Sunday, July 24, 2011

Etsy Shop & Prayers

Yikes, now I know why I procrastinate listing my dolls on Etsy...what a chore!!! I've finally listed everything I have on board, so take a look over at my Etsy shop and buy something!! LOL I haven't set up a PayPal account yet and I know that's important since everyone seems to demand instant gratification, present company included, but again, I'm procrastinating....maybe later on this week. So here's the link or just go to the banner on the right side of my blog.

I just shipped off a large box to Xico, Inc. and they've already asked for more dolls, so it's off to the lab/studio and get to work on my little darlins'. I was able to play with paper clay the other day and had very little problems working with it, no cracking or drying in my hands.

I'm asking you to keep someone very close to me in your prayers. My step daughter-in-law is going to court tomorrow to fight for custody of her only child. She's a terrific mom, wife and stepmom to her hubby's 3 children...she's an amazing lady and has a full plate with her family, plus, she's going for her B.S. in Nutrition. Her mother started stirring up her caldron (buzz word for witch and beyond if you get my drift) in Oct. Her mother is not a very pleasant person to be around, has this permanent scowl on her recently altered stretched face. She was upset because her grandson was not allowed to visit with her on a weekend, which she gets every other week, because Dana reprimanded him for something he did at school, his punishment was to stay at home that weekend and clean his room and help his stepfather in cleaning out the garage. The woman went into an uproar and that's when the problems began.

In spite of all this, Dana allowed her son to visit his grandmother, even though he has already told his mother on several occasions to please ask her to stop barraging him with "bad questions" about her and his stepfather. About a month ago, CPS shows up at Dana's door with all kinds of accusation from the mother and now, her brother, Mr. Ph.D in social work!! After speaking with Dana and the kids and friends, she was convinced this was just a ploy to put a control Dana, so she closed the case. Again, won't go into any more details, too many and not so interesting, she gets served by her ex that he's going for custody of their son. She was beside herself and we all knew who was behind this web of lies and manipulation. I felt so badly for her, here was a good, hard-working woman who was betrayed by her own mother and now, brother. So tomorrow, we're off to Las Cruces, NM for the hearing, my honey and I will be testifying for Dana and she has an attorney who specializes in these matters that will be speaking for her 8 year old son. The poor little guy is experiencing all kinds of anxieties and fears that he will be taken from his family, so please pray for them or send good vibes out to the Universe. Peace out.


Gloria said...

Great dolls and good luck with PayPal. I never could figure it out. I have more luck selling my bangles at yard sales and consignment shops and thrift stores. Good luck in your new Etsy! ::prayers bening sent to your sdil and well wishes.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Ah Georgina, she is on my prayer list.
It never ceases to amaze me how people can turn so deeply EVIL for~~~what reason? I mean, really...what reason other than THEY CAN. Geez....*shaking head*
I hope the judge leans in her favor.
Blessings my friend....


oldblackcatboo said...

I wish there were not such evil people in the world. Someday's it seems that they are everywhere.
I will send out positive energy and thoughts for your step-daughter-in-law.

Your Etsy shop looks great!
SO colorful, I love it.
Sadly I'm broker than broke or I'd be over there shopping.
Great job!

Michele Lynch Art said...

Love all the new darlings!! I hope someone snatches them up quickly! Oh boy, your step dil will be in my thoughts and prayers. People are wicked selfish sometimes and forget about what the child actually wants :o( They get so caught up in themselves and what they want. I hope everything works out well and this woman finds something more productive to do besides stirring her caldron! xo Michele

Incipient Wings said...

your dollies look great!
I will definitely keep her in my thoughts.
good luck!!!

karena said...

Your dolls are amazing Georgina! I have to agree with Gloria though...I have an Etsy shop as well and have sold anything. I can't seem to drive any traffic to it, and there are so many people on there now it's like impossible. I'm hoping someone else comes out with a site that will give Etsy a run for it. Thought i found it in Bigcartel...but no one seems to have heard of it. Hope it all works out for your S-DIL. Shame of it is the kid is the only one who truly suffers.

amy said...

People who try to intervene in perfectly reasonable discipline are total bitchheads.

I am so sorry to hear that someone has to endure the humiliation and violation of a custody battle.
I will most certainly keep her in my thoughts.

I am going to cruise your etsy shop. I have one too, but i NEver remember to list anything.
God, i never remember to *do* anything.

durrrr, amy...

be well and give that woman wine and hugs and presents because god knows she freakin needs it at this time.

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

I am praying for your all ...these circumstances are so devastating and it sounds like an incredible power trip to be in control of Dana and the entire family. Your dolls are spectacular...I understand the Etsy barriers so I just avoid them mostly. Etsy friends have had a tough time here due to the economic down swing...I wish you the very best! Keep us posted and the prayers are coming to you all. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Janine said...

Your dolls are spectaculous. So cool, so funny, and unique.
I am sure you will have great results.
Best wishes to Dana. I hope, everything went well.