Sunday, January 12, 2014

Emails & Friends

Dear Anne

I was able to recover my yahoo mail, finally after three months.  I have never deleted so many emails in my entire life!!  It's amazing how much crap one accumulates in an email account.  I was ready to just hit that little square and delete EVERYTHING, but as I began scrolling down to see if there was anything I should save, there it was, or rather, many email exchanges between Anne and me.  I read and re-read them, laughing and recalling what we were ranting about.  I then began to cry, cry because I miss my friend so much.  Cry because I'm pissed off she left this world far too soon, cry because the good die young, or so the song goes.  But then, I began to laugh, laugh at all the conversations we had via the phone, laugh at all the silly things we did and said and finally, just laugh.  I think that Anne was giving  me a thump on the side of my skull letting me know she's there and that I WILL NOT FORGET HER...EVER!!!  LOL  I'm grateful for the time I knew her and I'm grateful for the lesson she taught us all, life's short, so go out there and raise hell, but have fun doing it too!!  So Anne, here's to you, my friend.  I promise to NEVER FORGET YOU,  but cut me some slack if I grow old and feeble, maybe feeble before I get too much older!!  

Ok, that's about all I wanted to say for now.  Am going to head on out to visit my mom...going to surprise her since I don't normally visit on Sundays.  So peace out, my amigas.


MeOfCourse said...

Beautiful post amiga. Anne is one to never be forgotten and she is very missed. The memories stay with us. Well wishes to your mom. Have a great Sunday.

Yve said...

What a lovely photo! I would print out those emails and keep them, Georgina, you can read them again whenever you miss her and need cheering up.

Some people like photo albums but I also like to keep the little papers I doodle on and write silly messages to people with. There are drawers full of them in my mothers house with contributions from all the family, passed and present. I have little post it notes and doodles that my flat share friends contributed to over many years too and they are all in an old shoe box along with letters, post cards and odd photos. Somehow just coming across those little snipits of our silly conversations always takes me back and reminds me what funny, lively minded and frankly ODD people I have had the good fortune to know ;o)

Hugs from Wales, Yve x

audrey said...

Hi Georgina!
Anne was a very special lady. It would be hard to forget conversations, emails, etc. with her. They were always either profound or humorous. Thank God for MEMORY ~ Anne will keep us smiling for many years to come.
Hope your Mom enjoyed your surprise visit.

Priti.Lisa said...

Love reading your are a true friend...
Happy New Year! Georgina!
♥ ♥ ♥

Janine said...

The caged Santos doll concept?
I just googled it. Wow, this Looks great.
I love dolls, I am sure you will create something wonderfull.
Have a great week

Janine said...

The last comment was for your latest post. Sorry I was confused.
<i did not blog for a Long time and I was so shocked, when I read that Anne is dead.
I did not know her that well, but she was a woman of great humor and a great Artist too.