Monday, August 1, 2011

Love Story, New Doll & Aging

Sunday I was hit with the "I'm so fried and bored," bug that I decided to just sit around all day and waste my precious time on watching television. Why I felt brain fried, well, I really don't know. It's not as if I've been doing anything terribly intelligent that necessitates using lots of brain power, so I chalk it up to the heat and humidity. I have already complained incessantly about our evaporative oscillating fan and a spritzer bottle filled with water does a better job at cooling me down than that piece of crap, so I just lounged away the day. I was hoping to find "Time Bandits" which has been playing lots on cable, but nope, no listing for Sunday...drat. DH wanted to see NASCAR and I'm not one to oblige him with my company on such programming, so I left the comfort of the living room and came into the bedroom, or deadroom!! However, I did take my spritzer bottle and told him since he got to use the big tv with all the really cool cable channels and I relegated to the deadroom, I get the spritzer bottle! So off I went, sprawled on the bed and turned on the tv to see what was playing. I found a new channel, OWN, ok, I know, you're asking, "Georgina, where in the hell have you been??" I had no idea the famous Oprah had her own channel..ahem, excuse the pun!!

So what's playing, "Love Story," based on Erich Segals novel with the same name.

Wow, did that bring back memories. I had just graduated from high school in 1970 and was entering my first semester in collage that summer session...bad idea! I had no problems in high school because I was a product of both private and public education. I attended an all girl's school the first 2 years of high school and loved it. I worked my patooty off, burning the midnight oil every night...that was a rigorous curriculum set for us goils. My sister had just graduated in '66, the same year I entered high school, and she was off to a fancy, shamncy private college, University of San Francisco, which is Jesuit run. So fast forward '68, I was taken out of my wonderful, comfy environment and foisted into public ed. The reason being, is that I wasn't doing well in my private high school...had a B+ average...WTF???? The real reason, unbeknownst to me at the time, was that my dad was struggling with my sis' tuition and something had to give...guess who??? I later learned of this, but to this day, my mother sticks with her story, it was my failure to compete well enough!! Whatever!!

I realized once in public school, the rigors of or lack of, were very different. I breezed through my Junior & Senior year without any problems...didn't bother to compete...why, it was too easy! However, I wasn't given the same opportunities as my sis, so I had to stay here at our local university...she had met some psycho moron in CA, married him and spent the next 9 years of her life in complete terror...he was a psycho, so my folks didn't want that for me, so here I stayed, to find my own TX psycho!! LOL

So I read the movie was coming out and was so excited. I loved Ali McGraw!! She was a big time model, now would be considered a "super" model, and she was one of the few women I had seen in the fashion and teen mags that wasn't blond, blue-eyed with a cutsie nose. She was tall, thin, brunette with dark eyes, kinda like me at the time. I knew who Ryan O'Neil was from the "Peyton Place" television series; loved watching him and Mia Farrow. I had read the book sometime before that. I remember I took a bus to one of my fav book stores downtown and stood in line to buy the book, which took me all of 3 hours to read!! LOL Easy reading, folks! I wonder what happened to that copy...I know I still had it in my old house, during my other life, so maybe I just left it there, who knows.

I went to see the movie with my boyfriend, Bill. We had just started dating and he was really cute, tall, 6'5", blond, green eyes, great smile...was a dream!! Someone once told me he was a "Robert Redford," type...yep, have you seen how well that guy aged...eeeewww!! So Bill and I went to see love story and I used most of my Kleenex tissues from my little pocket package. What a great movie, so I thought back in 1970 when I was 18.

So fast forward 41 years later, I'm watching it again in my deadroom, I'm no longer 18 nor slim with long dark brown hair, but short with lots of gray, about 80 lbs. over what I was back then, sprawled out on my bed with the oscillating fan going full blast, spritzer in hand, watching this incredibly dumb movie!! What happened to me?? When did I become such a non-romantic, when did I stop loving love stories, when did I stop appreciating badly written scripts??? "Love means never having to say your sorry??" WHAT?????!!!!!!! Oh, pleeeezzzzz!!!! Now that's a bunch of bull caca!! It seems that's the only time you say your sorry because you always hurt the people you love, so again, pleeeezzzz!! After than was over, there was this program about Ryan O'Neil and his daughter, Tatum. They apparently haven't spoken to each other in 25 years or something like that and this "reality" show was about them reconciling or something like that. Turned that off, grabbed a book and read instead...should have done that to begin with.

So this started me thinking, what's with all this aging crap that's going on? I don't know about you, ladies, but all of a sudden I find that I'm growing things that were never there just a few years ago, even during my menopause. So what's with the red, dry spots that just randomly pop up on your body? I have had 2 on my left arm for a while now...not cancer, had it checked out, but these red spots, then I found two more on my right leg, then just last week, I found 2 more on my neck and clavical area. What's with the 2's, do they travel in pairs like scorpions?? Also, my sis and I were discussing these horrible little things called "skin tags." GROSS!! I have developed those also, one on the back of my neck and found 3 of them under my left breast the other day. I recall my dad having them on his neck and stomach.....what's with that?? They're small, but I know they're there and it's really getting annoying...I'm becoming a "Crone!" Just waiting for a skin tag to develop on my nose, which will eventually collapse since I don't have a septum...blew it out with over-usage of Afrin back when I was a young woman, my hands are already boney and veiny, like my mother's (I was always afraid I'd get her ugly, bony hands and I did), a curved spine....hell, just waiting for a broom stick now!! All I can say is there is no such thing as growing old with dignity, but I don't intend to fight it they say, sh-- happens and it happens after 50 for many of us!!

Also, thought I'd show you my newest doll from the ADO (Art Dolls Only) monthly challenge, "Celestial Summer Nights." Well, mine isn't exactly ethereal and light and beautiful, but more nightmarish...just got the idea and ran with it. May I introduce you to "Black-Hole Hannah," the meanest black hole in the Universe:

I made her out of paper & polymer clay, plus, I actually did a bit of sewing! I wish I could put her up on my Etsy shop, but while I was moving the tray from the ironing board with all the parts to assemble, her head flew off and onto the floor...she lost a horn which I had to furiously look for. Love that E600 adhesive and it hid the break, but I can't sell her knowing she's damaged, so she is now part of my "Wall Art" in my studio.

Well, my friends, hope you all have a great week. Will update you on what's going on with my step-daughter-in-law...we have another court hearing this Thurs., so hopefully, it will be resolved so keep her in your prayers and keep sending her good vibes. Oh, by the way, I thought I'd let you know what happened to that really good looking boyfriend, Bill...I married the jerk..and he aged just as badly as Robert Redford!!!! Peace out.


yoborobo said...

Maybe we can get a mult-discount on the brooms, my fellow Crone! hahahaha! What's next? Warts? Wait, I might have one already... :)) xox Pam

Gloria said...

What about liver spots? Do those come with age? You know those brown film one gets when pregnant, of which I know I'm not. I seem to be developing cover the arm brown film. What with this, I'm not OLD...hehehe. Or maybe I am. In any event, get yourself a REAL air conditioner. I just got one at Home Depot for the studio and it works beautiful. I don't mean a FAN, but an air conditioner. Come on now, you deserve it. Sorry about all those age things. Remember, each day it fully and be thankful for being able to breathe, even though you don't have a "septum." Take care, ::abrazos::

karena said...

Very much enjoyed reading this...makes me feel so not alone...and it's comforting. One thing I like about the aging thing is that I just don't give a sh*t any more...about the skin tags, the wrinkles, the constant make up cover is the gray hair...I'm working on that one. It's actually a relief to just be comfortable in my skin...ya know the skin with the liver spots and skin tags and wrinkles. The thing I don't like is the general disrespect for aging people. My own 23 year old son grosses out at me. I keep clean, smell nice, dress nice, keep up on hygiene, but it seems young people just think older adults are gross. I loved old folks when I was young...what happened to these kids...too much TV and plastic surgery. Some of the older stars of Hollywood look so pulled back they're hardly Joan Rivers...but the kids think that's how aging people should look. But then like I say...I really don't is what it is.
Loved your doll...sorry about the accident. Still looks good though.
Hope your week is off to a great start!

oldblackcatboo said...

I'm sitting here nodding my head - YES!!!
I used to sob and sob over "The Way We Were". So tragic, I would be heartbroken and not understand WHY they just couldn't make it work! It just TORE my heart out.
Then last year I watched again and...nothing. Well, not NOTHING. Instead I was kinda p-off'd at the whole movie. I was saying GOOD RIDDANCE! Why would she even want him after all that. If he is too STUPID to see how great she is! AND he cheated. Nope, no going back from there for me! So YES! it's so funny how we grow up and see it SO differently.
(Stupid Hubbell!)
:) - Cindi
you forgot to mention the stray little hair that appears under your chin. I saw this white thing in the bathroom mirror at work and thought it was Blue's hair! But NO! it was attached to my face!!!!
I was depressed for the rest of the day!

Linda in New Mexico said...

Hey watch that bad mouthing my peeps. Crones are people too with skin tags, saggy everythings and blotchy skin....but we're okey fine. And being the biggest and meanest black hole sounds like something I've been accused of....well maybe not the black part.
It's okay to be a grumpy bubby every once in awhile and look back at what was and say so what. Sorry that you are suffering from the heat. For some reason, it's not bugging me as much as it was earlier in the summer. Maybe because I have been out in it more this month.
Be Well Croney companion.....Linda

karena said...

Hi Georgina,
Found your lovely comment over at Maggie's garden today and tried to email you...but to no avail. Not sure what's up with that...I recently was contacted by yahoo saying I would need to change my password because someone tried to hack it. I did and maybe this is why. I probably need to go into blogger and change it as well.
It was nice to hear back from you...and hey guess what as of October you and I are the same age! I'll be 59. And we both have three kids....and all three of mine think I'm crazy. And I am!!!...and proud of it!! You can email me anytime at Great talking with ya! xo

YayaOrchid said...

Wow! I too remember really liking Love Story when it came out. I was starting junior high, and thought it was a beautiful movie. Now, I think it's a dumb storyline. We do change after all, ha!

Hubby and I were just discussing recently about the aches and pains we feel which we didn't used to just a year ago. All the aging stuff just kinda pops into our bodies all of a sudden. A little reminder that aging is the great equalizer, much like death.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Welcome Cronedom!
All the skin,
That just showed up
And won't fit in
The skinny jeans,
The stretchy pants,
The baggy old-fart clothes.....
I'm quite with Pam in wondering
Bout wart's upon the nose!!!

I have never laughed so HARD my friend, and NO WAY would I watch Love Story now because I would be on the floor guffawing!
26 years of marriage and toeing the threshold of Cronedom does that to one. ;-D
"Love means I've learned to put up with your shit without seriously considering beating you senseless." just doesn't have the same ring....does it???

Anne....looking for my discount TP and crone-broom

Peachy Cheek said...

Hi Georgina! You always make me smile and laugh!!

I haven't seen that movie, but I have had similiar experiences with movies I loved seeing and then see them now and question why I ever liked it in the first place. We really do change and grow.

I am getting skin tags too. Don't worry it's natural! I have them around my neck and a few other spots too!

Have a nice weekend!! Keep cool!!

I will be sending good vibes to your step daughter in law.