Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Calaca Love

Calaca Frida Wall Clock

Altoid Box Calaca Doll

Afternoon, my lovelies.  Don't have lots of time to write, but thought I'd add a couple more of my Calaca Creations for your viewing pleasure.  It seems my time is shrinking these days since mom's gone home and recovering there; even with my sister comfortably installed now, I seem to have practically no time anymore.

I've also been cooking for them.  Yes, you're wondering why my sis doesn't or can't cook??!!  Well, believe me, she has no culinary talents beyond skinless,  baked chicken breasts!!  LOL  So, I'm doing a bit of cooking for the both of them, but the deal is if I'm cooking for them, I will also cook for my hubby and me, so it's not a bad deal and lots easier on my grocery bill too!!

Well, folks, just got the call that Miss Daisy is ready and needs to be picked up from her hair appointment.  Have a great day and hopefully, I can post more of my little skelly creations later this week.  Peace out.


Janine said...

Your Calaca- creations are
So whimsycal and funny and I love, love,love all the bright and fibrant mexican colours and of cause the fridaesc style.
But tell me my friend, what does CALACA mean?
I now that word just from your and Glorias posts.
Have a great weekend

Gloria said...

Love your Calacas Georgina. You have a talent for these. Nicely done. I know you've been busy, but it's nice that you take a little time to blog. You are a good lady.:) Take care amiga. Viva La Calaca!

yoborobo said...

Hey Georgina! I love your clock and your Altoid doll. Your art always makes me smile! I hope you and Miss Daisy are both doing well, and I do understand the 'cooking for the troops' thing (all too well). Hugs! xox

Michele Lynch Art said...

Love both the doll and the clock!! Oh and since you are already cooking for your family, could I just throw mine in there too? LOL! Everything you have ever talked bout making I would love! Hope all is well! xoxo

Michele Lynch Art said...

Oh lordy, I wrote you this nice post and blogger seems to have wigged out and deleted it. I love the clock and the doll!! Since you are cooking for your family, do you mind me throwing mine in there too? I love everything that you have ever talked about making! Hope all is well xoxo

Cynthia Myers said...

Oh! I love them both.
My fav is the Altoid doll
Just Marvelous!
xoxo - Cindi