Tuesday, November 12, 2013


I've found my dashboard.  Yes, I was lost, but now I'm found!!  LOL  I thought all was lost, but somehow, luck, not technology or my understanding of it, brought me back.  Don't know if I'll be here tomorrow or even later today, but just letting you all know, I'm here now.  Also, I'm unable to connect with the address here at yahoo.  Don't know how to figure that one out yet, but I know one thing, my connection is just fine.  According to them, I'm unable to read my email due to my Internet connection being disconnected, I guess.  How odd that I can connect everywhere else, including places I don't really choose, but my email is "no workee" and judging from all the gripes listed on the Yahoo trouble-shooting page, it's contagious!!  So for those who want to just contact me the regular way (no, not snail mail) here's my new address on yet another server.  Kind of bringing back memories for me back in the day when I first began my adventure on the Internet, so here's the other address you can reach me:  gcdiaz05@aol.com.

Just a shorty one, my friends, but I've been very busy the last few weeks.  If your on FB, you've seen all the great pics of my nieces wedding last month in Phoenix, AZ.  Was a great weekend and quite frankly, I can't remember the last time I had such a great time at a wedding, including both of mine!!  LOL  Also, I've been busy with preparing for a Holiday show this weekend in La Union, NM.  For those of you on FB, go to Johnny Lolita's and hit the "like" on their page...Shawn and John are just two fabulous people doing so much for El Paso, TX/Las Cruces, NM and all the communities in between.  Here's a little sample of what I'm selling this weekend:

I call it "Trashy Chic," because...well, you can see why.  Shawn asked some of her artists to paint a Christmas board, one that was already painted and prepped with the tree design.  Of course, when I saw the bright pink one, it screamed, "YESs, more IS more!!"  Thus, the result.  She is selling the Christmas boards at the shop and all proceeds will be going to her charity...name escapes me now, but it's going for a good cause.  My sis texted me this morning and told me she had to have it, so I'll have to let Shawn know to put a hold on it since it's already sold.

Well, I just remembered, I haven't downloaded my art pics of the rest of my stuff from my FB file, so that I shall leave for later.  Below is a pic taken at my nieces wedding of my children and me.  From l-r, Ian, my youngest, me, Andria, the middle child and only daughter and my oldest, Joel.  We finally were all together for a family shot.  Like I said, it was a great weekend and we had so much fun.  My daughter hadn't  been without any of her 5 children in probably 13 years, the age of the oldest, so she had one helluva time being a free-wheeling, single, well, single in the sense she was without hubby and kiddos, but she had a great time.  I'll post more pics of our weekend and my work later, so my darlings, I bid you farewell and peace out.


Incipient Wings said...

so beautiful!!
I'm delighted you're up and running...cross my fingers for you to be able to stay connected.

big hugs my friend!!!!!

MeOfCourse said...

Hi Georgina. Good to see you. Glad you are up and running. Nice picture and glad you had fun at the wedding. :) Take care amiga.

Diane said...

Georgina my friend!!!
Im so glad you found the dashboard.
I went through the same ordeal a month or so ago ;) Nice looking kids you have :)
Have a great day!


Pamela Smallcomb said...

Let's see if I can comment! lol! I love the pic of you and your family - you look gorgeous. And your sparkling pink and green tree, too. Good to see you back, G!