Friday, November 7, 2008

The New Family Member

Meet the new member the new member of the family. My mother's right-hand gal got this one for me at a stand selling all kinds of calaveras. It's just gorgeous and intend to start collecting as many as I can. Next year, I hope I can get a big one.

I was given the opportunity to do a sculpture for this woman who contacted me through a mutual friend. Her husband is a OB-GYN and she wants a sculpture reflecting his profession. Well, when I talked to her this morning, I got all sorts of ideas, referring to my own experiences of course. She came over and saw my dolls and was sold on my sense of humour. She showed me a photo of a little sculpture a friend of her husband's had in his office, which was purchased in Puerto Rico. It was a bit graphic, but still damn funny. My sculpture will be a bit more conservative, but still will be hilarious. I'll be using coloured polymer clays and need to go to some medical supply sites to get really good pics of speculums and tables with stirrups...geddy up!!

My oldest son, Joel, left today for Austin. He's going there to pursue a spot in the graphic design world and hopes he can find something suitable...what a time to be looking for a job!! Luckily, he'll be staying with my daughter and 3 boys so she's looking forward to having a baby-sitter for the weekends!! That girl, I wonder how she got so cheekie!!! hahaha!!!

Well, going back to the studio and work on some Christmas gifts. I'll get started on the small sculpture tomorrow, but she is going to call me later as to tell me wether we need to put a baby bump on the patient or not...I voted NOT, but it's her call. Peace out.


Chaska Peacock said...

Your work is so different from that of everyone else's! I love it!!!

Georgina said...

Thanks you, Chaska. Your comments mean a lot to me.