Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy 4th, Art & Revelations

Good afternoon, my bloggy buddies. I checked my calendar and found that today would be the best day to get a post out before I roast to death in my hot leetle house!! Actually, the temps are falling below 100, but then what do these meteorologists know!!?? It's supposed to reach 97 today and it was already 95 at 11 a.m., MDLST, (Mountain Daylight Savings Time). I wish Texas had the balls to eliminate that daylight saving crap, like Arizona...who needs more sunlight in the friggin' desert during the summer!!????

I'm planning on making my version of buffalo wings tonight and that means that I'll have to turn on the oven, set it at 400 degrees F., raising the temps in my home to maybe 79 or a bit above!! My brother's girlfriend told me my brother, C.A.M., has their house set at 79...all the time and my bro lives just right up the road from me in Southern New Mexico!! At least my house cools down at night, unlike his!! LOL You're probably wondering what C.A.M. means?? A few years back I gave him that acronym, means Cheap-Ass Mexican!! My brother can make a peso scream!! LOL However, of the 4 sibs, he's the most successful, financially, of the group, so there's lots to say about being a cheap-ass!!

Speaking of food, last night I made Coctel de Camarones, or Shrimp Cocktail, Mexican style.

It's easy and very refreshing during these hot summer months and sooo easy to make. This is a pic of my particular serving, since the other two Neanderthals I share a home with wanted there's served in a cereal bowl..."Ug, me want bowl!!"

Here's how I make mine: I buy a bag of frozen, pre-cooked small to medium shrimp, a bottle of tomato juice, any brand, a can of clams in liquid. Now for the veggies: chopped celery, green onions, tomatoes (remove the seeds), cucumber (remove seeds and skin), a little bit of celery tops, cilantro (careful, this is a strong herb so use to taste), fresh lime juice, Mexican oregano if not, regular (again, careful, use to taste), avocado, a little salt, pepper, Tabasco and I like using Cholula hot sauce, the chili lime kind, however you can also use Valentino or Tapatio, but the Tabasco is a must, and the good one from LA and a little splash of Worcestershire sauce. As you can see I haven't given specific measurements because you make this according to how many people your serving, so for some of you, it's lots and others, un poquito (small)! So mix the tomato juice, canned clams, juice and all, freshly squeezed lime juice, throw in the veggies except the avocado & shrimp and start spicing it up to how your pallet is set up....ours is up to high intensity, of course!! You want it spicy, again to your intensity, taste it and make sure it's not too limey (no disrespect to my English buddies), or have all the taste of the cilantro or want it spicy and tangy. So put that in the fridge, I make in it in the morning and let it set until about 1-2 hours before I'm going to serve and add the defrosted shrimp (shells removed, please) and the avocado. Put back into the fridge till your ready to serve. If you have any questions, just email me and I'll try to clear it up for you.

So I've been working on some more little figurines. I ran into a problem with the finish on some of them, though. I used the Dick Blick craft matte finish on the little terracotta ones and they're sticky to the touch. So I did some research and polymer clay needs special finishes outside the usual brands. I wanted that matte finish and tried to go with it, but that didn't work, so I found out that Varathene satin finish was the way to go. Well, maybe so, but at $40+ a can, I think I'll need to experiment, so I purchased polyacrylic finish by Minwax. I applied some on the sticky pieces, as instructed with the Varathene, and surprisingly, the sticky texture is gone, but I'm still going to hold back a bit and see what happens to it over a few weeks time. Of course, most of my other work was finished with a popular craft glaze and I've never had any problems with it. So here they are, my newest work.

I'm not done with the Virgen de Guadalupe, still need to drill a hole and set her up on a wooden plaque for better stability. I haven't forgotten about my dollies, never, but I'm thinking up new things for Dia de los Muertos and Christmas, with a twist of the macabre...bwahahahaha!!

This past weekend was a very trying one, enough to make me stop and think about lots. I had a revelation, an epiphany. I realized, that I can't deal with people who live in the past, a past that's always being rewritten and modified for their own sense of power and righteousness. I was in therapy for some years after my ex and I split up and if anything I've learned, the living in the past can and will make you toxic.

Well, time to get going and start some trouble in the lab/studio again. Hope all my American friends have a great 4th of July and enjoy the festivities and fireworks. They've been outlawed here due to the dry, parched landscape and would you believe there are some who are whining about it...until the fires reach their home!! Please assign a designated driver or just stay home!! I doubt our founding fathers were lighting fireworks and drinking Modelo (insert beer of choice) while signing that long document thumbing their noses at King George III and keep in mind, that only covered 13 colonies!! Quiz next week!! LOL Just have a safe and fun weekend. Peace out.


Yve said...

Hi Hottie! Why don't you light up the barbie and do all your cooking outside? I've no idea what a buffalo wing is but I bet you could cook it on a barbie?

With you on the whole "living in the past" thing. I have a group of friends I was at college with and they want to spend all the time reminiscing about college, but we were miserable then and couldn't wait to leave and start our lives. I've had so much more fun since we left and tend to live in the minute anyway, I can't remember half of the stuff they talk about (but I'm in the photos, so what can I say?).

You know what, I think we (you and I) are just optimists and believe that life still holds plenty of promise? Maybe that's why we can't be bothered to rake over "back in the day" ;o)

Stay cool :o)

Linda in New Mexico said...

Our weather is giving us a new look at Hotter than Hell, huh? Joe replaced the pads of the swamp cooler with extra thick ones 3 days ago. He had to replace them because there was so much ash in the old ones....ick, ick, ick. The new pads made a huge difference....almost comfortable.
I love the CAM...he must be related to my Dad the meanest and cheapest Mexican in the world...tee hee.
Happy 4th darling.....The Olde Bagg

yoborobo said...

Happy 4th, G! I am completely with you on those that live in the past, or those that rewrite the past and cast themselves as victims. Get over it, I say! hahah! You keep cool, and hopefully the temps will go down for you guys. That's miserable weather. LOVE the new work - I had the same problem with the finishes. I'm using some matte acrylic varnish I bought at Michaels (in a plastic bottle). It seems to be doing the trick. Happy 4th! I'm a leetle behind blogging and I'm trying to catch up!!!!! xoxox Pam

oldblackcatboo said...

Did you just say "Chirstmas"!?
I'm gonna strangle you! LOL!
I JUST noticed that everyone is doing Halloween now and I'm thinking Oh NO! I need to do SOMETHING or another year will be gone and I'll have missed making Halloween creations! Sigh......
I agree about the past. Sometimes I get a little caught up in remembering some sad stuff so I just try to PUSH it out of my mind.
But as far as living in the past, uh NO! I "tried" to do the Facebook thing and it's SO hard. All these people saying "remember when" it's like - OK but what are you doing NOW!? Besides I enjoyed the "young foolish" years but now I have other things to do. And as far as toxic people...I just don't deal with them anymore! unless I have to (my boss) but I do try to steer clear of it as much as possible so that it doesn't suck the life out of me.
By the way, Thanks for your comment.
I could just picture little Edgar jumped and running after butterflies...I might have to paint that! If that's OK.
XOXO - Cindi

Janine said...

Oh Georgina, how can you cook in that heat. That is really brave of you. When it´s too hot I could eat sorbet all days.
And of cause heat makes me lazy, but you are so creative as well. I love the little figurines you made. Thas great.
It´s wonderfull, that you grabed the button.
I send you a lot of hugs. Do what´s good for you and leave behind what puls you down.

Zan Asha said...

Hey Miss!

Wow, HOT is right--but I love your Shrimp recipe!

Love your work! So enchanting, as usual.

Don't let folks get you down, I find lots of people find all sorts of ways to justify anything if they are trying to be negative. And you, my dear are TOO WONDERFUL for that!!

Happy 4th!! :)

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

What a delicious way to have your shrimp! Have a very cool and happy 4th of July to you and yours. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Sandy Mastroni said...

Happy Independence Day Georgina !!!!!
Thanks SO much for visiting me .....

La Doña Jenny said...

Hola chica G,
Thanks for stopping by. Just got a glimps of the cocteles you made and I bet they were yummy - I can see you are not a Remeber I was stressing out over writing a grant for my work back in December? Well, I heard we received funding last Friday. Happy to share that with you cause you cared enough to encourage me via a post. Gracias.
Quidate Georgina.

The Itsy Bitsy Spill said...

Hello Mamasonga bella!

Hola Georgina, thank you hon for stopping by. It always a delight to know you came to visit me. Love your post and the coctel de camarones, que rico! I would love to make that myself and it sounds like a perfect summer dish, yum yum.

The heat here is about 85 with humidity. I don't like the heat to the extreme due to my ashma. I CAN'T BELIEVE HOW HOT IT IS OUT THERE MY GOD! Dios mio, tengo un calor tremendo pero creo que voy ir a la beach. Adios mi amiga Georgina! Un abrazo fuerte desde Puerto Rico!