Sunday, June 12, 2011

IT'S A GIVEAWAY & Other Stuff

Good morning, my lovely blogger buddies. It's been a while since my last really big ass rant, but I said over at Anne's blog, sometimes my brain is like molasses, slow to get the words and ideas out of it. I've been busy making stuff for the gallery in AZ and for my Etsy shop. I will admit, I'm great at getting out the work, but just not to quick getting it listed in my shop. Remember the "Bird Is A Word," dolls I made?? Will, they're still sitting on my Pop's old office desk in my studio, waiting for me to take pics of the ones that I haven't sold yet...have 2 that are leaving me to AZ and the other to Austin.

I've been inspired as of late...oh yea, who hasn't among all you of you talented and creative types, but again, m-o-l-a-s-s-e-s!! LOL I got this hair brain idea, or was it a hair ball?? Anyway, I was looking at a little figurine I've had forever. Actually, I bought it in Tucson, AZ many years ago when I went to the Frida Kahlo exhibition at their art museum. Got to see many of Ms. Frida's paintings and it was wonderful. Of course, I had to indulge myself in the museum shop and have a look-see. I can't remember everything I got, but this little lady was one of them. Ok, I'm too lazy to take her pic and show it, but it's a little sculpture of a Mexican lady, wearing a typical white shirt and red skirt, on her knees crushing the corn on her metate to make corn meal. Here is something that's been right in front of my face and I was never hit with inspiration till now...oey!! So I pulled out my books on Mexican pottery, as a potter back in my college days, I collected many pottery books, and found this great book about the potters in Oaxaca, a state in Mexico. Oh well, here is a small sample of what I've been doing in the laboratory...eerrr, studio. I made small Trees of Life and am going to sell them as Christmas ornaments. I'm also going to make others, but those are my firsts.

As for Oaxaca, I personally never have traveled there, but I recall my mother and dad travelling there and the Yucatan many years ago and came back with some wonderful folk art....even back as a kid, I collected it. I remember my mother telling my grandmother that she really needed to stop telling people we were descended from Mayan royalty, because she said the Mayans of today looked like "sapos," frogs!! LOL I really don't know where my grandmother came up with that since her father was from Spain and her mother was a second gen Mexican, family from Spain. But I guess it made for a good story and could my Machita to some great word spinning...maybe that's who I inherited from...not the Mayan royalty thing!! LOL She used to tell us jokes, a bit off-coloured for that time, and we'd happily go to school and tell the same jokes to our friends, till my mother got phone calls from their mother's!! hahahahaha!

That reminds me of a story I told my grandson, Sean, when he was in first grade, my guy is now 11 and entering middle school....told him the day he turns 13 he'll develop immediate brain damage...happens to all of us!! They were studying dragons. I told him how archeologists think the myth of the dragon came about....Google it, folks if your interested. Anyway, as always, our conversation turned to all things of human bodily sounds!! Hey, he was 7 and a guy, what can I say?? I told him that fire also came out their butts! He was intrigued, hence, the gateway for a very good spin of my own. I told him that dragons have very bad allergies and as a result, they sneeze a lot, so every time they sneeze, fire blows out of their butts!! So we discussed, he made those farty sounds and then back to the original dragon slayer story for his class book report. So about 2 days later, I get a call from my daughter, asking me what in the hell did I tell Sean about dragon butts and farts and fire! Apparently, my sweet grandson went up to the front of the classroom and gave his book report, mentioning the allergies and the sneezing and you can imagine the rest. Of course, it's a classroom of about 25 seven through eight year old's, all falling out of their little seats, they don't use desks at that age anymore, so it's those little seats that make it impossible for adults, even with small derrieres to actually sit and be serious during conference time...sorry, I digress. The teacher called my daughter and said it was some of the funniest stuff she'd ever heard, but honestly, she said that she had to squelch the allergy story and who the hell is this "Meema," because he swore up and down, his Meema knew everything!!!!! My daughter explained to her who the "Meema" was and would talk to me about putting my own spin on stories. My Gawd, it was about dragons...really???? How did I know he was going to include that in his report....tells ya something!!

Speaking of Ms. Frida, this allows me to segway into my blog giveaway. I had to go back and see when I wrote my first blog and it was back in 2008. For some reason, I thought I've been blogging longer, but time flies when you have lots to bitch about!!! LOL So, my dear friends, here is my offering for all the rants you have endured from this blog.

I found this sketch pad the other day in the bargain area of Barnes & Nobles and thought to myself, "Myself, I think I could do something rather nice with this," thus, began my journey into some kind of 2 dimensional mixed media. I have many buddies who do wonderful mixed media work on a one plane surface and my work isn't anywhere near the caliber of work they do, but then, that's not my thing...I'm a maker of dolls and other stuff...I'm a 3-D-er! But I did have a good time making this and it can be yours. All you have to do is leave a comment, that's it. Now, if you're feeling especially sweet and nice, you can mention this giveaway on your next posts....that would be very nice. But if your feeling your usual grouchy self, just leave a comment!! I'll draw the names ...let's see, what's a good time....ok, how about next weekend...Sunday, yea, that's a good day. So the drawing will be Sunday, June 18th, 2011...sometime in the late morning or early afternoon...depends how my Saturday night goes!! Ok, what did I do with those coloured post-its to remind myself????!!??

The other day we went over to a good pals house for a cookout. I married into these friends and they are one of a kind....good people all around!! Stevie is always stopping by local produce stores and farms and buys from them, oh, he's also a big Costco fanatic. He'll bring all this stuff home, not knowing his lovely wife, Carol, has done some of her own shopping so, their kids and us get the over-flow. Last week they gave us a dozen fresh farm eggs. I'm a city girl, born and bred and my local grocery store is as farm fresh as I get. So they gave us this carton of eggs and told us that the shells were harder, yolks brighter and sometimes, have a vein or two in them...oh, yuck!! What really caught my eye is the colour of these beautiful eggs. I didn't know they came in such a variety of colours. Stevie told us they give the chickens some type of feed, something like lay-o-lot (hehehehehehehehe) which gives them those beautiful pastel shades.

The eggs are really delicious and thick. However, this morning, I cracked one into the pan and there lay a leetle chickie, well, the beginnings of a leetle chickie and I just couldn't. I ended up scrambling it and feeding them to my doggies....they were very happy little Chihuahuas!! I think I'll just stick to the farm fresh store bought brands!

Many of you are fans of Anne Huskey-Lockard at
Anne and I have been bloggy pals from the start of my blogging. I had to go back and see when she first commented on my blog...sheesh...that took a while too. Anyway, I don't remember if I found Anne over at a mutual friend's blog, Bernadette who no longer is part of our blogging family, but I stay in contact with her through FB and emails, or it could have been Tristan, he's back in school so we don't get many posts except during breaks...miss his Pink Friday posts. Anyway, we've been corresponding and chatting on the phone for some time now. The other day she posted about her little birdie, Sweet Pea. Now Anne is a big bird lover and bless her heart, she still loves me regardless of how I feel about birds...that left for another blog or maybe I already did...Swiss cheese brain!! Anyway, she inspired me. I call it "The Bird Lady Of Peeeroooo!"

Anne, I tried to get the right hair colour, but I don't think I had quite the right colours of Sculpey III for the's a pic of trying to get that combination....just purchased an Amaco Pasta Machine...I'm so in love!!

Well, I did my best and your budgies are not quite their natural colours but I managed to add a bit of detail. Anne sent me pics of her little chirpie darlings...didn't ask why, but like a typical mother, she just had to show them off for the asking!! LOL And if you will notice, I also gave Anne a big ass-rack!! LOLOLOL Call it artistic prerogative!!! LOLOLOLOL Anyway, Anne, this is for you.

So my friends, don't forget to comment for the drawing of the sketch pad and again, if anyone is interested in my little figurines or Christmas ornaments, just drop me an email. I already have 7 figurines on order for Christmas gifts, so keep me busy and out of trouble. Also, my new slogan is "Buy my stuff, it's cheaper than a tank of gas!" Peace out.


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

OMG Georgina!!!
I absolutely LOVE the statue!!! (as *IF* those little flapping turds of mine would sit still, well, Sweet Pea would.....)
That has to be the absolute BEST POST EVER!!! (and didn't we meet thru Bernadette??? my gosh, I cannot remember---it's as if we both have been there FOR EVER....)
Thanks for the big rack cause it's the closest I' will EVER get! ROTFLMFAO!!!!
Oh my girl, you totally rock too much!
Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! (one for each bird, even if you're sure they'll shit on you...)
I love you anyway!


Janine said...

Ha ha ha, what a great post. I love the farty dragon- story. This was new for me too. Good you know about all that ( hi hi). Your figures look great and I think youur lady with birds look much like Anne.
Wonderful indeed.
And of cause I would love to have a chance do win that great giveaway of yours.
Have a great week

Amy said...

Hel-lo foxy,
your posts are always full of goodness. i like how you wait until you have something to say, rather than just posting because it's like, tuesday or what the hell ever.
Now, i won't lie, i have a very strange fixation with all things mexican folk. I swear to effing god (do you allow cursing on this blog?) that learning about frida kahlo changed my life (no, really. you just listen) because i was in grad school and the following fall i'd go to the doctoral program - but

my whole life

my whole freakin Life, girlfriend,
i'd wanted to be an artist. but like.. you know the deal. parents and manpeople and all that...
plus, i have spawn. i needed to set a profesh example...

but then i had my ah-ha moment when i learned about frida kahlo (yep, late bloomer, i am)

i'm not a doctor. i'm freakin Happy. and guess what? I DID set an example for my kids, right?

so anyway, yesh, i loved this post. i love folksy stuff. i love mexican stuff.

and now i'm tired from all that typing.

now you come to my blog and say something nice. it's only fair.

amy, who is not a doctor

Gloria said...

Hi Georgina. I love your Christmas figurines. I'll take two and I'll put them on my tree for Xmas. Wow, I hope Sean doesn't develop brain damage. :) a Frida sketch pad?, wow that's great. Count me in your giveaway please. How lucky you are that you got to see the Frida exhibition. I could be so lucky!!!As for the eggs, they are good eggs and I do eat our chicken eggs, but still buy some at the store. Have a great week georgina.

yoborobo said...

Holy cow, Georgina! You have captured the spirit of Anne! :)) And count me in for any and all giveaways! I'm just popping in, but I will be back to read your rant more carefully - lol!! xoxo Pam

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

You have captured Miss Anne to a tee with the wild hair and brilliant energy! I so love Miss Frida! You always bring a smile to my face with the JOY you share with the world! You are so loved! Peace, Mary Helen

p.s. I will go to Oacaxa with will melt with love for the people and artists.

Silke said...

WOW, Georgina that was quite a great post and I just LOVE the statue of Anne!! Oh, my god you captured her, wild hair and birds and all!!

Daniel and I have been to Oaxaca many times and every time we pay a visit to Ocotlan to see the pottery sisters and have amassed quite the beautiful collection. At $10 a piece, how you can you not stuff your suitcase with them. We even commissioned Josefina to make a few statues just for us!!

Your beautiful statues certainly remind me of their work!!

Hugs, Silke

Flora said...

Well you sure have been a very busy bee!!!The Mexican style dolls are wonderful, I like the idea of going back to our "Roots" through clay, my mom and dad would buy us all the little needfuls like that whenever we visited Mexico!!!So that's what happened to
Tristan!!! I think I met Ann about the same time as you, but alas I'm not so much into blogging anymore these days...

oldblackcatboo said...

I must go over to Anne's blog right now! I wonder why I have not been there before? But then I wander around wondering alot lately....
ANYWAY! please throw my name in the hat!
Now you got me wondering how long I'VE been blogging? and who met who first!
I'm thinking there was Magaly who started it all and then you and Pam...but I'm not sure...
Hmmm, I wonder....I guess I'll wander back to the beginning...

chandlerguera said...

Lemme see, I found you via Peachy Cheek's blog...Your rant was a hoot...I love ELP...and I'm going to check out your art/etsy store!

Sacred Yoli said...

Your girl, Gloria sent me. She said you have a cool ass blog, and that we should check it out. The Frida giveway was a plus too. (I ain't gonna lie, that sold me to click on the link. Well played)

Anyhoo, I am glad I stopped by, you are funny, girl! I dig your dolls too. I'll be adding your etsy to my faves tambien.