Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving & an Observation

Well, hope you all  are looking forward to what I call here, "Hajolote Day!"  I'm not sure if I spelled it right, but hajolote is "turkey" in some Mexican-Indian dialect.  I grew up calling it that or "pavo."  I prefer, "hajolote" it's a mouthful!!  LOL  This year is one of many changes for my family.  For the first time since 1979, I won't be making oodles of sides, pies, breads, etc., and all that goes with a family type Thanksgiving meal.  It will just be my sister and me and perhaps a couple of other friends who may or may not come over.  I told my sis to bring her jammies in case it gets late or she has a bit too much wine, vodka, or any other spirits, in excess.  Also, that turkey can make one a bit sleepy.  No football games going on here tomorrow...will be watching some rented flix and what ever they might have on the boob-tube.

Ok, here's the observation portion of this post.  Well, it's more of a commentary/rant/observation.  The other night, my honey and I were watching television and a Viagra commercial came on.  We actually left the sound on instead of mute.  The scene begins with a cowboy dude driving his pick-up, pulling a horse trailer in a mountainous, desert landscape (looks like out here in west TX), after a huge rain.  We weren't really paying much attention to what was being said, but then the next scene, shows same man, truck, horse trailer now with the 2 horses pulling the truck and trailer as the viral cowboy maneuvers it from inside.  I then turned to my husband and asked him what was the purpose of that or rather, what's the connection between that and the effectiveness of Viagra.  He then turned, looked at me and kiddingly said, "It allows him to think better."  So let's get this straight, He's riding along on an old desert highway, it's rained and now he decides to go "off-roading" in the mud!!??  Wha?????  In other words, Viagra obviously allows men to "think straight," gives them "clarity" and hones in on some "critical thinking" skill???  Wow, and I thought it was just for sex. Commercials...for sure I will hit that mute button from now on!!

I wanted to show you a little bit of artwork I did for an old friend.  She's having a bridal shower for her niece and the theme is "Dia de los Muertos."  She asked me to paint a tableau to be used for the future brides chair at the shower.  I was going to drill a couple of holes for her to insert the ribbon that will be used to tie it in place, but my drill and drill bits have gone, "tits up," so I suggested she ask her sister to use the staple gun.  Anyway, I told her that I had been reading the "Rime of the Ancient Mariner," previously to her request and I got the idea from one of the characters of that poem, Life-in-Death, a ghostly woman. When she requested it be painted horizontally, I had to really think how I was going to do that, then my sweet man suggested I display her lying on a couch.  So here she is, in all her ghostly splendor, lying on a settee with a "come-hither" look!!

What was even better, she and I met at Starbucks for the painting-exchange, (neither of us know how to speak, "Starbucks,") and we sat there for over 3 hours just chatting away.  This little painting was two-fold, not only was it so much fun to paint, but it brought together two very old friends again for a long-overdue visit.

I wanted to bring attention to a very funny, ulta-talented artist friend of mine.  I've been so much out-of-the-loop since I misplaced my blog, only to find it again.  But she has temporarily re-opened her Etsy shop.  Please go on over and check out Yve's offerings; she designs and produces these amazing hats and dolls.  So go on over to her blog and check out her wonderful work and buy!!

Well, my friends, I still have a few errands to do before I run on to the nursing home to visit mom.  Yesterday, one of the CNA trainees stepped on her hearing aid and of course, the audiologist's office will be closed till next week, so it looks like we're going to be engaging in lots of loud conversation with mom for a few weeks...OEY!!  LOL  Have a great weekend, my friends and for those on this side of the pond, Happy Thanksgiving and remember, no calorie counting allowed!!  Peace out.


Cynthia Myers said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Priti.Lisa said...

You are terrific and your artwork is terrific! And you are funny and smart...what else is needed in a friend? I can pronounce amiga, if that counts, lol ♥ ♥ ♥

Incipient Wings said...

your thanksgiving sounded so relaxed and amazing.
yep, those commercials get more and more ridiculous.

hope you and your mama are doing well:)

Peach said...

Happy Holidays Georgina!! Thanks for stopping by. You always make me laugh. I haven't watched commercials in so long and now I am so glad I don't. The painting looks great!!

Janine said...

Dear Georgina,
I hope you are doing well.
It´s great to visit your blog again. I love the crazy figures you created.
You have a very Special sence of Humor, wich I really appreceate.
I wish you and your Family a very merry Christmas time