Friday, October 19, 2012

Mas Calaca Love

Hola y'all!  It's been a long week and I've been busy preparing for my Halloween trip to Austin, TX.  I shall be Trick-or-Treating with my four grandchildren.  Sadly, my oldest grandson, Sean, will not be joining us  because he has a school commitment.  Who does that on that night???  He's in the middle school band, so apparently, he has to perform for some program at a mall or where ever.  My daughter will be making things up for him by having a Halloween party that weekend.  I already have my costume.  I bought this great decorated witches hat and yesterday, I purchased some white and orange striped knee-high socks.  I have this mid-calf black dress that will be part of my costume.  I was planning on painting my face, but I decided I might scare my youngest two babies...fear and rejection are not on the menu!!  LOL

Before I bid you adieu, I wanted to show you a couple additions to my little Calaca family.  I just completed a couple masks, one will be coming along with me to Austin and the other is off to Chicago.

Also, I was inspired by my granddaughter's doo.  So I created this little pumpkin calaca face in her honour...she will also be accompanying me to Austin, the pumpkin, that is!!

My precious little Zoe

See a resemblance??  LOL

Well, my dear ones, I must continue my day; take a large container of homemade "albondiga soup" (Mexican meatballs) to my mom and sis, buy a couple of birthday cards for my sweet man who turns 60 tomorrow, make a batch of banana pudding for my son as a belated birthday treat (my mother entered the hospital the week he turned 27), and a delish Texas Mud Cake for my honey.  The fact this man loves chocolate was one of the reasons I fell in love with him!!  LOL  Have a great weekend all and peace out.


Gloria said...

Have fun trick or treating with your gc. Love your calaca's, very colorful. Hope your mom is doing okay? Georgina, take care on your trip and a Happy Birthday to your hubbers. ::hugs::

Janine said...

Have a great weekend and I wish you and your man a wonderfull birthday- party. By the way,
Zoe is adorable.

Lisa DiNunzio said...

Zoe just keeps getting cuter and cuter! Men who love chocolate are kind and gentle, I have found.
Have a safe/fun trip to Austin (both of my sisters live there) Your costume sounds incredible, I hope to see a picture! ♥♥♥

Gayle said...

I love those masks!!

Cynthia Myers said...

Your little Zoe is just the cutest!
and I love your little pumpkin in her honor. :) so funny.
XOXO - Cindi