on my path of creativity, loving and just being a good ol' gal, most times, anyway.

This past year has been both lovely and not so much.  My mother's health took a nose-dive and has been in a nursing home since June.  She's very happy and content and has developed this beautiful, peaceful form of acceptance and understanding.  I told her once I wish she had been more like that in her younger days, because her life would have been simpler and happier, plus, ours would have been too! LOL  My mother is or was a worry-wart, very intense and at times, rigid.  Unlike her own mother, she was very much the control freak.  Then I come along, the one more like her grandmother, than mother.  My mother always said I reminded her of her mom...called me a happy soul with not a care in the world.  Well, I do have many "cares in the world, " but I find I am happy most days.  However, what I did find, after a difficult time with some individuals, was that life IS too short, as some of you who have experienced a very great loss in your life, and that one can't be bogged down with negativity, especially from other sources.  I just found out a friend of mine, a dear friend's husband is once again, fighting throat cancer.  This is his second round with that nasty stuff and his treatment is especially intense and downright, horrid, but his prognosis is good and that's what all that suffering is about.  Another friend, was just diagnosed with breast cancer and she won't know about her round of treatment till next month, hopefully, at the end of this week. I call these incidents, Life's Wake-up Calls.

I don't know how long I've got on this Blue Marble we call Earth, but I do know I want to live it to my fullest and as long as I can till it's time to rest.  Actually, I don't like the idea of "resting" after death, we have plenty of time to rest in our lives...around here, you'll hear many say, "Al fin esta descansando," after one dies...meaning, "At last they are finally resting."  Hell no, it's time to really begin having the time of your life/after-life.  I've always pictured my dad and his friends in that Big Bar in Heaven, having a few, joking, telling stories and what not.  My sweet cousin, Paul, just passed in Oct. and what a wonderful guy he was!  He was able to survive a cancerous brain tumor, one that killed most, but he survived it, graduated from college, married, had children and lived long enough to see his first grandson.  I think Paul survived as long as he did due to his attitude about life.  Talking about a "wake-up call," but at 21??  He was attending University of Texas at Austin in the early 70's when this occurred, so can imagine, the treatments were harsher than now.  Consequently, it was the massive amount of radiation that eventually took his life at 64.  It took all those years for that chain reaction to slowly end his wonderful life.

Ok, on a happier note, I'll be starting another marathon body of work, hopefully, at the end of this week.  I've been a bit grouchy and I figured out why.  No, it's not all the goodies and sweets lying around here, since I'm really not a sweet-eater, or all the fattening foods that have invaded my body, ok, maybe a little of that, but I realized I hadn't been doing any studio work since the week before Christmas or maybe longer.  I did make a couple things for gifts, for my sister, daughter, niece and friends.  Have you ever noticed it's a lot more fun to make things you're making for those you care about, well, I guess I'm that way, but quality of my work is still important to the unknown person who buys my work too.  Here is what I did for those I love:

For my daughter, a small ornie commemorating the day
my grandson, Sammy, decided Lennon, the cat,  needed shades
for those bright Texas days. 

For one of bestie, Judy, who asked me
to make something to hang on her front door.

For my niece, an ornie of her little wiener dog, Whinie

I know there's more, but for the life of me, I can't find those darn pictures.  I'll post next time, or when blogger will give me the "honour" to do so...oey!! Here's hoping you all have a wonderful and safe New Year's Eve and New Years.  I'll be making my traditional Menudo and have my usual open-house for those friends and family that love and can "stomach" menudo (for those of you who aren't picking up the pun, Google menudo)  LOL.  I hope you all much love, happiness, compassion and good health, well, lots more but I really need to get ready to visit mom at the nursing home, so I'm cutting it short.  HAPPY NEW YEAR AND AS ALWAYS, PEACE OUT.


Yve said...

Happy New Year Georgina, big hugs from Wales :o)

Deborah said...

Stopping by to leave some love ♥

**blows kisses**

audrey said...

Happy New Year to you, too, Georgina!
I wish you much happiness and good health in 2014. So glad to hear your Mom is happy and doing well in the Nursing Home. It makes it a bit easier if they can accept that this is the best place for them.
It has been a pleasure getting to know you better this year and I hope the future brings us more contact.
Happy New Year.
xo audrey

Janine said...

My very best wishes to you too, all the best to you and your family

Elena said...

Ay mujer I love your enthusiasm...I always smile when reading your words. And muchas gracias for the beautiful card. Oh she was pretty! Love your creations and attitude and wishing you a fabulous Ano Nuevo.

MeOfCourse said...

Hi Georgina. Happy New Year amiga. Sorry about your cousin Paul and about your mom being in a nursing home. Wake-up calls are just that. Life can be harsh. Love what you've created and you are always so nice and giving. Continue with your treadmill. I have one too and the poor thing must feel rejected. tee hee. I will get out there soon and use it. She's outside in the patio. Happy New Year again and stay happy. The best to you and your Mom.

MeOfCourse said...

Oh I forgot, did you get my Xmas card? I did receive yours and thank you very much.:)

Judah is a.... said...

Here's to 2014!

Priti.Lisa said...

what fabulous gifts!
an entertaining post too as it always is...
I am guessing you mean Menudo the soup
not the band...LOL
♥ ♥ ♥