Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Oey, What A Week I've Had!!

Good morning, my bloggy pals. Just a short one today to let you know I'm still here and doing fine. Hopefully, I 'll post pics of my new stuff Friday, if not, Sat. or maybe Sunday...ok, whenever I get around to taking pics!! LOL

Hope all is well and you're enjoying your summer. It's friggin' hot here and so dry....parched!! So for those of you who are getting hammered with rain, please send some my way!! Peace out.


amy said...

We need rain too.
There was exactly one day here where we had a gusher and it lasted all of twenty minutes.
I need like, a rainmaker.

You are a very dynamic interesting fun person.
I really Really like that you don't pigeonhole yourself or limit your interests.

I just like you.

Yikes. Don't worry, i won't come here and say all of that nice stuff again.

BUt also. If your charming guests are still about, maybe you needed some nice words.
If you are gaging your self worth by the number of FB friends that you have these days, I'm on there and i'll add to your number :)

p.s. i think i misspelled gaging.

Mundo Mundaca said...

Olá amiga, me perdona la ausencia.
Y perdona tambien mi español.
Espero que haigas sobrevidido a la locura de tener todos los ninõs a tu vuelta.
Me encantaron el cuaderno con frida y las esculturas que hiciste. Realmente muy bonitas y alegres ( como tu)
Lei en tu post anterior que hacias Tacos como nadien. Es verdad?
Entonces si puedes por favor envia me en mi e-mail la receta. Por que estoy interesada en un mexicanito de hojos de almendra y quiero impresionar lo...ahahaha
Besitos amiga,

Janine said...

I suppose in hot desert d ays like now you miss the warm temperate summer of Middle- Europe, don´t you?
I would.
Till weekend

Gloria said...

bueno dias amiga georgin. :) estoy typing (tee hee) en Espanol poquito porque ya se me forget (tee hee) como espeliar?, en Espanol. Estoy quebrada?? hehee not broke pero el Espanol esta broken.:) Just playing although I must admit my Spanish is very broken. Hi Georginga, are you relaxing now? It stopped raining now and the humidity will soon begin. Have a great rest of the week. Take care.

Zan Asha said...

Hey No worries about the pic taking! I usually have a hard time getting pics, myself! Life is hectic :)

karena said...

Hey Georgina,
Thanks for dropping in at Maggie's garden....I'm happy to find you. You have a beautiful art filled blog and will be back to visit you often.
Hope the rains make it your way. We're expected scattered showers tonight but who knows it could turn out to be days of gloominess again like last week...see ya.