Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Some New Stuff

Good Morning, Friends,  I have a few minutes to dedicate to computer time, so I'm going to utilize it to update some stuff on my blog.  This has been a heck of a few weeks.  I did a second art show, the first being in Oct., was almost 20 years since I had participated in one.  The one I did this past weekend was somewhat of a bust.  No, it wasn't the venue, the venue was most excellent, but around here, the winds come up from no where and cause a real problem for out-door activities, ie., art shows.

A few of us locals were talking about it, and we remember when we were kids, this area got the strong "winds" in the Spring, you know the saying, "In like a lion, out like a lamb," well, that doesn't hold true anymore.  Call it global warming or the natural flow of climate change, kinda like an Ice Age!  Now the wind blows whenever!!  If  Northern  NM or CO is getting rain, we get wind and blowing real estate from not only my home state, Texas, but from New Mexico and Mexico, the country (I live on the border).  When there's a cold front pushing through, we get the warm winds, before the cold air hits the following day.  This weekend, Canada is sending us our first winter weather, thanks Canada, I was getting tired of the mid to upper 70's temperatures, about 24 degrees for you Celsius folks.

Anyway, winds (the climatic kinds for you British types) and art fairs don't mix.  We tried to keep our canopy up, but the wind was catching it and causing more problems, so down it went.  We tried to put up peg board barriers as to keep the wind down more from it catching all my work and tossing it around and to the ground.  Well, at about noonish, we decided to call it quits and leave.  I was told that later on that day, the winds calmed down and there was a surge of attendees...just my luck!  Sunday, turned out to be a nicer day, breezy, but in some circles, you'd call it windy, but that's breezy around these parts.  Unfortunately, since we had to take down our canopy and remove everything from our original spot, we found ourselves in the "back row," of the "square due to the fact, it's "first come, first serve" rule...my hubby, or the "princess" as I call him, takes an hour to get ready, hence making us a bit late to the venue.  Needless to say, we hardly got any traffic and for those who were "curious" and came back there, they were holding bags filled with purchases and were pretty much spent-out for the 3 of us vendors in the back.  The people next to me were selling homemade doggie/kitty treats and I thought they were getting lots of business.  If I hear another "doggie or kitty" story, someone's gonna get a butt-load of hurt!!!  LOL  Later, I found out, that they were giving out "free-samples," hence why people lingered and told their canine and kitty stories, ad nauseum.  Hey, I love my doggie and if I had a kitty, I'd love that little critter too, but it's kind of like talking to people about how wonderful and talented your kids/grandkids are to those that have their own set of wonderful and talented kids/grandkids!!  For all counts, it better make me laugh...kid and critter stories can be very funny because, they are very funny beasties at times.

Thankfully, Shawn and John, the proprietors of  "Jonhnny Lolita's, " the art show venue, asked to sell my work in their coffeehouse/store.  So after the show, I took what was left of my inventory, which was pretty much most of it.  I sold a Santa doll, 2 dog, a cat and one bird ornies on Saturday, and did a trade with this fabulous, crazy Canadian lady who now lives in La Union, NM, for a great and funky crochet hat for my granddaughter.  I told her we Texans don't really utilize that kind of "warm" clothing, but she had a great way of putting it, she calls her work "fashion accessories!!"  LOL  Loved it!!  Then Tensy, one of my all-time favorite arteests, who hails from Las Cruces, NM, came by and purchased a bird ornie.  So I took Shawn my box of Santas and ornies and told her to just take  the ones she wanted in her store.  She wanted the whole shebang; she assured me they'd all sell...from her lips to God's ears!!

My sister mentioned that after viewing the selected artists at the show, she told me my work was very unique, different and outrageously wonderful (comments I received from others who found my work unusual and different).  However, it doesn't appeal to the norm;  it seems people prefer "cutesy" and I'm not a cutesy kind of gal...never have.  So my fellow artist pals, please tell me what you think and would my work be worthy someplace else?

So today, I'll be spending it here at home, working on Christmas gifts for family and friends and there's won't be any pressure for any shows till Feb.  One thing that reminded me of why I love doing shows, is the new folks one meets, whackies with like minds!  I had such a great time meeting new people and spending time with them.  A few of us will be having workshops at Johnny Lolita's in the future... we even discussed having pot-lucks and just sitting around and exchanging ideas and information.  I'm looking forward to 2014 now that I have found my little niche of lovelies and fun-loving folks who get pretty close to that edge and for some, take that leap.  I'm grateful for my experiences and those I call friends, both old and new, near and far.  So I thank you, my blog buddies for your friendship...if only many of you lived closer...we'd have to start saving for our bail money, though!!  LOL  Peace out.


Jill Cooper said...

I think your creations are just loverly dahling! Seriously - I think they are great! Hope you have a wonderful holiday season with lots of creative time thrown in if I don't talk to you before then. Hugs!

Incipient Wings said...

Cute stuff!!!
Those santa dolls are so cool.
Love all your work:)

MeOfCourse said...

Wow, your creations are awesome. That is a lot of work. Well done.:)Sell, sell, sell.:) On the topic of mail at Yahoo, just click on it twice after it tells you it can't bring up your email. I just click on mail twice and it takes me right to my email. Have a wonderful day and love your dolls.

MeOfCourse said...

Hi Georgina. I'm here to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving in case I don't meet up with you between now and then and to also thank you for wishing Chocolatte a HB and for stopping by my PPF. I always appreciate your visits. I love your Santa dolls. Okay have to go now, take care and enjoy amiga.

Pamela Smallcomb said...

I LOVE your Santas! Awesome, G! You have been one busy little bee.

Priti.Lisa said...

I think your artwork is FANTASTIC!
You just wait...in a few years they will be 'dying' for it and asking for 'special' orders.
And by that time you and your mind-of-wonder will have moved on to God knows what.
I know.

I thought your state was more...hmmmm...progressive? forward?

Are artists the only folks who can see? YES! That is our job...to show the way. But it's a bitch waiting for them to catch up!
A girl could starve! Or be forced to work at a grocery store, or...